Friday, July 29, 2011

mini restoration

Interesting article by Ron @ FTW today about the Chaos Lord he restored for a client.

He mentions how it's more work restoring a model than starting from scratch, which in the case of the type of restoration he was working on, will probably always hold true.  However there are other types of restoration that you can do to your minis to ensure they don't languish in the case or on the shelf.

These "restorations" (and I use the term loosely) are usually of the much smaller variety.  Fixing a poor weapons combo choice, re-painting a choice piece of the fig you are unsatisfied with, perhaps re-basing the mini.

Example 1 - my Novamarines scout sergeant with combi-flamer
removed chainsword, added bolt pistol
I was actually putting together models before playing any games of 40K, mating a combi-weapon with a chainsword was overall a poor choice.  The chainsword doesn't really add anything since you can't get a second attack in CC anyways, at least a bolt pistol would allow me to fire once before assaulting (assuming I had already used the combi-flamer)

Example 2 - my Space Sharks captain with combi-plasma
removed combi-plasma/chainsword, added bolt pistol/power sword
Again an example of putting models together before considering their weapon implications.  I liked the thought of all my Space Sharks having chainswords since those are the images that spring to mind.  Arming your SM captain with a chainsword is a bit of a damp squib.  I updated him to have a power weapon and a simple bolt pistol for the additional attack.

I am contemplating doing a second update to this model as well - magnetizing the bolt pistol hand so I can swap in a plasma pistol so he can also count as Sicarius.  My thought is to do the same with the below example so the champion has the option of taking the combat shield with bolt pistol or plasma pistol as well!

Example 3 - my Space Sharks command squad champion
power sword painted
He's another quick example. This hardly needs a before/after shot, since for some reason I thought a plain white power weapon would look good??!?!  He looks a lots nicer now.  As mentioned above I am probably going to magnetize both his and the captains pistols so they can swap easily.

Example 4 - a Novamarines terminator turned heavy
added the IG sentinel missile launcher
Final example here.  Fortunately for me I used an extra AoBR terminator (from white dwarf) when originally making my "heavy" (heavy flamer) for this squad.  This meant I still had 4 terminators with storm bolter & power fist, so I just selected one and added the IG sentinel missile launcher to act as a cyclone, giving me two options for a heavy weapon (but unfortunately no longer the option of NOT taking a heavy weapon - oh well worst case it's 5 points for the heavy flamer)

Crusade Week: Space Sharks!

image used without permission - copyright "aerion the faithful"
The final day of Crusade week brings us to the Space Sharks! I will be generous and include any blogs I follow who use that dreadful Charcharawhatsit name that Forge World came up with.  I am hardly surprised this chapter has become such a hit.  It was bound to happen once I started building a Sharks army ;-)

Check out the following;

If you have a Space Sharks army, link your label in the comments below and I will both add you to this post and start following!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

more Flesh Tearers progress (Space Hulk termies)

Ric is a painting machine! He's made some progress on a few of the Space Hulk terminators I converted for my Flesh Tearers.  The conversions, brass etch and Flesh Tearer paint job should ensure NOBODY has Space Hulk termies like mine! :)  Can't wait to be able to play Space Hulk with a fully painted set!
I am really loving the limited palette being used.  The miniatures definitely pop for me.  Plus who can complain about some OSL effects and some stripe details (check out the slash on the hip armour - neat!).  I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with the Land Raider as well as the terminator librarian.  Liking them so much I have been trying to source another copy of Space Hulk that won't cost me my firstborn son.  If anyone is looking to get rid of one for a reasonable price please get in touch.
For the past couple days I have been assembling the other half of the assault squad he's painted so far as well as 10 death company.  For the death company I've decided to stick with the Flesh Tearers scheme, with white crosses.  They will also all be bare headed.  I'm hoping that in combination with the blingy death company armour they will stand out as I didn't want to follow the standard "all black" death company scheme.  The plan is to get Ric more models to paint sooner rather than later!

Crusade Week: Raptor Legion!

image used without permission - copyright "Forge World"

Day 4 of Crusade week brings up to the Raptor Legion. I think the "camo" scheme is what tempts most folks to plump for the Raptors, it definitely did for me! Although I plan to use their standard scheme (the blue & yellow) for my 1st company veterans!

