Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diorama pics: more inspiration from dad!

This type of post went over pretty well last time, so why not a follow up? Just before Christmas when we had my folks around before our trip out west to visit the wife's family - my dad asked me about some bits to build a sailor.  He had built a small sailing boat model (not sure about those details, whether it was a kit, kit-bash or scratch-build) and needed someone to crew it.  Here's what he came up with.
Sailing to Victory!
He pilfered my empire bits tray for the pieces he needed (though somehow forgot a left arm) and so a few weeks ago while we were visiting them for dinner, I brought him along an arm to finish it up.  Just yesterday he sent me a bunch of photos and his diorama really looks great! A few more to follow.
looks like he used some modeling putty to make a vest and possibly the shorts cuffs
here he was showing off the little wristwatch he painted on
now it just needs a plaque to have the diorama name displayed
Well done dadder! I find this kind of thing really inspiring because it's not like he spends more than 10-20 minutes whenever he can spare the time, but still manages to knock out pieces like this by using the time wisely.  I often think I need to be more accountable for what I have accomplished in the hobby time I spend and this is a stark reminder I can improve!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

one little objective

Literally... Just a quick one today to rack up my first completed painting point for 2013.  I have a number of projects all ongoing at the moment, which is a little different to the usual - but that's ok. I originally built this up thinking of an old necromunda scenario where you infiltrated into a spyrer lair and it was all booby trapped!  This has a bunch of little lasers from an old epic model and then I just hacked together some electronics/power cells and hid the whole bunch behind a little piece of ruins. I used the shaft of an old power axe to act as scanner.
40mm objective
It sat in that state (primed black) for a long time, I was thinking it count also count as an objective for my space sharks, but I recently thought it might suit my raptor legion and so started painting it up and based it similar to those figures. It was fun to paint and gets me off the mark.  Although I've just noted that I haven't painted the laser barrels - better fix that now!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CCKO 2013 - result = 17/20

Weekend of January 19/20 I participated in the Capitol City Kick Off.  I brought a dwarf list because of the fabled "fuck you" dice (the symbol on the dice was actually in place of the "1" pip and was a hand flipping you the bird!) and my fears of a wood elf team being undone by 1's.  However it turned out this year that the dice maker had screwed up and the symbol was on the "6" pip.  I immediately thought I should go with the woodies roster but had been thinking about the dwarves a lot so I chose not to.  BIG MISTAKE!

This tournament was really frustrating for me.  With the amount to spend I chose to bring the deathroller just because 4 rerolls felt like overkill and I was concerned other rosters could have more "oomph" on the pitch than me.  The deathroller failed spectacularly in 4/5 games, and while taking nothing away from my opponents who all played in the range of "decent" to "very well", I could not even keep track of the number of block turnovers I suffered.  Almost all but one or two single die blocks were skulls, and I think I averaged 2 double skulls a game across the 5 games.  Perhaps it was karma for all the great luck I had when I won the Warpstone Cup - first tournament I brought these guys to.  Which sucks, but I'll still take the tournament win at this cost - lol ;)

Game 1 vs. Matt (Humans) 1-1 draw
dwarves vs. humans
This was the only match where my deathroller was good.  Had a nice stompy first half drive that went perfectly.  My big mistake was the angling of a blitz on his ball carrying catcher when he tried to switch sides.  I went from the side where if I did get a push, he would be away from my player with tackle so I actually chose not to throw the hit, then he just dodged away without needing a reroll anyways.  GRRRR

Game 2 vs. Joe (Chaos Pact) 2-1 loss
Lost the deathroller on turn 1 to an Ogre with Claw. (7 with mighty blow to break armour, and 8 to KO, losing it for the game.  Only piece on the dwarf list to not have Thick Skull ARRGGH).  If I remember correctly I had to pull some major BS to score my one touchdown.

Game 3 vs. Mike (Dark Elves) 1-1 draw
Sorry no photo for this game.  Pretty back and forth but all I can really remember is his damn assassin kept stabbing my dwarves successfully.  What the hell!

After game three, we held a skills draft.  I was less prepared for this than I was in previous years, and I think the biggest mistake was taking a +ST boost, which I gave to my runner.  It rarely influenced the game enough - probably taking guard would have been better.
the hobble crew @ skills draft
Game 4 vs. Colin (Orcs) 1-1 draw
Yeesh no photo for this game either - what gives Alex? This match was a total shoving contest.  Oh and Colin fouled the crap out of me with his sneaky git - never getting kicked out (to be fair he never managed more than a stun, but still!)

Game 5 vs. Alex (Norse) 2-1 loss
dwarves vs norse
Bit of a heartbreak this, Alex scored the winning touchdown without even using his reroll in turn 16 :( I don't remember really getting a good level of attrition at all either vs. his AV7.
apparently alexs games is the only one that mattered day two!
Sorry for the delayed post - always tougher when you have a rough time of it!
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