Saturday, April 28, 2012

Astronomi-mini-con: preparation

Just a quick post up for now, today my buddy Mike ( ran a small tournament in preparation for this years Astronomi-con.  Astro last year was a blast and I was looking forward to it this year, but unfortunately it has fallen on the same date as Zlurpeebowl this year to which I have already committed.

Regardless Mike's mini-tournament (full details here) would be a fun day of 40K on some tables of amazing terrain with good people, so I was still planning to go.  The compromise I made was to just run a very similar list to last year, since my Space Sharks would need a lot of painting to get 1,500 points painted - whereas I wrote up a list for my Novamarines that swapped out the FW special character I used at last years Astronomi-con and swapped in a dreadnought (already painted) and 2 more drop pods (which I needed to paint)
regular and dreadnought drop pods
So over the past few days I got these drop pods painted up so I could run a fully painted army.  Definitely one of the best things about astro is the amazing armies and I didn't want to be running any grey plastic.  This was another nice chunk of this army painted, just leaving some assault terminators, some extra special/heavy weapons choices, some scouts and a second land speeder storm to reach what I expect the limit of this army to be.  It's nearly 75% completely painted now and I have made some major updates to the army page (including painting chart) so check it out!

I will put up a little series of short battle reports from Astronomi-mini-con in the next couple days - I am completely bagged right now but I just wanted to claim the 20 painting points for completing these two vehicles!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A winner is me!

I did make a little note of this at the bottom of my Challenge of Q'ermitt 2012 tournament report, but as it is probably pretty easy to miss I decided it's worthy of a short post on it's own.  I arrived home on Sunday to find out that I'd won the "250th post + 4 years" giveaway over at Mordian 7th.

This meant I'd won a brand spanking new Storm Raven, which is perfect as I have bought one for my Flesh Tearers so far, but needed a second.

So to that effect I'd like to thank Joel of Mordian 7th, firstly for producing such an excellent blog that has inspired for years and second for his amazing generosity.

I'd also like to thank Forge World for producing the Storm Eagle, which convinced Joel he didn't need this Storm Raven - lol!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Challenge of Q'ermitt 2012, Result = best ever (2 day) tournament result!

You can find the rulespack for Challenge of Q'ermitt HERE.  I'm bothering to link it because every pitch has it's own special rules so to make sense of some of the reports, you may want to download it.

My final starting roster was;
Snow Troll - mighty blow
2x Ulfwereners - block
2x Berserkers - 1 guard, 1 unskilled
Thrower - leader
Runner - dodge
4x Lineman
2 Rerolls

Day 1
Game 1 vs. Greg 
Me vs. Greg on the Mordheim pitch
Greg had dwarves - it was his first time playing dwarves and my first time playing norse!  We played on the Mordheim pitch.

I received the kick, first turn of the game I casualtied a dwarf blocker, but he retaliated by AG busting my snow troll - d'oh!  I used Boomerette to great effect this game, constantly knocking down his dwarves (I only failed to affect 1 dwarf once, and the 1 time it could've affected my own player Greg rolled a 3!) taking my time to work my way downfield and score late.  I kicked to Greg for his turn 8 and unfortunately rolled a Get it off me! kick-off result, which saw one of my players (closest to sidelines) get dragged off the pitch by a giant tentacle!

Greg chose to play for the draw once he saw how the first couple turns of the second half played out.  He did a solid dwarf grind and scored on his turn 8, leaving me with a chance for a OTT, until for the kick-ff he rolled Witch Hunters! which seemed pretty pointless - the only difference from a Pitch Invasion is you don't get to add FAME, you are placed prone instead of stunned and the coach who rolls highest get's to roll the dice for both teams.

Game ended 1-1 tie, with 1-3 CAS to Greg. My FF went up, and I received 40K in winnings.

Game 2 vs. Eric
Me vs. Eric on the Chaos Dwarf pitch
Eric was playing high elves - I lucked out here as I guess the CAS different meant I was the person with a tie playing a person with a loss!  I had 2 journeymen for this game which meant I was stuck with only 11 players - this meant no matter what I was starting the 2nd half with only 10 players since Boomerette is a secret weapon. We played on the Chaos Dwarf pitch which meant it costs an extra point of MV to stand up due to how riddled the pitch is with craters, etc.

