Friday, February 12, 2010

Request: Orc & Goblin list advice

OK, here's the situation. I'm currently painting up 30 LOTR wargs (hope to have them done in the next day or two) they are the plastics and will all have riders (since I'm using for WHFB).

Now the conundrum is that I just got an older box of metal warg riders. It includes 3 with spear (all same sculpt) and 2 different archer sculpts. I was thinking to use them as champion models, and then had the epiphany of using a couple spear armed guys to convert some standard bearers, like this example I found online (though I will probably just convert the spear into a standard)
My question is - what would you recommend? Considering I have 30 wolf riders - how many standard bearers do you think I should convert? IMO musicians are more important to fast cavalry, so would a couple standards be sufficient and should I convert some into musicians? champions? I figure the archers could pretty easily be converted to horn blowing musicians (using their bows and green stuff)
What number of each would you break down the 5 models - champions/standards/musicians?

ps. Planning to get a Sharku to act as a big boss.

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The Herald of Discord said...

3 full commands. if you have 30, youll want units of 10, especially if we are talking wolf riders. Additionally, you can simply attach horns/harps/rock guitars to the backs/sides/harnesses of models. That way you can reasonably play them as musicians or not as musicians and dont have to do too much converting.

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