Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WHFB escalation league @ HSG - week 4

I altered up my army a bit for this past Sunday's WHFB escalation league @ Heavy Support Games. I removed all the fluff from the night goblin archers unit and used a black orc big boss to lead them (simply a fanatic delivery system). I also mixed up my wolf riders, using two units of 12 both with bows and spears.

First game was against Nathaniel and his High Elves. He's using the new Mantic Games elves and they look great. He had a unit of seaguard, 2 bolt throwers and a mage on dragon. He forgot about my fanatics, so mistakenly moved his dragon too close. Between them and my spear chukkas his mage & dragon were dead by turn 2. Even with this great lead my army managed to fail me miserably, squabbling at the wrong time and failing fear tests to charge elves. I realized later that because my spear chukkas have 4 crew it might be possible for them to claim table quarters (which would have turned the loss into a draw) but a fun game regardless. Well done to Nathaniel for hanging in there.

Second game I got the buy, meaning I get full score as there was an odd number of opponents. Only thing to say about this was I'm upset I forgot I brought paints and I just sat around watching games.

Third game was against George with his Dark Elves; dark riders, cold one riders, 2 crossbow units, a bolt thrower and a mage. Started well, using my waaagh to get just close enough to release my fanatics at his cold one riders - pretty well decimating the unit. The tides swung back and forth all game, both our mages miscast (his twice, killing his mage), my wolf riders fleeing from charges and then just running off the board, my spear chukkas did well again this game. In the end he had more victory points, but not by enough to secure a win. My second draw!

I will soldier on and get that win! Next week is 1,250 points. Got some list making to do.


The Herald of Discord said...

Might want to talk to Karl about army composition he is a fanatic about goblins (hehe get it?)
Anyway, you might want to turn your eye towards squig herders. vicious hand to hand and good against psychology.

Tristan said...

My problem is what I can use from the LOTR range "counts as". I'm pretty much limited to goblins, wolf riders, orcs, black orcs, trolls and spear chukkas.

I'm thinking the new winged nazgul would be perfect to count as Azhag. Any ideas?

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