Monday, March 11, 2013

Canadian Open 2013 - Full Results

The Canadian Open is finished for another year.  We had a wide variety of races and having teams closer to the "rookie" level really required a large degree of focus to maintain winning ways.  The winner had to hold out for a tie in his last match despite having his player numbers quickly reduced (at least 6 players missing at one point) and crazy slippery weather making positioning extremely difficult!  Well done to Stimme!

ps. here is a link to Stimme's photos from the weekend

# Team Race Coach Score Touchdowns Casualties Paint Sport
1 The Wine Queens Norse Stimme 11 8 - 3 11 - 11 1 14
2 I Touch My Elf Pro Elf mubo 11 8 - 4 2 - 14 7 15
3 Bonerama Undead wapcaplets 10 6 - 6 12 - 5 0 14
4 Squeeeee! Skaven SpazzFist 10 10 - 6 7 - 11 0 7
5 Lords of the Pitch High Elf DarkOrk20 9 8 - 4 9 - 6 0 13
6 Lustrian Lanterns Lizardman hitonagashi 8 8 - 7 9 - 10 0 16
7 Roots Crew Wood Elf grant85 8 11 - 5 3 - 14 0 20
8 The Mile High Muff Miners Dwarf Boshka 7 7 - 6 22 - 3 0 17
9 Black Widows Dark Elf gmacd 7 7 - 7 9 - 5 0 10
10 The Verdun Vagabonds Chaos Pact Rando 6 4 - 5 4 - 9 1 18
11 Mad Cow Demise Chaos Fevin 4 5 - 8 12 - 6 0 18
12 Waagh Dis Way Orc frostmane 4 5 - 8 9 - 7 0 10
13 Alert Alien Invasion Goblin apartment42 3 3 - 12 6 - 17 3 20
14 Vardek's Vikings Norse turfchewer 0 2 - 9 8 - 7 2 17

Here are some pics of the winners receiving their trophies.
1st Place - Stimme
Alex played norse, which was the only race to have more than one coach representing them.  They got a small benefit of 1 free fan factor since the tournament is held on their turf.  Alex won his first 3 games, then tied his last 2 to finish on 11 points.  Scoring 8 touchdowns and allowing 3, while being even on the casualty count having 11 both for and against.
2nd Place - mubo
Nick played pro elves, which sat at tier 2 and gave him a bit more TV to spend on skills and made his randomly acquired skills somewhat less random.  Nick won 2 in a row, then tied vs Joes lizardmen on day one.  Day two saw him tie Alex (above), then beat Tom to finish on 11 points as well but losing out on tiebreakers to Alex. Nick scored 8 touchdowns and allowed 4 but took a beating, causing 2 casualties but taking 14 in return.
3rd Place - wapcaplets
Chris played undead, and interestingly had only 2 ghouls so he could afford a 12th player.  Chris started by getting whooped in game 1 vs. Tom, but then won his next 3 straight before only being able to tie Alex in the last game.  Chris scored 6 touchdowns and conceded 6 as well, but did well on the casualty side with 12 for and only 5 against.
Most Touchdowns - grant85
Grant played wood elves and took a ST4 wardancer, ruthless! He tied his first match, then lost to Joes lizardmen, only to get another tie against Ezzard.  On day two he was fortunate to play the lone stunty team and scored 6 touchdowns in that game alone to overtake a number of coaches with better records in the touchdown race. He finished strongly scoring 3 more in game five.  He finished with 11 touchdowns for and 5 against, and fared little better than the Nicks pro elves in the casualties department, causing 3 and taking 14.
Most Casualties - Boshka
Ezzard was the lone dwarf team to make an appearance.  He lost his first two games to Nick and Craig before pulling out a tie vs. Grants wood elves. On day two he turned it around and beat David and Alex (below) to get himself to the middle of the pack.  He also blew away everyone for casualties being fortunate to get 7 against Alex playing goblins.  He scored 7 touchdowns and gave up 6, but also caused 22 casualties and only took 3.
Stunty Champion - apartment42
Alex played goblins and (since I kinda needed my Odd Man Out to both play and play Stunty) he went all in and took a goblin roster with no trolls or pogoer.  He lost his first game but impressively won his second game vs. Davids norse. He came close to getting a tie in his third game, but luck wasn't with him.  For playing such a handicapped roster he performed very well.  He scored 3 touchdowns and had 12 scored against while casualties were 6 for, 17 against.
Wooden Spoon - turfchewer
David also played norse but seemed to have a rough time on defense. He joked that unfortunately his only win came from his Tim Hortons coffee roll up the rim!!  In certain instances it looked like he was going to hold on to wins/ties, but AV7 meant he didn't have enough players to hold the line.  He scored 2 touchdowns and conceded 9, whereas casualties were a bit closer - he caused 8 and suffered 7.
Best Team - mubo
Nicks pro elf team won the best team voting by securing fully 50% of the available votes.  A very nice looking team on some custom bases he did with green stuff.  He assures me he has a display in his future plans!
Canuck Attitude - grant85/apartment42
I setup the sportsmanship scoring where you had to use all values between 1-5 for your five opponents.  This was done to try to avoid what happens sometimes where you have half a dozen coaches with perfect sportsmanship because blood bowl coaches are the best.  It still didn't work - and two coaches had 20 of 25 available points - Grant and Alex.
Canadian Open 2013 Winner with Legacy Trophy
Finally we got a few pictures with Alex holding the Legacy trophy.  His name and race for this year will be added to it.  Alex also brought his really nice camera and between him and myself we took a lot of pictures, I will update this post with a link once he gets them uploaded.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Canadian Open 2013 - day two

Day Two begins.  Live tweets will continue!
the view from the organizers corner
We have a close race for Most TDs with 7 people all within touching distance.  Most Casualties is a bit more spread out with 4 people seriously in the running.

There's about 6 people in with a shout to get on the podium, though only 4 have serious contention for first place.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Canadian Open 2013 - running my first blood bowl tournament

Well the weekend has arrived and I am going to be running my first blood bowl tournament, woot!
1st, 2nd, 3rd, stunty, spoon, most tds, most cas, canuck attitude, best team
Here are the trophies I made for the tournament - I found some beaver models at a dollar store and sprayed them gold/silver/bronze.  We have 14 players participating, and the rule set has encouraged a lot of diversity in the races being brought.  There is only one duplicate and that's norse which isn't' surprising.

I will try to tweet lots of pictures & such, so I moved the twitter box over to the main page for the weekend.
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