I won +2 FAME and Eric won the coin toss, he elected to receive and I believe the kick-off result was Fire in the hole! - ironic because I already had a bombardier on the pitch but with +2 FAME I won the roll and one of his players (randomly selected) was hit with a bomb, KO'ing a catcher immediately!  Eric aggressively tried to score quickly (probably hoping to get my secret weapon kicked out early) but it unfortunately didn't go his way, it just left his ball carrier too exposed.  I think he may also have been confused as it was his blitzers who had both block/dodge, while his catchers (as the one carrying the ball) had only block.  I gained possession and then because I had Boomerette had to be sure to stall this half to get the most out of her.  Between that, crowd surfs and just a bunch of block/frenzy, Eric only had 4 players to start the 2nd half.  I scored on turn 8 with my unskilled berserker (neting me an improvement roll).

At which point he had to kick to me!  It wasn't too hard to keep his 4 players knocked down, so I hurried and scored with a lineman.  He got another KO back, so for the next drive setup with 5 players, but I still had an overwhelming numbers advantage and won the ball back, scoring again with the same lineman to ensure an improvement roll.  There was 1 final turn for Eric to attempt to even up the casualties, but unfortunately I rolled a Volcanic Eruption! kick-off result, which didn't harm anyone but by delaying the game d3 turns effectively ended the game.

Final score was 3-0 win, with 2-0 CAS to me.  My berserker skilled up and I chose Mighty Blow.  I also got a lineman skilled up and I chose Tackle.  My FF went up again and I picked up 80K for winnings (yay +2 FAME) so I purchased a 2nd runner.

Game 3 vs. Alex
Alex vs. Me on the Necrotic Fairy Tale pitch
I was now on the top table, playing Alex with his amazons (with Roxanna Darknail!) and we played on the Necrotic Fairy Tale pitch. Alex had 2 wins under his belt - I was in for a tough matchup.  None of this pitches special rules came into play unless you rolled that kick-off result, which never happened so it was probably the closest thing to a normal game of blood bowl I had all weekend.

Once again I won +2 FAME (second game in a row) and this time I won the coin toss electing to receive, the kick-off was nothing out of the ordinary - I think it was quick snap.  My bash game started a bit slow, and I had to be really careful with the ball due to Roxanna - so I just kept my thrower back and tried to do some damage.  Alex did the best out of anyone so far at keeping Boomerette occupied so I couldn't just toss bombs all the time.  I did KO my own berserker with one bomb, but as I knocked down 4 of his players with one getting KO'd it wasn't the end of the world.  Then all of a sudden around turn 4, my dice got super hot and by the end of my drive I had ST busted one of his players and killed 2 others outright! (Would've been 3 kills, but he apothecaried one blitzer with guard to the ST bust).  There were some nervy moments as I was attempting to keep Roxanna on the ground with fouls near the LOS, but in his turn 7, he got up, dodged/leaped out of the surrounding players and knocked down my ball carrier, but fortune favoured me and I managed to pickup the ball and score on turn 8.  He tried to retaliate with some damage on his turn 8 but couldn't.

Now I had to kick to him in the second half and try to stop him from scoring.  He got the ball with Roxanna and despite my best attempts was able to keep her standing and holding the ball.  He caused a Badly Hurt CAS during his drive but I retaliated with another DEATH! Total of 3 deaths & 1 ST bust for this game.  I did put enough pressure on him that he had to score early and it gave me an opportunity to score a winning TD.  Unfortunately as I got close I needed to pass instead of hand off and my thrower (who was poor at passing all tournament) fumbled the ball and gave Alex the tie.

Final score was 1-1 tie, with 4-1 CAS to me.  My berserker with Guard skilled up and I selected Stand Firm, my FF went up and I received 60K in winnings.

Day 2
Game 4 vs. Peter
Me vs. Pete on the Norse pitch
Start of day 2 saw me facing off against Peter and his vampires on the Norse pitch (yea, home field advantage!).  Pete had Count Luthor, 2 vampires with block & dodge and had just purchased a rookie vampire.

