Monday, December 22, 2008

Crusade Army... more deathwatch marines

Something else I've been working on as I get the bits delivered is the deathwatch marines for other chapters. These have mostly been done to confirm I like the look of the particular bits I've decided will be standard across the chapter (it's worked so well for the Space Sharks, I wanna continue making really unified looking marine chapters)

Up on the dock (these guys are all nearly complete - will get pics up soon);
  • Salamanders marine with Flamer. Uses MK4 helmets. This guy has a forgeworld terminator salamanders shoulder pad (which works for deathwatch in power armour) - as well as a custom converted Nocturne pattern flamer. I figure I can always use an extra flamer in a Sallies army. ;) This guy might need a magnet to allow for a jump pack.
  • Iron Knights marine with Power Axe. These guys all have MK8 torsos with the collar and will only use MK3 helmets. Additionally they will all have studded shoulder pads and the chapter symbol on a little terminator shield. (I think the pose I managed on this guy is great!)
  • Executioners marine with Plasma Gun. I gave the Executioners the plasma gunner as the old Badab War fluff has their bonus unit being 5 marines with 2 plasma guns. He's very basic right now - as I kinda wanted these guys on the edge of heresy, to be used as either loyalist or heretic marines. I need to figure out what extra kit to give him that I can paint in the same camo pattern so he ties in with chapter. Every Executioner model will have the bare torso with skull (ie. no aquilas) and I plan to remove any purity seals on the models.
  • Mantis Warrior marine with Sniper Rifle. I was originally going to give this guy just the standard deathwatch bolter - however the old Badab War fluff has the Mantis Warriors getting a squad of marines with sniper rifles. I know they treat the deathwatch bolter as good enough for sniping, but I can't envision a Kill Team without a sniper?? I can always use this guy as a sergeant for a scout squad with sniper rifle (Telion too!), or use as a 'counts as' Vindicare assassin, or build a whole combat squad of marines with sniper rifles just for fluffiness.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Space Sharks... magnetized rhino

Well it took a bunch of spare hours this weekend, but in between doing the camo pattern for my Novamarines scouts I built the first rhino chassis for my Space Sharks. I used 1/4" rare earth magnets from Lee Valley. Nice thing about these was they painted a red dot to show polarity - made using them a snap.

Following mostly this tutorial;

I have it magnetized so it can be a Rhino, Razorback, Predator, Whirlwind or Vindicator.
I also have both front hatches, the front (vindicator demolisher cannon/siege shield?), the underside (for dozer blade/siege shield?), both sponsons (for predators), the top (predator, razorback, whirlwind), as well as four parts on the tracks (for upgrades) magnetized. I count 11 magnets per chassis (Front, Underside, Hatchx2, Turret, Sponsonx2, Bodyx4) plus another 1 per demolisher cannon, sponson, or predator turret) making a total of 15 per vehicle.

I have no pics yet but don't worry this won't be painted anytime soon, so you'll get a nice series of photos to show you how I managed it all. No drilling required.

I also built 3 twin lascannon razorback turrets out of spare Land Raider sponsons.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Novamarines - starting to look like an army!!

This army is comprised of;
AoBR set
AoBR WD Terminator
1 of each Scout box (needed more troops)
1 Librarian
1 Extra snap together marine
Some palm tree bits from 3rd edition box for the extra scout.
The deathwatch marine I made with bits I already had, though I did purchase a deathwatch conversion kit with the Crusade Army in mind.

If I max everything out including using Tigurius and Telion 'counts as' it comes out to 1381 points. I think that's quite impressive considering the low amount of money I put into it (which of course just funds the next project ;) ). I plan to scratchbuild a couple drop pods as the angular design should keep it fairly simple, but that's about all I plan to include for these guys, the Novamarines are not supposed to have fought together as a chapter for millenia. With the addition of an extra model to each squad, I've given the army major flexibility in it's composition per game.

Gonna have to get cracking on the drop pods, as the Tale of 2HD Gamers finishes in two months - and my goal was to use the competition as the timeline to FINISH my Novamarines. I think having the first chapter in the crusade army done will be great motivation to keep at it.

Here's a pic of everything minus 5 scouts who I still need to work on their GS camo cloaks and a libby who I need to convert to have a force staff.

Terminators including bonus AoBR termie from WD converted with Heavy Flamer (in progress) as well as objective marker.

The ranged scouts. Bolter with GW camo cloak body can be used as regular bolter scout, sergeant with bolter or Telion.