Check out the following;
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Fallen Princes SQUAD competition

Perfect timing!  Since today is Novamarines day, it is quite appropriate that I remind you all about The Fallen Princes latest painting competition; theme SQUAD.  The finalists have been posted and votes are being tallied.
The reason it is so appropriate is because I entered all the squads (3 entries - lol!!) I had to finish up for Astronomi-con this year - where I brought my Novamarines.  Many of the other entries are much nicer than mine IMO, but it seems at least one person appreciated my magnetized land speeder storm riding scouts.

Be sure to head over and vote.  I personally voted for the Fire Hawks Sternguard by Kiour_gr (very striking!) but obviously vote for whichever entry you like the most.  Even mine if you are feeling generous (groggy?)

Crusade Week: Novamarines!

image used without permission - copyright "The Fly Lords of Terra"
Day 3 of Crusade week continues with the chapter for which I probably have the most minis painted - the Novamarines! Definitely one of the rarer chapters to be seen due to their complex quartered paint scheme, there's only one other blog I know of that has anything to do with Novamarines.

Check out the following;
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chaos Cup countdown timer

I've added a small countdown timer to track how long it is until chaos cup.

I haven't played very much blood bowl since about March (a few games with a dark elf team in XTBBF) and none with the undead so I need to get back into practice. I'm going to try and get a game a week at least until the tournament (either board or video game)

ps. This is also a test for blogging from my phone!

Crusade Week: Flesh Tearers!

image used without permission - copyright "cyphercodicier2"
Day two of Crusade week and today we are looking at Flesh Tearers.  Newly near and dear to my heart now that Ric @ Ricalopia has begun to paint mine. Here are all the other blogs I follow that have some Flesh Tearers content.  Tuesday is Flesh Tearer day!

Check out the following;
If you have a Flesh Tearer army, link your label in the comments below and I will both add you to this post and start following!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crusade Week: Crimson Fists!

image used without permission - copyright "old stone road"
Just for fun, since I'm up to five "painted" chapters in my marine crusade army (painted in quotes since I don't actually have any of the flesh tearers in my possession) , I've decided to do a post a day linking all the other blogs I follow who have (or had!) armies for the same chapters.  Monday is now Crimson Fist day!

Check out the following;
If you have a Crimson Fist army, link your label in the comments below and I will both add you to this post and start following!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flesh Tearers - rapid progress!

So apparently Ric paints really fast, he did say the scheme is easy but damn!  He's posted a bunch of pics of the first basic assault squad I sent over to get his users comments - so if you have any please post them over there! First pic here is his example of matching the genestealers base colours (bases are from Champ Industries) and I think they look perfect!
pic showing the bases matching my space hulk genestealers

Second pic, is the little OSL effect he put on the power fist, which I think looks pretty tight.  Also, while I added the sawblade to the bolt pistol, he prettied it up with some the brass etch details I included and I must say the bolt pistol looks really cool!
a little OSL effect for the power fist (aka glowy hand of doom!)

Final pic is a test of the hazard stripes - which look amazing, definitely appreciate the look it gives.  I've asked him to try and do a little blood splatter/gore effect on the chain weapons too so am looking forward to seeing that.
example of the hazard stripe test - me likey!

All in all this is getting me really excited about this army so I need to ramp up my construction so he has more stuff to paint.  Really looking forward to seeing what he does with the terminators from Space Hulk.  Thanks Ric!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

doubling up.. final weekly prize givaway + actual "Heroes of Armageddon" armies!

We are entering the final few days of the incredible "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project. What these folks have accomplished in such a short space of time is simply unbelievable.  I fully expect they will blow the Storm Wardens result out of the water and though it's probably unlikely I would not be THAT surprised if the donation amount entered six digits.