Again I got +2 FAME (3rd game in a row!!) and the weather was Strong Winds with the scatter direction directly to Pete's right/my left.  He won the coin toss and chose to receive.  The kick-off result was changing weather and the Strong Winds turned into a Blizzard - meaning GFI failed on 1 or 2 and only quick or short passes could be attempted.  Pete got off to an unfortunate start, failing his first bloodlust (badly hurting a thrall) and needing to burn a reroll on turn 1.  This continued on turn 2, failing a bloodlust (stunning a thrall) and needing to spend another reroll.  On turn 3 he finally didn't fail a bloodlust but he then had to use his last reroll.  All 3 rerolls gone by turn 3.  He also made a crucial mistake - thinking with a player preventing a straight push I couldn't crowd surf his ball carrier - but he forgot due to the square away from the end zone, any frenzier would have a chance to get in between them.  So a vampire got crowdsurfed (badly hurt) and when the ball was thrown back in his other vampire failed to catch it.  I surrounded the ball and even though he was able to retrieve it, I'd been causing so much damage to his thralls and another vampire that he was already losing the war of attrition quite badly.  He got the ball into Count Luthor's hands but I surrounded him and managed to get the ball off him.  I kept him on the ground through fouls and I also killed one of his skilled vampires outright but he managed to regenerate him.  I scored on the last turn of the first half with my thrower (I had no rerolls left so it was too risky to attempt to get the SPP with another piece)

For the second half, Pete kicked to me, and rolled a Trial of Manhood kick-off result, with a norse hooligan running onto the pitch from his end zone.  I worked my way forwards quickly since he only had 4 players to work with, which meant the hooligan blitzed me instead of one of Pete's players, but I made sure it was an Ulfwerener so the block dice choice was in my hands and all he got was a push.  I kept the pressure on his vampires but was unable to hurt Count Luthor at all (whoever kills star players in this tournament get's a little tombstone trophy with that star players' name on it) so I scored quickly with my new runner.  Setup and kicked to Pete who now had 5 players, but I rolled a Wrath of Koli kick-off result and Pete lost the die roll and 3 of his 5 players started the drive stunned!  With just 2 pieces available it was pretty easy to knock the ball loose and score again with the same runner to ensure an upgrade.  I had 2 turns to try to score one more time, and the opportunity presented itself but my thrower again contrived to mess things up and fumbled the ball again (second game in a row, 1 reroll 1 - though with my luck so far it was hard to complain!)

Final score was 3-0 win, with 4-0 CAS to me.  I gave my second runner dodge as well, my FF went up and I received 90K in winnings (best you can ever get!) and with game 5 being the final game I spent as much as I could, buying an extra reroll and an extra lineman.

Game 5 vs. Rob
Rob vs. Me on the Goblin Swamp pitch
In the final game, I was sitting in 4th place - with 2 wins, 2 ties at 8 points and I played Rob who was in 2nd place (he had 3 wins, 1 loss but had already played Alex who was in 1st with 3 wins, 1 tie) while Laurent (also 3 wins, 1 loss) in 3rd played Alex.  Rob was playing dwarves and we played on the Goblin Swamp pitch - with which Rob has some unfortunate history from previous years.  The rules are that crocodiles can only come out of a plank section (which leaves the LOS clear of holes that players can be pushed into, since it is an island) but his opponent (Laurent) didn't notice so there were holes on the LOS which he kept pushing Robs players into (this was years ago).  So due to this I made sure to read the rules closely - which meant I felt obliged to point out that there are NO refs on the pitch, which basically meant Rob got to keep his deathroller for the entire game.  OUCH! (I got to keep Boomerette too, but still!)

I won the FAME, I thought I got +2 for the 4th time when Rob rolled snake eyes, but I missed by 1 or 2.  The weather was nice and Rob won the coin toss, choosing to receive.  So in trying to mess with Rob, I called out for a Croc Attack! kick-off result and got it!  Unfortunately the croc attacked MY Ulfwerener and was KO'd, leaving a hole in my side of the pitch.  Rob worked at a pretty standard dwarf grind, while I actually tried to do little to stop him while I worked at knocking down and fouling or bombing the deathroller.  I got close with a 10 armour roll once, but never much more than that.  He stalled near the end and took until his turn 8 to score.  My dice were definitely not hot in this game, failing lots of rolls of just about every type.  My only consolation was everytime Rob knocked one of my players down, the absolute best he got was a KO - until the last turn when he CAS'd my other Ulfwerener, but I used my apothecary and since 1 of the results was badly hurt he went back into my reserves.  He had also racked up 3 KO's to go with my Ulfwerener by the end of his drive.  My dice stayed cool and I rolled 1 of 4 KOs back, but by starting with 14 players I still had enough to attempt a OTT.  Rob rolled another Croc Attack! kick-off result and of course it KO'd another of my players - my thrower. Then my blitzer failed to dodge out of a tackle zone after the first hit of my turn 8 so that attempt was done quickly.

