Saturday, August 18, 2012

mini painted for others...

Well it has been a long while since I have posted anything "hobby" wise - but my motivation has been sparked by a new project which is in the works.  While it hasn't yet gotten to "total spare time consumption" levels yet, I have been trying to put an hour or so into it at every opportunity.  Due to some factors involved, a full hour isn't always possible or the hour isn't completely filled up as I wait for things like glue & paint to dry.  Therefore to keep myself in the "hot seat" I have also been doing little bits and pieces of a fig I've been painting for arabianknight over at weeblokes.  You can see it in primered condition in this post.

He is now complete, here are a bunch of pics, sorry for one being blurry.
I've used a variety of techniques on him, the tartan shorts were done primarily with washes.  The rifle was P3 coal black with a very very light drybrushing of P3 pig iron.  The ammo was undercoated with P3 bootstrap leather before a coat of Vallejo whatever the tin colour is called, before a light wash of soft tone from army painter.  Skin was GW dwarf flesh with strong tone wash, with dwarf flesh re-applied and P3 midlund flesh as highlight.  His crazy hair had some red and blue lines followed by a couple washes with GW thraka green.

Hope you like him Sam!

My project is the main goal over the next few months, but next up on the docket of miniatures to be painted for others is a skaven warplock enginseer type fig for hakomike @ constantly risking obscurity in return for the beautifully painted harlequin he did for my spire brats gang!
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