B&C patch + custom B&C poker deck
Bolter & Chainsword has apparently been huge in terms of getting news about the project out there, it sounds like they have done an incredible job helping the HoA team with not just donations but the little things like telling your hobby crew and posting flyers in hobby stores.
mystery prize (yet to be revealed)
Some of the prizes from B&C are really cool (the Blood Angels dice - WOW).  Definitely worthy of the $20/week donation I have been sticking to so far!
blood angel chapter dice (way cooler than a design for just the 6's)
So a huge thanks should go to the guys like Kurgan who have put effort into making this charity project the best yet.  How appropriate would it be for one of their members to win the Blood Angels army (in no way insinuating this is the works - just the coincidence that it's a power armour only forum would make it quite apropos!)

Now we come to the meat & potatoes.  The driving factor behind all the donations and effort involved.  The armies themselves are pretty much the coolest thing ever.  For those going to Games Day please take plenty of photos of all the armies together on the amazing board created by Brian @ A Gentleman's Ones. There are massive combined pictures of all the armies available and each army has it's own page on the "Heroes of Armageddon" blog with more detailed photos.  I encourage all of you to check them out.  For this I am doubling up and donating an extra $20 this week to round out my donation to $300.  Good luck to everyone who enters!
steel legion

Steel Legion page

blood angels
Blood Angels page

ghazghkull's horde

Ghazghkull's Horde page

wazdakka's speedfreeks

Wazdakka's Speedfreeks page

Chaos Cup 2011 pt1

Windy City is BOOKED.  Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in 7 blood bowl tournaments across Ontario & Quebec.  This year I have so far attended 2; family commitments, attending Astronomi-con (same weekend as two possible blood bowl tournaments) and the cancellation of Challenge of Q'ermitt has meant I haven't been able to play as often this year.
CHAZ! Spelled Chaos. Silent O.
Therefore, due to the fact that this year seems to be the year of seperate vacations from my fiance and Porter Airlines flies from downtown Toronto to downtown Chicago, I have decided to attend the Chaos Cup 2011.  I have never been to Chicago but fortunately have a nice friend there willing to show me around a bit before the actual weekend of the tournament. I'm hopeful of getting some of everything on this trip.  A lot of gaming, a bit of partying and hopefully a bit of tourism are all in the mix.

So, onto my preparations for the tournament.  You can find the rules pack HERE.  Simply put, it's 1100TV, no ST/AG upgrades, max 1 upgrade per player, no skill allowed more than twice (as an upgrade). Thanks to my success at the Power of One tournament in Montreal last year with a super bashy Undead team, I have decided to run the Undead at pretty much every tournament I attend this year (both in an attempt to get better with them, and because I think the fluff I created for them brings me a lot of good fortune (surprisingly, actually the opposite of the fluff).  Another point to remember the Chaos Cup is a NAF MAJOR tournament, which basically means it impacts your rating twice as hard as other tournaments.  Better do well!

I think the below is about as good a "casualty focused" team I can manage, but I would definitely be interested in any comments you might have!

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Leader / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie w Guard / Zombie / Zombie
1 Reroll

  • 40K saved using Leader
  • Full complement of Ghouls
  • Extra Guard player
  • Possibility of losing Leader reroll.
  • Fouling extra risky (losing a more important player) and more difficult to gain reward.
Alternatively if I downgraded a Ghoul to a Skeleton, I could take two regular rerolls and give the Skeleton Dirty Player - but I would lose the Guard on the Zombie.

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie / Zombie / Zombie
Skeleton w Dirty Player
2 Rerolls

  • A Dirty Player means I can attempt to ensure that prone/stunned players are removed from the field.
  • No worrying about losing the Leader reroll.
  • Spending 40K difference from the Leader reroll to a normal reroll.
  • Losing a second Guard.
  • With only three ghouls I will need to be very cautious about committing with them.  This could increase their survivability but also might mean they have less impact on the game.
I have an added bonus for being super excited about this tournament.  In speaking with my buddy at Konflikt Terrain, I have been assured that a special project he undertook for me will be ready for this trip. MUHAHAHA!!!

dual posted on Merry Mayhem News

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2010 alternate blog posts & new adventure

In 2010 I joined up with some local buddies at Weekly Minis to try to inspire each other to paint one mini a week.  For myself it was a bit of a failure as I found myself either not posting when I was doing batches (generally that I needed complete for a tournament or particular game) OR I was putting off doing any batch painting (that wasn't as crucial) because it would be weeks before I felt I could post anything.