For the 2nd half, his kick-off result was Aaargh! My foot! and one of his players started prone.  I had again failed to roll more than 1 KO back (my thrower so at least I had my leader back) so I decided I had to play for the tie, and kept my thrower with the ball way back in my end until I was ready to go for a score.  A lot of my turns ended quickly due to lack of players and being stuck with 1 die blocks, but late I got a chance when my berserker rolled 2 die uphill vs his runner and got double kapow, then dodged away from his blitzer and was stood within scoring range.  Here's where I made the most crucial mistake of my entire tournament - a real learning experience which will hopefully stick with me and make me focus more.  I was throwing a long bomb with my thrower so the result might not have changed much, but I should have ensured he at least did not get a chance to intercept, because he rolled a 6 and intercepted my pass, allowing him to score a 2nd touchdown in the last turn of the game.  Over the last 2 turns I did get 2 CAS to even up that stat, but the extra touchdown gave him both the tournament overall win, as well as most TDs (yes, with dwarves, the one skaven player had a bad tournament overall, he only had 10 and this gave Rob 11 and Eric with high elves ended up with the spoon - again).

Final score was 0-2 loss, with 2-2 CAS.  I ended up in 5th place out of 16 - which for a 2 day tournament (ie. more than 4 games) is my best ever performance (both just in terms of actual ranking - I have scored 6th before) but also in comparing the # of players (this put me in top 32% of players and my previous best there was 7 of 18, which is top 39%).

I thought I had a chance for better with the tie, but after learning the other results - as soon as this game was not a win, 5th was the highest I could have gotten.  If I had won, I would have taken 2nd (first if the top table had tied) but either a tie or a loss put me in 5th as Mark won 4th with 3 wins, 2 losses.

Congratulations to all the winners, you can check out the final results here.  Challenge of Q'ermitt is always a fun tournament as there is so much crazyness going on anything can happen.

ps. As I headed home, with a mixture of elation at doing so well and a bit of frustration at the error that gave Rob the tournament (he most definitely still could've won - not sure about the other tiebreakers, but the second TD guaranteed it) I happened to be browsing through my blogroll, when I noticed that I had won a free Storm Raven from the talented (and generous) Joel of Mordian 7th. A very nice way to end the day!  Cheers to Joel and his blog is a highly recommended read!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenge of Q'ermitt 2012 + promised star player

Just a quick post today, sorry it has taken so long but this week has been stupid busy.  Here is the star player I promised - a female version of Boomer Eziasson, the dwarf bombardier.  Norse teams can take Boomer, so I needed a version for my Ganja Girls as they are termed when played as norse.  This is a dwarven cheerleader with her beer stein converted to a giant grenade, and a hammer removed from the other hand.  Paint job is pretty similar to all the rest of the team, which means currently they are pretty much just basecoated.  I hope to have time to spruce them up a bit before Zlurpeebowl.
boomerette eziasson
I'll also run down my list for Q'ermitt - quickly the rules are 1,250TV with up to 150 spent on skills.  It's a league style format, so you gain cash, SPP and injuries count (hence my apothecary).  You can purchase star players as part of your team and if you do, they don't have the "Loner" skill (sweet!).  Any player with purchased skill(s) starts with the appropriate SPP and star players start with a predetermined value based on the piece (for Boomer it's 16 SPP) and YES, star players can gain further skill upgrades!  

