Friday, February 19, 2010

VOGEN: map based, cities of death campaign at 2HD

Last week we began VOGEN, a map based campaign at Two Headed Dragon. It's based on the old GW Vogen campaign but using the Cities of Death rules. The first week was a lot of moving pins around and sorting out opponents for matches. Ian decided to force his way into the Arbites Precinct on the third turn, as Eric used the Water Purification Plants ability to attack Mike directly. That left Josh, the NPC 'nids and myself, with the NPC across the map from me, so I built up some territory and took the Palace of Peace. Josh gambled I'd wanna attack the 'nids instead of him, but naturally I decided to force the issue and attack Josh. During the week a couple more guys joined in, so Tyler and Graeme were added. You can see the territories claimed and attacks launched in the map below.

Before any games were played, the standings are;
18 - Tristan, 12 - Josh, 11 - Tyler, 10 - NPC, 6 - Graeme, 2 - Mike, 0 - Eric, 0 - Ian
Josh and I were the only one's to get our game in so far - and that was today! I'm gonna have to push these guys to get some more games in - maybe I'll see if Tyler wants to attack me since I can't move any pins until we're all together again.

Anyways, because I attacked Josh in the palace grounds, we actually just played a standard game of 40K on a board we setup with mostly hedges and we lined up the palace along one side as a barrier. It was 1,850 points, pitched battle/capture and control. My Dealer's Accommodation would let me take a Callidus assassin - but I'd written up a list and forgotten so I didn't bother. Josh's Spaceport Complex allowed him to deep strike with any unit he put in reserve, and his Gibbet Hill allowed him a preliminary bombardment (technically not in these set of rules, so we counted it as a space marine chapter master orbital bombardment).

I brought Calgar w Sternguard in DP, 2 X riflemen dreads, 3 X tactical squads in rhinos, 3 X heavy bolter/typhoon landspeeder, and a dakka pred. I deployed first and reserved only 1 tactical squad in rhino.
Josh had a captain w command squad, epistolary, termie squad, MM dread, ironclad dread, 3 x tactical squads w pfists, 6 scout sniper w heavy bolter, 5 man devastator w ml and a whirlwind. He put everyone in reserve to deep strike except the libby w terminators, the devs & WW.

Josh then stole the initiative;
Turn 1; Josh gated his libby and terminators near my objective, ran up his ironclad and shot with his scouts/devs/WW. Killing 3 marines and stunned a dread. I dropped my pod in near his objective, and swarmed his terminators. The scouts were quickly toasted by 2 heavy flamers and some hellfire rounds while more hellfire + calgar destroyed his devs. Pretty much everything else shot at the termies and I killed 3 of them - not as good as I hoped but then Josh failed the morale test and fell back.
Turn 2; Josh failed every single reserve roll he had to make, so another short turn. His termies had to keep fleeing. His tactical squad charged one of my rifleman dreads while his ironclad charged a combat squad of marines on my objective. His shooting killed a couple sternguard. The ironclad killed two marines and two more died from no retreat wounds. In my turn my sternguard and calgar destroyed his whirlwind, a dread managed to kill another termie and I charged some marines into the huge combat between his tac squad and my dread. Everything else blasted ineffectively at the ironclad as it was standing over my objective.
Turn 3; Josh turned around and made every reserve roll - most of his scatter rolls were beneficial, except for one and he rolled a 5 on the mishap table meaning delayed. His command squad and MM dread shot at my predator - stunning it, a tactical squad shot at a rhino, wrecking it. His ironclad destroyed a landspeeder in close combat and the other huge combat he killed 3 marines, but I passed my break test. His remaining termie and the libby attacked a rhino with a combat squad inside, stunning it. I made my reserve roll for my tac squad and they raced onto the board to rapid fire his recently arrived tactical squad to bits. My combat squad in the rhino stunned last turn jumped out and gunned down the last termie and he chose to retreat with his libby. Calgar used his orbital bombardment but failed miserably. One landspeeder and a riflemen dread shot up his captain and command squad, while the other ran from the ironclad.
Turn 4; Josh deep strikes his delayed tactical squad and mishaps again - I place them in the far corner where I doubt they will have much impact on the game. His libby tries to smite my combat squad but only kills one. His command squad & MM dread explode my predator, while he was about to charge my tactical squad with his ironclad, except my sergeant had melta bombs so he decided against it. In my turn, one land speeder wastes his libby, the other keeps hammering at his command squad. I throw 2 surviving marines into a rhino and park it on my objective. A combat squad of marines with a melta gun and melta bombs tries to deal with his ironclad - but only manages to shake it. My reserve tac squad charges into the melee quagmire in the middle but doesn't manage to break it up much.

** I've either compacted the events or we mistook the # of turns, but we thought it was turn 5 and Henry rolled a 1 for the game to end. I had my objective under control and Calgar the only model near his objective **

This wins me the other Palace Grounds, and four more victory points. No other games have been played yet, so that leaves us with
22 - Tristan, 11 - Tyler, 10 - NPC, 8 - Josh, 6 - Graeme, 2 - Mike, 0 - Eric, 0 - Ian
Hopefully Tyler or someone controlling the NPC can get another game in with me, while Ian resolves his fight with the Arbites and Eric & Mike sort out their game.


Tnoussis said...

Damn wish I could be there. You guys are thinking of running a campaign in the summer too right?

Col. Corbane said...

I just love the VOGEN map, I think I've played in 4 campaigns based on the map and it never gets boring.

Keep us posted matey!

Tristan said...

Will do mate - it's been amusing so far. I haven't played any Cities of Death yet so that should be interesting.

Col. Corbane said...

Just remember, anything that negates cover saves rules in CoD. Bring on the flamers!

Tristan said...

Two whirlwinds should help. I need heavy flamers for my landspeeders.

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