At the end of 2010 I called it quits to focus on my own blog and just do what I wanted.  This has worked out well so far with painting levels much closer to 2009 (in fact I'd already surpassed 2010 by mid-year!)

Recently, I posted a comment on a Portuguese blog (Merry Mayhem News) that I have been following a while due to their blood bowl content - basically offering miniatures to paint because Paulo was so bored he was taking pictures of gummy bears.  Well apparently I am the first ever commenter and also their only follower! Paulo contacted me to ask if I would be interested in contributing to their blog, and since (other than random nonsense) it's about blood bowl, I had a hard time refusing.  I will give it a year at least to see what comes of it.  My plan is to port over some blood bowl content as well as maybe try a dual live blogging/twitter of my experience at this years Chaos Cup.

For this reason it is time for me to say goodbye to my posting privileges at weekly minis.  Some of the guys are still going strong but it's time for a new focus for me.  Even though I don't think they will delete anything, I have backup up all my posts and ported them over to this blog, using the label "weekly minis" (strange, that!).

do you want free warmachine minis?

ARCHANGELS is having a little contest to boost it's followers.  I can't afford to get sucked into another game system but if you can or already have you should check it out.  It's 2 Winterguard mortars, 1 Khador Manhunter and 1 Herne and Jonne - which means nothing to me but I assume they rock.  All it takes is a comment in this post and to be a follower.
the prize
I started following to keep an eye on all his cool Dark Angels stuff (heads up Mik & SC John!) - his HQ have some crazy bases with giant crystals all over - I'd be scared to pick up the models!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

nearly a year and a half later (532 days to be precise)

Way back in January of 2010 I wrote about my commissioned space hulk genestealers, and mentioned receiving them back had spurred me towards completing my space hulk terminators about whom I've posted exactly twice (post 1 / post 2) and who I nearly completed all the Flesh Tearer conversions within a year (I would say they were about 95% done in post 2).  I've had to go back and edit the phrase "more on this soon" to "more on this much much later". LOL

Well I finally found a commission painter that I was comfortable with and I have mailed them to Ric @ Ricalopia for painting.  In addition to the space hulk termies, there is also a land raider crusader for them to cruise around in, a 5 man jump pack assault squad and a couple sanguinary priests (the magnetized one is a deathwatch marine)

If you have any comments about the painting or anything, please be sure to let Ric know HERE. I would also highly recommend checking out the rest of his blog.  He is a truly talented dude.  He's had the box less than a day and already sent me some pics.  It's getting me excited about possibly having a fully painted army for a relatively new codex!  Next batch I'd like to round out the assault squad, a death company squad, a storm raven, a dc dread and seth.

He's begun on the assault marines to work out the scheme.  I asked for details like eyes/power weapons to use a similar blue colour to the cables and misc bits on the dead terminators on my space hulk genestealers.

There will most definitely be lots of chain weapons for these guys, I have tried to take the time to remove any "chaos-y" looking arrows (you can kinda see where it was removed in this photo) but as long as it doesn't resemble an arrow I've not bothered (ie. as on the ends of the axe blade)

All of the standard power armour marines are going to be on these custom plastic bases from Champ Industries.  These are the "Industrial" design (they may only have two "styles" but I LOVE the fact they are injected plastic, so plastic cement is all you need to secure your plastic minis to them.

EDIT: This is also another chapter added to my list of crusade armies.  As mentioned one of the Sanguinary Priests is a deathwatch model.

Pay it Forward style weekly prize from "Heroes of Armageddon" for week 13

This week's prize is astounding for a completely different reason than the masses of prizes from the past couple weeks.  The reason? It has been donated by Joel Jameson who actually won the Blood Angel Terminator painted by Simon Modrow, in almost a "Pay it Forward" kinda style.  Suitable, no? (Pay it Forward is now maintained by MWC but was another genius idea started by the brilliant folks at Santa Cruz Warhammer). Joel has put up a Youtube video of his unboxing of his prize - it can be found below.
Dante: front
Joel has generously donated this Lord Dante miniature painted by OrcPainterNerd from the UK. Now that is getting into the spirit of this charity project.  Massive respect to Joel!
Dante: rear
As per usual I have donated $20 to the cause and am now up to $260.  Looks like I will hit the $300 mark before the project is over.