So my list is;

Yeti with Mighty Blow
2 Ulfwereners/Dryads with Block
2 Berserkers, one with Guard
Thrower with Leader
Runner with Dodge
4 Lino's
2 Rerolls

I decided on bringing Boomerette (or is Boomeretta better/betta? lol) because;

  1. it's only 10K more than a standard norse lineman.
  2. comes with Block so not losing any skill the lineman would have.
  3. also has AV9 + thick skull, so worst case a line-scrub who can take a beating better than the norse line-scrubs.
  4. adds a whole new element with the bombs (also, has accurate which means except for a long bomb, only fumbles on a 1 - when all you want to do is land near opponents, who cares if it's inaccurate!)
Wish me luck, hopefully I can buy an extra reroll and/or another runner quickly!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new blood bowl team.. a team of many guises

Just a quick pic for now.  I have more work to do as well as a star player that isn't even primed yet that needs to be ready for saturday (technically friday night) for the upcoming Challenge of Q'ermitt tournament. It's a league style tournament with cash, SPP and injuries/deaths carrying on, so the roster is much more challenging to develop than usual.

This is the black widows team from Impact Miniatures.  I have enough figs and positional pieces that this team could be played as amazons, humans, norse and even wood elves.  Most frequently they will be used as amazons or norse.  Amazons don't really need anything special, just enough positionals (though I have a figure for Bertha Bigfist, Zara the Slayer and Roxanna Darknail).  Norse require a yeti (female snow troll was a perfect choice once I decided on the reggae theme - with the dreads) as well as 2 ulfwereners (using the dryads - they are a bit skinny so hopefully the 30mm base helps convey ST4) and I have a converted star player I will post up about once I have a bit of paint on her.

Monday, April 16, 2012

the flip side of the coin (Canadian Open 2012)

Just to show everyone that what nuffle gives, nuffle also takes away, I need to put up a post about the Canadian Open 2012.  I brought my dark elves to this tournament due to playing them in the NaBBLe league, but managed to continue my poor showing with them at tournaments (so poor in fact I am now the worst dark elf coach in Canada by NAF ranking!)

I thought about bringing a new team to this tournament, but decided last minute to bring what I have been playing recently.  To be fair, I don't think the ruleset was very favourable for elf teams (hence me being the only one?) 5 additional skills (one can be a double) meant little to my very expensive team, all of whom really need some upgrades to shine.

My record over two days was 2 ties, 3 losses.  My dice weren't great, though I think I gave myself too much to do in several matches.  I managed to avoid the wooden spoon thanks to tiebreakers only...  whew!  My consolation is I was never blown out in any games, I always managed to keep it close, with a bit more fortune 1 loss could've been a tie, 1 loss could've been a win and 1 tie could've been a win - but it wasn't to be.

Day 1
Game 1 vs. Colin's skaven
First block of the game, double skulls..  OH oh, at this point I was thinking "today's gonna be tough, hopefully tomorrow should even it out.." - didn't quite work out that way!!  I failed a not so risky play - but without much in the way of protection, and it cost me, giving Colin an early TD.  This was the game where a bit of luck (catching a handoff, 2+) could've made this a tie.  Key word "could" - I was trying to stall out so Colin still would've had a chance to stop my score, though he would've had to mark two players before blitzing my runner (to protect against dump off).  In the end Colin won 2-1.

Game 2 vs. Alex's vampires
Alex brought vampires as the TO's were trying to avoid taking home prizes.  His build wasn't really that difficult to play though, as he only took 2 vamps, had 14 thralls AND he had the halfling master chef, so was overflowing in rerolls while his opponents usually had none.  Alex is a strong player as well and he ended up in second place - which speaks to both his skill but also that maybe his team wasn't as weak as it might look on paper.  He thought I played too agressively, but I felt that was my only chance - I couldn't stall because I had no rerolls for a last turn score and it kinda fed right into his hands.  I didn't feel I had much chance of winning this game, I couldn't pull off elfy plays much without rerolls (though I did score once!) and there was no chance of trying to win a battle of attrition so again lost a match 2-1.

Game 3 vs. Christian's orcs
Christian is the NaBBLe commish, and we discussed our teams at length during drives to/from league games.  He does play a bit riskier style than the standard orc cage, which while entertaining definitely can hurt you in tournament play.  With a bit of luck I could've turned this one into a win, but a couple times failed passes or catches put the kibosh on that.  To be honest not a lot went Christian's way this match either so a 1-1 tie was a fair result.

