Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6: Tristan - LOTR Wargs (warhammer) painted

A quick post. I had to focus on getting my wargs painted as they've been sitting here primed for two weeks. I've actually painted 30 of them, you can see more details on my blog. Not sure how many this should count but I definitely need them to count as week 6. Some of you (aka Karl) have seen my washes only goblins before. This is more of the same.
Edit: Wow no comments eh? I guess it's not very impressive seeing three models. Maybe this will be more impressive. (< 6 hours total painting time from primed to finished for all 30).

I've given myself 15 points for these guys, as they are essentially all 1/2 a model until I get the riders done.
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