Your time to donate to this great cause for a chance to win some amazing prizes is running very short.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

unbelievably even BIGGER prizes from "Heroes of Armageddon" for week 12

WOW.  Unbelievable is right.  "Heroes of Armageddon" is steaming along and this week there are EIGHT, count 'em EIGHT prizes up for grabs. These prizes are really fantastic, there are going to be some majorly happy campers when the drawing happens for these.

As usual I have donated $20 to the charity project, bumping my total up to $240!

THREE COPIES of this  8.5"x11"matted print will be given away
I personally really enjoy art pieces from the warhammer universes.  Having proper prints are spectacular, and this would be no exception. Really nice atmospheric piece that would do well in any hobby room or man cave.  These were donated by Brother Melice @ B&C forums.  Check out his super detailed Sons of Medusa marines!

TWO BOXES of the Sanguinary Guard will be given away
Generously donated by a gentlemen named Neil Trent.  I tried to hunt down some info about him but haven't.  Can't fault someone this generous though!

THREE SETS of the THREE models below will be given away
For the final three prizes, they each consist of three components - generously donated by Blight Wheel Miniatures. The detail on their resin models looks outstanding and they definitely don't seem out of place to be a part of a 40K army.  Their other models look fantastic as well - definitely worth checking out!

really cool looking figs - perfect for Adeptus Mechanicus
also perfect for AdMech, maybe counts as sentinel or servitor?
interesting fig, maybe an objective or IG HQ.  great detail

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

necromunda at meeplemart

This past weekend I was able to join some buddies in playing some more necromunda! We had begun a new campaign this year (way back in April) but it kinda got put on hold while we all dealt with preparations for Astronomi-con Toronto 2011.

Last week they started playing again at another FLGS in Toronto called Meeplemart (we are quite lucky here in the GTA with many gaming stores) - I unfortunately was unable to attend last week and so was determined to make it this week.  My friend Mike did write up a small post with a pic of the table setup.

I had spoken with Steve the owner previously about running necromunda there and I had heard he'd built a large table full of terrain for Infinity, which definitely suited our necromunda needs pretty well!

Unfortunately I took about three pics and then forgot!  I'm going to blame my allergies which were terrible that day.  So here's the one good pic I have showing a bit of the terrain and my Escher clustered around trying to move in on Lorand's Arbites.
early in my game vs. the arbites
During this campaign, which I am terming (including Sunday) so far I am 4-0.  While earlier games successes were perhaps a bit less driven by fortune both of Sunday's wins were very jammy!

Game 1 vs. Lorands Arbites
  • choke grenades slowed me down and stunned my gang enough for Lorand to rack up some easy casualties.
  • first couple turns went quickly as we closed with each other, I was taking bottle tests though by turn four.
  • fortunate to get an open shot with my BS5 leader's meltagun on his Arbite Sergeant, forcing him to retire due to his injuries after the game.
  • meltagun leader also dropped his cyber-mastiff, the early expense of the meltagun is already paying off in spades, my leader gained two skill levels from this game alone!
  • Lorand failed his second bottle test while I had made at least 3-4 already by that time to give me a lucky win!
Game 2 vs. Darrins Orks (counts as Goliaths)
  • Darrin selected hit & run for this scenario.  I ended up with 5 gang members to start and he got 6.
  • my deployment definitely left something to be desired, first turn he took out my heavy stubber (who got a chest wound and is now T2 :-@ grrr)
  • my plasmagun heavy smoked a juve at close range before getting wasted herself (in addition to my leader) - for a ork/goliath gang Darrins shooting sure was deadly!
  • lady luck smiled on my first round of reinforcements though and they arrived on the table edge very close to two of Darrins gang, scragging them both (one by shooting and one in close combat)
  • lady luck waved as well with my leader jumping up reducing her wound to a flesh wound!
  • Darrin chose to bottle at that point as taking my leader out was his objective and he only had 2 models left and I would continue to get reinforcements.
Looking forward to more games at Meeplemart on the excellent terrain.  I will try to get better pictures next time.
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