Day 2
Game 4 vs. Laurent's ogres
Laurent was the other TO and his team was definitely more suitable to not taking home prizes.  I am super super dissapointed with this result, as I played really really well, at one point having 5 of his 6 ogres off the pitch!! (Fouling FTW!!).  Unfortunately since I had nobody with tackle, I was super nervous about just shoving his snotling with the ball late in the second half (while we were tied 1-1) so I attempted to surround him near the sideline so I could crowdsurf him to ensure getting the ball (well except for double skulls).  As it happened I needed to push one square with a lineman to surround him and failed the "go for it" 1, reroll, 1.  He then dodged 4 times without failing once to score the winning touchdown (giving him his only tournament win, grrrr.) and making me feel really silly for not just taking a 2 die blitz with reroll hoping for one open star or both down. Lost 2-1 and probably should have won 2-1.

Game 5 vs. Gord's norse
Final game of the tournament and whoever lost this would be guaranteed the spoon! So of course we drew 2-2 (game with most TDs for me all tournament) with the game going back and forth and me tying the game late on in the second half.  The wooden spoon therefore came down to tiebreakers.  This is where keeping it close mattered, as Christian had beaten Gord 3-0 (go risky orc play!) and the TD difference gave him the spoon over me.. lucky!  Thanks Christian!

Probably my worst tournament performance ever (first time I have not had at least 1 win) and a very frustrating weekend overall, hence it took me a while to put this report together - but it needed to be done.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Witch King's Cauldron results

The playoffs for the first season of the new NaBBLe league were played out today.

The Semis
The first was between 1st seed (me) with my Karond Kar Raiders and 4th seed (Tyler - actually placed 5th, but 4th place couldn't attend the playoffs) with his Warpstone Stealers - harbouring his dreaded OTT gutter runner Kritsskabak - who won league MVP (most SPP), league top scorer (most TD) as well as most hated (by coaches voting), he gained a free Pro skill, a free Fend skill and a free Fan Favourite skill.  Due to being named most hated, he has a bounty of 100K on his head!

From my first kick off roll of Pitch Invasion (subsequently stunning 5 of his players to my 2 - including Kritsskabak.  I took advantage to try and foul him out (we played in Naggaroth which meant as long as you break armour - doubles don't get you kicked out + any casualty counts for SPP) things went my way.  I didn't manage to do anything to Kritsskabak until KO'ing him in the second half - and Tyler did score an early touchdown due to my focus on the league MVP.  I ground out the rest of the first half and scored on my last turn. In the second half, I received the kickoff and drew his players in by keeping the ball in my end.  Once they were all spread out (well and 2 dead, and several KO'd - including Kritsskabak) I pushed my ball carrier forward and blocked off his return path to hold out until turn 8 to score, giving him 1 turn.  Fortunately for me, he failed to get more than 1 gutter runner back from the KO box and he only had 7 of his 16 players available, making it pretty difficult for him to tie it up.  The kickoff result was brilliant coaching so he had no benefit of an additional turn, giving me a pass into the finals with a 2-1 win (4-1 CAS).

The second was 2nd seed (Alex) with his Bilgewater Brawlers  vs. 3rd seed (Chris) with his Innsmouth Invaders.  They met twice during the regular season, with Chris winning once and the other game ending as a draw. Apparently a tight game, where any time an advantage was gained, it was quickly torn away (how fickle nuffle is...) - Alex managed to even out the head to head match up with a close fought 1-0 win, putting him into the finals with me, and relegating Chris to the 3rd place match vs. Tyler.

The Finals
The finals saw me face off vs. Alex and his Lizardmen.  I was again very fortunate that Chris had armour busted his Kroxigor and thus a very important piece was missing from Alex's team for the final game.  He had 400K inducements and took a dirty trick, 2 bloodweiser babes, and a wizard (he had 4 rerolls in his base team)

Early I was able to put pressure on the ball, and it traded possession for the first four turns of the first half.  Around the 5th turn I managed to get a witch elf away from the scrum carrying the football, when Alex had another spell of misfortune, when he managed to roll a 1 for his wizards lightning bolt.  This combined with my focusing on his skinks (and any saurus unfortunate to be stuck on the ground during my turn) meant he rarely had enough players to really make an impact on the game.

