Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 7: Tristan - Psyker/Wyrd (warhammer 40k/necromunda) painted

Well something had to be done to snap The Raf's streak (at four posts in a row, what a machine!) - I got home and took a break from doing some space marine bits (I have a large batch of Space Sharks marines & vehicle bits to paint, but one can only line with black wash for so long before one needs a break) to get this guy painted up and get my week 7 completed (late!). All in all I probably spent about 4 hours painting him.

He's an imperial psyker, I bought that blister with three of them in it to use one for my genestealer cult magus (funnily enough - not even fully painted yet) and last time I had the hobby room I primed this guy for whenever the urge fell upon me.

Any IG army I do is still a long time coming, but I could easily use this model as a wyrd in Necromunda (perhaps the Empath wyrd from Anthony Cases "Even Wyrder" supplement, or I'm sure he could be a Telepath or even a Beastmaster).

I decided to use goblin green for his robes just to be really different from anything I've already painted, he'll be based the same as my other Wyrds which should really make him pop when it's done. I spent some extra time on his face but everything else was pretty much basecoat, then a wash of devlan mud over everything. I also stayed away from red as that would've been one too many models with red/yellow/green - so some details are regal blue and the purity seal wax is leviathan purple.
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