Friday, February 26, 2010

VOGEN campaign - round two

During the week Eric & Mike had fought their battle, it was apparently very close with Mike just squeaking a win out. Ian tried a couple of times to have someone fight him as the Arbites but the timing hasn't worked out. Apparently he d6'd it and the Arbites kicked him out of the precinct in short order.

I convinced Ian to play a small 500 point game as the NPC nids attacking myself - and offered my space hulk genestealers for him to use - as an excuse to use the Space Sharks Kundera model I just posted about. Even with Preferred EnemyFurious Charge, Kundera was whooped in short order by the broodlord led 'stealers. However giving all my heavy bolters hellfire rounds meant that everything wounded on 2+ except for the typhoon missile launcher.
The turning point in the game was probably his outflanking genestealers attacking my land speeder, he literally rolled a cube of dice, had 15 or more hits and rolled a single 5, to glance (adrenal glands for furious charge) and failed to do anything more than stopping it from shooting next turn. The landspeeder and razorback did the business in the end. I have some pics from this game on my phone - this was the only decent one.
So here's how the map sat before we did another round of pins.
22 - Tristan, 11 - Tyler, 10 - NPC, 8 - Josh, 6 - Graeme, 2 - Mike, 0 - Eric, 0 - Ian
So, onto new pins. First up Eric attacked the Arbites (playing orks, Eric is rolling a d6 and going in a random direction). Ian decided to get on the board with the Trading House. I took the Theatre House which will open access to the North Road Gate next turn (re-roll reserves - yes please!) also figuring I have enough territory I can force others to attack me. Josh wasn't around but we figured he'd take the west Pleasure District (this could change). Mike attacked the NPC nids in the Basilica, and the NPC attacked right back through the Railhead Depot!
24 - Tristan, 11 - Tyler, 10 - Josh, 10 - NPC, 6 - Graeme, 2 - Mike, 0 - Eric, 0 - Ian
Eric couldn't play today (I think Mike was interested in playing him as the Arbites) so I gave Mike his battle vs the NPC nids. This would be huge - possibly knocking Mike back to zero.

It was a kinda epic really fun 2000 point game. I'm not an experienced 'nid player by any means but who wants the NPC to win? Mike took a ton of guardsmen, some grey knights, 3 leman russes and 3 sentinels. I had mostly bigger bugs, my space hulk genestealers, some tunnel swarms and one swarm of gants with spinefists. It's too much to give a play by play but some of the better parts include;
1. The LR Executioner, shooting at a broodlord, missing and blowing up the damaged (but still active) LR the broodlord was assaulting, thereby killing the broodlord!
2. The carnifex losing it's last wound to lasguns
3. Swarms with spinefists killing a grey knight
4. Guardsman Bob who refused to run from the Hive Tyrant, regardless of grey knight terminators dropping like flies next to him
5. 58 guardsmen, 3 terminators, 1 grey knight killed by Tyranids
6. 20 gants, 10 genestealers, 9 warriors, 6 ripper swarms, 2 ravenors, zoanthrope, carnifex, hive tyrant and a Leman Russ killed by Daemonhunters (lol)

In the end though Mike still had plenty on the table and was going to have another turn of shooting before my last reserves came on and I was happy to concede the game - I might suggest making the jump to Witch Hunters - Sisters would count the Basilica Imperialis as 4 VPs. This leaves us with the below, and maybe some movement from Graeme & Tyler or Josh if he decides he's not happy with securing the Pleasure District - maybe wants some revenge!
24 - Tristan, 11 - Tyler, 10 - Josh, 8 - NPC, 6 - Graeme, 4 - Mike, 0 - Eric, 0 - Ian
Had some fun with a couple games - won the right one and lost the right one.


Derina said...

Can you list who plays what army please?

Tristan said...

Of course - can't believe I didn't.
I've updated the Legend in the maps to show armies.

Col. Corbane said...

Good old Bob, every army needs a Bob!

Looks like the campaigns going well for you matey.

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