Some close ups of the crawling scout I made with the extra body. Not the best but definitely gave me some ideas for other stuff.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 2

There's no update for day 1 as I missed it.

Showed up pretty early day 2, but only got in a game & a half (we aren't timing our turns - yet).

I've learned I need to be a little more patient to actually score. I lost the first game 0-3, though I did cause 2 casualties - one a broken collarbone! (w00t!), and the second game am losing 0-1 at the half (with one casualty caused). I have no problem with causing the opposition problems - however lack of a second thrower is causing some issues. Definitely one of my first purchases coming up.

I tend to cause more damage with black orcs & blitzers than my troll. I think I'll start leaving the troll to lynch pin an area with only linemen for support.

My goblin has done a total of two actions in both games, both fouls, both snake eyes. Yet somehow he won MVP for the first game. LOL!

The inducement cards are fun, but I find only the expensive one's can really impact the game - the cheaper one's really require circumstances to be beneficial.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Tale of 2HD Gamers - pt2

The second months' scoring for the "Tale of 2HD Gamers" competition. I'm in bold.

Month 2 scoring;
5 Thomas - fully painted, 1 game, 1 win,
6 Tristan - fully painted, 1 game, 1 objective, best painted
3 Ian - fully painted, 1 game

For reference (Grey Knight)
5 Karl - fully painted, 1 game, 1 win

Current standings;
13 Tristan - fully paintedx2, 3 games, 1 win, 2 objectives, best paintedx1
12 Thomas - fully paintedx2, 2 games, 1 win, best paintedx1
6 Ian - fully paintedx2
5 Ken - fully painted, 2 games
4 Josh - fully painted, 1 game

For reference (Grey Knight)
10 Karl - fully paintedx2, 2 games, 2 wins

Again, unfortunately no pics from this day. I'm going to try and bring a camera next time.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update - Badlandz Deff Ramz

Great news! My new hobby store hangout Two Headed Dragon is starting a Blood Bowl league!
Come by every Wednesday after 5pm to participate.

In preparation I started (well more like re-started) to get some additional orc team players modeled up and painted (still in primer only). Can anyone tell where the catcher pose gobbo is from? (See below)

So here's the list with '99 Rams names/jersey #'s, including the newcomers - any ideas for what number I should give Varag? I was thinking just #1.

#? Varag Ghoulchewer Star Player
10 Kut Warn'r Thrower
23 Deffin Bush Black Orc
27 Meat Bow'in Black Orc
33 Jabbin Watsun Blitzer
28 Mashall Folk Blitzer
16 Maul Justen Thrower
49 Chop Loois Lineman
54 Turd Callin's Lineman
58 Spike Morten Lineman
83 Crush Tomass Lineman
91 Des'Troy Pelshak Lineman
32 Dread Bly't Lineman
93 Kill'in Carver Troll
80 I'sic Brawl Goblin
88 Torry Holt Goblin

and here are some close ups of some of the newcomers.


Troll front & back

That's right - an autogun gretchin from 40K 2nd edition.

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Novamarines.. Tactical Squad and Dreadnought

OK, i'm back with some photos/updates.

Some tactical squad shots.. I tried to use model parts to unify these guys. For eg. all the bolters have either a scope if they go in the ranged/heavy combat squad or straps if they go in the close/special combat squad. Have one extra bolter guy and with the deathwatch sergeant could actually take as 2 5 man squads (no special/heavys).

All (aka options)

Close range (flamer + straps) with DW sgt.

Long range (missile launcher + scopes) w AoBR Sgt.

A painted shot of the deathwatch guy. Still to highlight armour and do power sword plus last bit of heraldry.

Plus a couple pics of the dreadnought. I especially like the crushed tree under his left foot.

More Space Sharks... Tactical squad 1 built, Tactical squad 2 nearly built

Now have the command squad and two tactical squads pretty much built.
2 guys in the 2nd tac squad need old RT001 beakie heads (one incoming) and I need one more scrolled/cmdr shoulder pad for the guy landing from jumping the fence in the second squad.
Other than that I just need to fix the a RT001 beakie heads in the first tac squad and the cmd squad champion to add some neck.
Few more bits/bobs for the tac squads (grenades, ammo & stuff)

