Thursday, April 9, 2015

Deadzone Terrain 95% done

With a spate of warmer/dryer weather I managed to get my ruins tiles done.  Past few nights have been some assembly sessions and now this is the result.  It's a good volume of terrain for the mat and I'm quite please with how it has turned out.  You can see the flyers/posters I have glued on both inside and outside in places. I used the photos with flash as it lets you see more detail.
top down view
There is still some work to be done;

  • few more lamps and ladders need spraying platemail, washed and glued on - if you look closely you can see some lamps are painted "off" and another is "on".
  • couple more ramps and walkways need salt mask, space wolf grey - we had the temperature drop for a couple days and then mostly rain so that has been delayed - not much effort required.
  • touch ups on railings - the hazard stripes need cleaning up.
  • weather all the pieces with powders - this is the big one, I plan to wait for nicer weather as I don't want all my work getting rubbed off before the final stage
  • seal everything!

more of a side view
Getting these finished has really sparked my mind in terms of other terrain - though I will be getting brush to fig first a bit.

All in it's about 108 painting points and I have some more clutter accessories and such I can do at a later time.
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