Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 year end.. random-ness.

Well it's been a while since I posted. I have been working on stuff - however I had planned to wait until after sealing most of it to post up pics. Unfortunately there was a mistake when I booked the hobby room and instead of getting it last weekend - I have to wait until January 8th :\

I have mostly been painting little things. I finished up my Pit Fighter for warhammer quest, I painted up a Scum and a couple beastmaster rats for necromunda, as well as getting a 40K objective (oil drums) painted up. I also got 5 bowmen painted up for my Mordheim warband - as we've started a Mordheim campaign at Heavy Support Games - I am super pumped about finally getting to play some Mordheim. Also have been getting stuff ready to prime (though still failed on the Warg Riders).

I also got a few more necromunda models ready (minus sealing) to use by giving them a light "wash" with a wood stain. This includes a Telekinetic Wyrd and a Goliath Juve (will use with genestealer cult or as hired gun) that my brother painted. I used the stain on the Scummer as well - but he counts as painting points.

I have a bunch of pics from some necromunda games I never got around to posting - and probably won't because I don't remember much of the game anymore, and I'll be waiting until the New Year to post pics of what I have painted recently since (at least the wood stain dipped models) look way too shiny without the matt sealer.

I also found some christmas spirit and gave away a bunch of old junker models to some folks who would put it to use. One is a couple tactical squads of 2nd edition marines to a kids 40K club (will definitely post when I get some pics of what they have painted) and the other is some really junky marines and some cardstock templates to a family whose son is interested, but can't afford to really get him much (and definitely not drop $100+ dollars without knowing if he's interested).

Overall it's been a busy december - but not as busy hobby wise as I'd like. With the hobby room booked and *confirmed* for early january I hope to get a good start to 2010. I've completed 215 of my 250 point goal - 86%.

Goals for 2010;
* Complete 250 painting points
* Get my Orcs & Goblins to a useful level - fully painted (at least 1,500)
* Get my Space Sharks to a useful level - fully painted (at least 1,500)
* Build a collection of Space Hulk maps for my travel space hulk.
* