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Orion Cup 2017 - result = 2nd place, lost 1st on tiebreakers (2/12)

Saturday June 24th I participated in a 4 game, 1 day, turncoat style blood bowl tournament in Toronto, ON.

For this years Orion Cup - Stimme decided to steal the turncoat style from a Belgian tournament and use it here. Basically it meant you had to play using your opponents team for rounds 2 and 4.

I chose to take Chaos Pact, and I borrowed a team from Stimme the organizer.
Simply because I would only need to play 2 games with them! :)
I was hoping to get a few other teams knocked off the 24 list, unfortunately played teams I've already used a lot :(

My roster was all 6 positionals, 6 marauders, 3 rerolls and 3 FF.
I gave Block to Ogre, Juggernaut on Minotaur, Dodge on Dark Elf, Wrestle on Skaven and Sure Hands on 1 of the marauders.

Game 1 - 1-1 draw vs. Brent (Me = Chaos Pact, Him = Orc)

This was Brent's first NAF tournament, he played Orcs.  (Block on Troll and 2 BOBs)
Pretty much a text book first half.  I even got a CAS against a BOB with Block and KO'd some other orcs, while he couldn't break my armour.  Finished HT up 1-0 not down any players at all.

Then in the second half my big guys and lack of block screwed me. I'd already managed to turn him over and get the ball with the Dark Elf, but the Ogre failed bonehead, and I turned over on a skull/both down or both down/both down by marauder even using a reroll.  Just needed a push to make dodging the Elf away reasonable. (3+, 3+, 2+ with dodge) rather than (4+, 4+, 3+ ,2+).

It let Brent grab the ball and even though he failed a pass action to score, I turned over on a 2 die block with reroll again and then he picked it up and walked it in.  I had 2 turns to score, but was only able to get the skaven within scoring range (I threw the goblin without the ball, unfortunately he scattered back towards the LOS and couldn't land in a tackle zone - perhaps a mistake, could have waited and thrown him last turn, but he was so aggressively positioned I knew if I had 2 guys deep, I'd be able to have a good opportunity to score)

Game 2 - 2-1 win vs. Scott (Me = his Orcs, Him = my Chaos Pact)

I was worried this tournament was taking a downward turn at the start of this game.  Scott's troll (who I was controlling) was very very stupid.  His blodging blitzer failed a dodge 2nd turn of the game & KO'd himself (never to return).  Scott then managed a single die blitz on my ball carrier, picked up the ball and scored in his second turn of the game (after kicking to me).

Then he kicked to me again, and the ball went right off to the sidelines, I surrounded it and failed a sure hands pick up, and it squirted to the worst possible square.  He blitzed a guy off and went and picked it up and ran off!!  Luckily for me, he tried a pass or hand off and it failed and it let me get ahold of the ball again.  After that I played more cautiously than I think I ever have and just ground upfield to tie at half time, then took the entirety of the second half to score a second.


Game 3 - 3-0 win vs. Robert (Me = Chaos Pact, Him = Skaven)

So back to Chaos Pact.  Robert really liked using his speed to re-deploy every turn, I was planning to slow grind anyways so it was very challenging to just keep maneuvering my cage around while freeing up my ball carrier all the time.  He never tried anything too risky, just put a tackle zone on him by blitzing a bit of the cage free - however he did leave his gutter runners too vulnerable. Anytime I had a block available that would free my ball carrier, I used that to give me a chance to blitz his gutters with either the Mino or Ogre and they spent a lot of the game in the KO box.  Scored turn 8 in the first half.

Second half, he made an aggressive push down my left hand flank, but probably set himself up for failure by leaving nobody in the backfield or around where he was planning to make a pass action. He fumbled the pass and from there I swooped in and even though I couldn't blitz his thrower off the ball, I had the area secured and then ran in with the Sure Hands marauder and grabbed the ball and dodged away.  Back to the same pattern as earlier, I kept moving my cage around in whatever way let me throw a non critical blitz with a big guy against a key player - by this time both his blitzers were out of the game, so he struggled to even safely blitz the corner away any time his Rat Ogre rolled Wild Animal (2-3 times in second half).  I scored on my turn 7.

Then rolled a blitz on the next kickoff.  I blitzed a hole and ran a marauder up and based his thrower. Ran a big guy around his LOS and tied them up.  Then he failed his first block of his turn 8, so I blitzed my guy in his end free and got him the ball and he ran it in for a bit of icing on the cake!

Game 4 - 2-1 win vs. Tim (Me = his Slann, Him = my Chaos Pact)

Game 4 and I'm undefeated - now I get to use Slann which I'd played a ton of leading up to Amorical Cup - so I was fairly confident I could at least leverage the team I had to play to my advantage. Unfortunately I felt Tim's roster left something to be desired - he took Block on both catchers where I'd really rather have had Dodge.  It cost me twice early in the game, and I had to just eat dirt right after taking the ball away from him the second time because I knew I would need the last reroll I had later on for something more important.

So we went back and forth - quite a bit of failures, however they only counted against me!  He had two CAS very early and each half caused at least 3 KOs.  His AV dice were FIRE!!!  There wasn't much I could do when needing to save that reroll for something impactful, so he ended up beating me up before handing off and taking off with his skaven.  I did manage to blitz him but rolled both down and I chose not to reroll it.  He could either choose wrestle and have a chance to pick up the ball freely next turn or take the both down and roll the dice.  He chose wrestle and then even though he did a bunch of risky stuff first, he still stood up, grabbed the ball and scored.

So he kicked to me and I ran a loose formation up the right flank.  He got a bunch of guys fronting up and protecting behind leap range so it looked tough, but I lucked out with knocking his player down and was able to run up, leap over and dodge away to score a tying touchdown - needing that reroll so it was worth it!!

Alex caught me off guard this time
Second half he kicked to me again and I just held the ball deep and let him press.  Then around the middle of the half, while I was still pretty safe, I ran a blitzer deep in his end and did two GFI to get well within scoring range.  He based him and felt that was enough and kept pushing, and then he got slanned!  I leaped and dodged my other blitzer over his LOS, and blitzed that player off my other blitzer.  Then ran and leaped my catcher into range to make a pass action, caught the ball and ran it in to score.

I kicked to him again and he failed to get the ball very far forward, so I managed to seriously tie it up and kept 2-3 tackle zones on the ball all the time - he popped it whenever I got ahold of it, but luckily it always stayed in my tackle zones so by the end of the game, I'd held him off and finished the tournament undefeated!

Unfortunately for me, even though I was tied for first place on points - I lost out to the opponent strength tiebreaker to Grant - so I finished in 2nd place.
His opponents finished 3rd, 4th, 5th & 10th whereas mine finished 5th, 8th, 9th & 10th.

Grant also poked some fun at the photo of me receiving my award :D

Also a big congrats to Grant and Alex who both completed the 24! They have played a NAF tournament with all 24 rosters! Well done you fogeys!
NAF partners for lyfe!

No more TT until Brewhouse Bash III in Waterloo - July 22nd/23rd unless the next season of our HoBBLe league starts up before then.  Any guesses as to what race I'll be playing at Brewhouse?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Amorical Cup 2017 - result = AMORICAL CUP CHAMPIONS (38/96 personally)

On the weekend of June 2nd/3rd - me and my teammates traveled down to Virginia - where the second North American Team Championship blood bowl tournament was being held, titled the Amorical Cup.

You can read up about it on the website here. Basically teams of 4 entered, each coach needing to use a different race and each race having a points value.  Your team could add up to 10 points, or if you wanted to compete for the equivalent of a "stunty" team trophy, your team had to add up to 6 points or less.  

We chose to go this route
Me: Slann (1), Stimme: Underworld (1), Genghis: Necromantic (3), Doomington: Goblins (1)

Tier D (1 point) teams could take 4 normal and 4 double skills.  Mine were as follows;

  • 2x Catcher w Dodge
  • 2x Catcher w Guard
  • Linefrog w Strip Ball
  • 2x Linefrog w Wrestle
  • Kroxigor w Block
It was held at Center Of The Universe Brewing Company in Ashland, Virginia - a great choice!
Game 1 vs Gken1 (chaos): 1-2 loss

He kicked. Stimme would have been proud.  It was a very methodical cage downfield, where I still had 3 of my 4 rerolls left when I scored turn 6. Everything was going my way in the first half - Ken couldn't take any players off the pitch, his minotaur was rolling wild animals like crazy, etc.  This probably led to me feeling the luck was on my side later in the half. He received and went down sideline. I popped the ball but got greedy and tried a pass instead of just holding out for 1-0 at HT. I fumbled the ball and it scattered out of bounds and came back in where he could pick it up and throw a pass, which he duly did needing a gfi to score.  I should have just caged over the ball and ensured as much as possible going into the second half he would need to score twice if he wanted to win.

In the second half, I kicked, he received. I popped the ball but he started taking my players off the pitch. Popped it maybe 2 more times but couldn't get ahold of it. Turn 7 desperation I blitz with my krox needing 2 dodges and 2 gfi and make them all only to roll double push on the block.  By the end of the game his mino had rolled wild animal on 5 of 6 blitzes.

More photos

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-2 draw with Gaixo aka Nate Beem the NAF Tournament Director
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 0-1 loss to Gobdomino aka Nate Ball from skulls and ones podcast.

Game 2 vs Chuckie1982 (ogres): 5-1 win

Bit of a harsh match for English Chris sometime co-conspirator of the skulls and ones podcast. He kicked and I scored on turn 3 or 4. Then I turned him over twice in the first half to go into HT at 3-0. He averaged 2 bonehead ogres per turn the entire match, the first turn alone 4 ogres went bonehead.

Second half I kicked and he scored. Then I scored again and turned him over a final time to win 5-1. His dice were ice cold, he hit me tons just couldn't make any lasting impression.  Was a great opponent kept a smile the entire time. Bought him a beer and we had some laughs

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 4-1 win
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 1-1 draw

Game 3 vs. Jim Luft (pro elves): 2-1 win

I received and unfortunately wasn't able to do much damage, although I KO'd both of his linemen with catch. I scored giving Jim 3 or 4 turns to reply in the first. Pretty sure I even got a hold of the ball again but he took down my catcher then elf'd me dodging through tackle zones 3 times to hand-off then pass to score.

In the second half I managed to score slowly pretty sure I left him less turns to score than the first half. Finally his catch linemen came back, but managed to hold him off. It's hazy now I can't recall exactly where his drive broke down.

More photos

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 1-0 win
Genghis: 1-2 loss
Doomington: 2-1 win

Game 4 vs. Kilgannon (norse): 3-1 win

Quite nervous coming up against a team full of block, was expecting to take a beating. Luckily I won the coin toss so got to receive and I got a few off the pitch early. Played well for my first TD. He got few hits each turn and I made a gap and ran a bunch of players through. I think he still managed to knock over the ball carrier but had enough around there to grab it and score.

Then came his curse of the butterfingers. I kicked to him, he won a reroll on the kick off, but elected not to use it on the pickup since the ball was pretty safe in his backfield. Unfortunately this sparked a string of 2 or 3 turns he could not pick up the ball, and it meant he had to rush things and had to pass the ball, I got an opportunity to intercept and duly rolled a 6 and that led to me scoring a second in the first half.

Now Scott had to rush it to score twice for a tie. He still had some butterfingers happening so it took about 3 turns. Then he kicked to me and I got it pretty deep in his backfield but not perfectly caged so he popped the ball but couldn't pick it up and I leaped over, grabbed it and scored to essentially seal the game.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 1-0 win
Genghis: 1-1 draw
Doomington: 1-2 loss

Game 5 vs. Manz62 (slann): 2-2 draw

This was probably both my toughest match and my best played match. Of all the other slann rosters I saw in the lead up to the tournament, I probably liked his the best.

It was probably a mistake to kick, allowing him to hit me first, even with his krox stunned by a thrown rock, he casualtied two linefrogs in the first turn forcing me to use my apo right away. I spent the entire match down players due to his dice just being on fire.

I forced him to score in turn 4 because he just didn't feel safe, so it gave me enough time to manage a late score to tie it up before half time. Unfortunately the next kick off was a riot so he got an extra turn to score, which he duly did once I failed my leap into his cage. He then also got a blitz when I had setup for a very unlikely OTT attempt.

So going into second half I wasn't feeling good about what was happening, but one thing about Slann is you never give up. So once again I got plenty of targets deep and some had to be left standing. I freed them up and I used diving catch to my advantage to keep it to a short pass attempt, leaving Manu a bit shocked. So 2-2 with 3 turns left for him to tie it up and again I left him uncomfortable enough he tried to make the ball extra secure, by handing off to a catcher inside a sideline cage with 2 guarders. Unfortunately for him it was the wrong move and he dropped the ball. I knocked down one of the catchers and KOd him. Left 2 tackle zones on the ball, however 1 was already in an opponents tackle zone. He knocked them away but failed the pickup with no rerolls and gave me the tie.
Definitely tough on Manu having been in control of the game for pretty much the entire time, but no small credit to me for just sticking with it.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-1 win
Genghis: 1-1 draw
Doomington: 2-0 win

Game 6 vs. flyingdingle (wood elf): 1-4 loss

This was a rough one for me. Wasn't a terrible dicing but just failures at crucial opportunities. At 1-1 in the first half receiving  again I threw a pass and fumbled it. Allowing Sol to recover and score. I should have had a reroll left but had earlier taken an opportunity to get a good hit on a wardancer with 3 dice from my krox. Unfortunately didn't do anything, definitely an emotional reroll.
Second half I did fail quite a bit which was frustrating, but I'd had my share of luck too, so sometimes you have to take it on the chin. Sol got 3-1 up and twice I couldn't manage a consolation and he rounded it out with a final TD to really rub my nose in it.

Other teammates results;
Stimme: 2-0 win
Genghis: 2-1 win
Doomington: 1-1 draw

Final Team Standings
So at the end of the day - we beat out Bryan Tew's Rocky Mountain Renegades team by 1 POINT to secure the Amorical Cup Championship for 2017.  Thanks in large part to Alex (Stimme) going 5 wins 1 draw and coming in first (unfortunately he had to leave immediately after his game to catch his flight - which then was delayed so he could easily have stuck around) but we all finished .500 or greater and if we hadn't of finished first, we would have won the All-Amorical Cup trophy (for a 6 point team)
Genghis, Stimme (not pictured), natsirtdm, Doomington (aka Birdhat)
Stimme's 1st place trophy (minus Stimme)
Also as a whole the Canucks did very well - finishing 1st, 3rd (Furious Four - they took the All Amorical trophy from us in a share the wealth thing, Joe Byers placed 2nd), 5th (Rapide et Dangereux from Quebec), 8th (Grand River Rollers), and 11th (Blame Canada) ALL in the top half of teams.

Here's the Canadian contingent.

and everyone!

thanks to the organizers for a great event!
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