Monday, February 15, 2010

WHFB escalation league @ HSG - week 6

Yesterday was another round in Heavy Support Games' WHFB escalation league. I missed last week so this was my only chance at 1,250 points. I took two units of 20 night goblin archers with fanatics (one led by black orc big boss, the other by a night goblin shaman), a unit of 20 orcs with choppas/shields, two units of wolf riders (one had a big boss with a 1 hit wonda), a unit of 3 trolls and 2 spear chukkas.

I was a little delayed finishing up painting my wargs, so I got the buy for the first round.

The second round I played against Shawn with his dwarves. It started quite well with my fanatics ripping through his clansmen unit and my wolf riders getting into position to charge his war machines when animosity got the better of me (I should've waaaagh'd) and finishing them off just took too long. Meanwhile his bolt thrower was regularly destroying guys as did my own fanatics. His longbeards worked their way around the woods and eventually was able to charge my squabbling orc unit. It took him a couple turns but they destroyed the orcs and overran into one of the spear chukkas. Unfortunately for me he saved his thane and standard bearer from the fanatic decimated unit so I didn't get many victory points. His hatred also helped him to ensure he routed anyone who got into combat with his longbeards. A loss for me.

The third round I played against George again - who is always great fun to play and possibly my favourite opponent from the escalation league. He kept his hydra hidden from my spear chukkas and used his two dark rider units to suck out my fanatics early. Those units were quickly decimated and it hemmed my army into my half of the board for the early parts of the game (which might have actually helped me). My wolf riders routed one unit of his crossbowmen, and my spear chukkas panicked the other. It took a few turns of dancing around but he finally decided to charge my trolls with his hydra. Unfortunately for him I managed to regenerate every wound his hydra and beastmasters managed to cause, and after a few turns of him passing his break tests I finally broke the hydra and it was destroyed. Meanwhile my orcs and a unit of wolf riders were keeping his executioners and two sorceresses busy. He managed to get off a couple black horrors which decimated those units but crucially he couldn't finish off the orcs. At the end of the game I'd destroyed a lot of his army (2 dark rider units, 2 crossbow units, and his hydra) and had two table quarters, to his one table quarter and one destroyed wolf rider unit, one reduced wolf rider unit, one reduced orc unit and a reduced night goblin unit. My first official win of the league - hurrah!!

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