Saturday, February 13, 2010

Space Hulk Terminators - magnetizing for 40mm bases

Here's a post for the Herald of Discord at Weekly Minis. He's been converting and painting up a set of his Space Hulk Terminators in death company colours and we began discussing basing them. I'm also converting mine (as I don't want them to look the same as everyone elses) mine will be painted up as Flesh Tearers.

First here's the first model I prepped. You can see that some blood angels iconography has been removed. Where there was space around a blood drop to paint a saw blade I left the blood drop - otherwise they were removed.
First I drilled holes for magnets in the model's "space hulk" base. I used blu-tac to hold the model to the 40mm base and used the holes in the 40mm base as guides to make sure they ended up exactly placed.Then I glued magnets into the 40mm base. I then built up the base (depending on the "space hulk" base for the model - for example the librarian is coming down steps so I just wanted the rest of the 40mm to be flat)Finally here he is, attached to his base.

Same pics for the second model.

1 comment:

The Herald of Discord said...

Looking good. You convinced me!
Tell me if you encounter any spots where drilling the magnets compromises the base (base too thin or something like that).

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