Second half I received the ball, and just maintained my space while slowly whittling away his few players left (he started the 2nd half with 5 saurus and 1 skink - and finished it with 2 saurus) scoring on turn 8 to avoid giving him a chance to roll his KO's back for much of the game - holding out for a 2-0 win and taking the Witch King's Cauldron.  Therefore my Karond Kar Raiders will be touring the olde world for next season as season 1 champions (dynasties are boring!!) and I plan to bring my Jawbreakers "counts as" Slann for season 2.  Finished the season 10 / 1 / 1 and am really happy with this season - wish me luck in season 2!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

blood bowl <=> warhammer quest

While I was rooting through one of my many boxes full of miniatures - looking for the prize to award for best "painted" goblin in the GHAG contest over at Merry Mayhem News - I came across a couple old 2nd edition blood bowl humans.  At this point I remembered something about a warhammer quest character in one of the citadel journals that was a blood bowl player.  I went and looked it up and all the equipment he has is a "spiked shoulder pad" - which both of these models have.  I will definitely paint one of them up to be that character, but am undecided which one I should use.
So please help me out and use the voting panel on the right, and select either the "blocker" (top) or "chucker" (bottom) that you think I should use as the blood bowl player warhammer quest character.  This won't be a rush but it will mean I leave him sitting on the painting desk for those times where I am sick of whatever batch work I am in the middle of.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Final day for GHAG voting

Today is the final day to vote for the best goblin/best painted out of the GHAG contest over at Merry Mayhem News.  Doesn't need to be just about painting, conversions, theme, etc. can all influence your vote.

Please, even if you hate blood bowl (blasphemy!!), hate goblins (kinda understandable) or hate painting competitions (why?) - head on over to THIS LINK and use the voting poll on the left.

blood bowl events coming up...

This weekend coming up on April 15th I will be participating in the NaBBLe season 1 playoffs.  I have already earned the Seasonal Award for First Place/Best Coach - going 8 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss through the regular season.  This seeds me vs. 4th place and gives my Karond Kar Raiders a free +2 FF as well as a temporary additional reroll to use throughout the playoffs.

I have been a bit lazy about updating the blog with my games, but if you are interested, you can check out my games here. Some of them have cool write ups and some don't.  I will definitely post up about the playoffs.  My goal is (obviously) to win both games, but also while doing so, would like to get SPP on a couple particular pieces - my runner is 3 away from his next upgrade & a blitzer is 3 away from his third upgrade.  I believe the commish has plans that the playoffs winning team will take a season off, as they "tour the olde world" - and if that happens to be me, getting those pieces their next upgrade would (IMO) give the Raiders the required level of ability to compete with teams that have gone through two seasons (this is looking forward to season three!)

Big props to Christian the commish, he has run several leagues before but I think he has done a brilliant job of keeping this league fun & exciting, without letting it get bogged down.  10 regular season games is just enough I think and the playoff format is enticing.  Well done!

Next weekend, April 21/22 is the Challenge of Q'ermitt tournament for 2012.  I have finally gotten the spark of motivation to work on a team I have owned for a couple years now that could count as amazons, humans, norse or even woodies.  I want to bring this team to Zlurpeebowl this year & since Q'ermitt allows star players (as does Zlurpeebowl) I figured it would be a good testing ground.  I am basically planning to take the exact same roster - except with the extra 50k you get for team build at Q'ermitt, I am taking an apothecary - since Q'ermitt is league rules and dead is DEAD.

The tournament organizer has wanted some special swag for his tournament for a couple years (last years was cancelled due to losing the venue) and it's come in for this year.  This pic isn't mine, these belong to wapcaplets who had the genius idea of using crayons to fill in the engraving to make them more legible.  I do think I might use black on the yellow "sunny" marker but other than that these look the bee's knees! (haha, see what I did there?)
L to R: blizzard, pouring rain, nice, very sunny, sweltering heat
This post is meant to start getting me posting on the blog again.  While I have been pretty active with gaming and even modeling/painting so far this year the blog has been languishing.  I will get some pics up soon of my new team along with the full roster I plan to bring to these tournaments.

Let there be blood (bowl)!
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