Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 wargs painted in just under 6 hours (356 minutes) +30PP

Well, I've talked a lot of talk about these guys, now I've pulled it off and my estimate of 6 hours was correct for total painting time (not including assembly, green stuff, basing, priming)

Here's a close up of three
and here's all thirty of them

Here's the list of steps for anyone interested.

(# of mins) step
  1. (6) white drybrush on 6 wargs
  2. (4) black drybrush on 6 wargs
  3. (14) paint grey stripe on backs
  4. (63) paint mouths black
  5. (38) gryphonne sepia wash
  6. (32) gryphonne sepia wash
  7. (35) gryphonne sepia wash
  8. (16) paint eyes yellow
  9. (28) paint teeth dheneb stone
  10. (14) paint accessible claws dheneb stone
  11. (10) paint tongues skorne red
  12. (25) paint hard to reach claws dheneb stone
  13. (10) paint grass catachan green
  14. (25) fix bases grey
  15. (10) black wash base and teeth
  16. (26) drybrush base bleached bone

1 comment:

Tnoussis said...

Nice. I'm going to be slowly workign on a warriors of chaos army, so when its up to speed, we can get some games in at the dragon. Never played fantasy before though, so it will be a learning experience. Im going to try and do it by an article in the white dwarf archives i found, all bout batch painting entire armies. It aplies more to lord of the rings, but Im going to try and ram my way through a good batch of the army in a weekend after I get back from france.

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