Tac1 running squad

Tac1 standing squad

Tac1 guy leaping wall closeups

Tac2 running squad

Tac2 standing squad

Other features;
  • obviously all beakies. been lucky with getting some old RT001's so am trying to keep a ratio of 1 in 5 with older style beakies.
  • only SM/CSM torsos with tubing (one of either of two torsos only)
  • only older style backpacks (from like 2nd ed. - they just look more aquatic)
  • went with the scrolled/raised circle shoulder pad for chapter pad - will paint the raised circle white and put decals on. "first in, last out" motto on the scroll.
  • some older shoulder mount version heavy weapons.
  • trying to really unify the look, so everyone from Tac squad 1 will have all kinds of extra kit (ammo, 'nades, bolt pistol), everyone from Tac 2 will just have a small ammo/'nade pack on the right leg, everyone from other squads will get the same little items across the squad as well.
combat squads I tried to make obvious.
- special weapon & sergeant have tactical legs, but the other three have running legs.
- heavy weapon all have tac (ie no running) legs, one guy helps carry extra heavy ammo.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Tale of 2HD Gamers - pt1

Recently found a new hobby store in my old 'hood - just as I was starting to do up my AoBR marines a Grey Knight in the area sponsored a 'Tale of 4 Gamers" style competition.

The first months' entries happened during a 40k mini-tournament - I placed 3rd in the tournament and tied for the lead in the Tale of 2HD Gamers with 7 points. I'm in bold.

Month 1 scoring / Current standings;
7 Thomas - fully painted, 2 games (tourney), 1 win, Best painted
7 Tristan - fully painted, 2 games (tourney), 1 win, 1 objective
5 Ken - fully painted, 2 games (tourney)
4 Josh - fully painted, 1 game
3 Ian - fully painted

For reference (Grey Knight)
5 Karl - fully painted, 1 game, 1 win

Unfortunately no pics from this day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Novamarines update - Captain piccys

Some pics of my captain, with base colours.

Space Sharks update - Captain & Command squad built

I've been building these guys as the parts come in. Trying for a very unified look so using a small selection of bits. Some stuff I'm going for with this chapter.
  • Very "army/marine" look with lots of kill markings, etc.
  • Vehicles with shark tooth decals (converted to be/look amphibious)
  • Drop pods with similar stylings.
  • Lots of dreadnoughts/no scouts.

Captain & Command squad



Standard Bearer

Auspex Vet

Comms Vet (This guy now has a little antenna looking thing on his backpack)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Crusade Army second chapter - Space Sharks

Next chapter I started work on was the Space Sharks. I have been itching to do up a Space Sharks army for a while now. I always envisioned them like WW flying aces - lots of kill markings, tooth designs on the sides of vehicles, etc. - and who better to carry the deathwatch heavy bolter than a Space Shark?

These guys won't get any paint until I am done painting my Novamarines - however I wanted a very tight look to the models and began ordering bits when i saw them available eg. torsos are only the one's with tubing - SM or CSM, all with MK6 beakies, all with the older mk7 backpack, etc. And then while waiting for the hobby room in our condo to undercoat the Novamarines I figured I might as well put these guys together. Pretty much all plastics so far.

Here's a pic of my heavy bolter armed deathwatch Space Shark.

Beginnings of a Crusade Army - Novamarines

First new army after starting up again.. Planned to make a crusade army based on chapters linked through deathwatch members.

Was originally planning to keep this army small before starting another chapter (small = AoBR only + deathwatch conversion) - however you need 2 troops selections at least, I lucked out and found one tac marine from the old Battle for Macragge set (so I could technically split into two 5 man bolter only squads using the extra + dw vet as a sergeant) but also bought one of each box of scouts (Scout pics coming when finished modeling extra camo cloaks) and a librarian to be able to round out to 1000 points. (Plus the Novamarines fluff mentions variant psykers so had to have one)

Most everything from AoBR is stock so won't bother with pics until painted. I do however have some pics of my deathwatch conversion (the first of many!).

Uses the dw bolter, helmeted head, metal shoulder pad + Asmodai's power sword arm + plastics.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing... da Badlandz Deff Ramz!

Have always loved specialist games. Case in point - blood bowl.
When I recently got back into the hobby, the first thing I painted was the Orc team from the blood bowl boxed set. With the Orcs it was easy to paint different pieces different colours so they all look different, so I decided no conversions for these guys - I converted the human team instead (more on that later...)

I really wanted to have fluff behind the team so I based them on the 1999 superbowl champion Rams. Great icon for an orc team, I went for blue/yellow instead of purple/yellow because my dark elves are purple. I named every player after a real Rams player of that year and gave them the correct jersey #.
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