Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Fiance EVER! merry christmas to ME!

It has been a little over two years since a post similar to this one went up on my birthday.  What a merry christmas it has turned out to be! My wonderful fiance has commissioned me another amazing piece of artwork by our friend Gavin ( to decorate my new man cave! It's based on two of my blood bowl teams; the undead (Torne Bane Flaming Ears) and the team she helped me to paint, the slann (Jawbreakers).

Once again Gavin has completely outdone himself and included so much effort and detail into this painting - it is truly a masterpiece! I'll wait until I have the jpg's to post to describe all the amazing details and special little tidbits that he always incorporates into his work, but let's just say as usual ALL the details are picture perfect.  Also speechless how brilliant my fiance is! Best christmas gift ever!
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