Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pay it Forward style weekly prize from "Heroes of Armageddon" for week 13

This week's prize is astounding for a completely different reason than the masses of prizes from the past couple weeks.  The reason? It has been donated by Joel Jameson who actually won the Blood Angel Terminator painted by Simon Modrow, in almost a "Pay it Forward" kinda style.  Suitable, no? (Pay it Forward is now maintained by MWC but was another genius idea started by the brilliant folks at Santa Cruz Warhammer). Joel has put up a Youtube video of his unboxing of his prize - it can be found below.
Dante: front
Joel has generously donated this Lord Dante miniature painted by OrcPainterNerd from the UK. Now that is getting into the spirit of this charity project.  Massive respect to Joel!
Dante: rear
As per usual I have donated $20 to the cause and am now up to $260.  Looks like I will hit the $300 mark before the project is over.

Your time to donate to this great cause for a chance to win some amazing prizes is running very short.

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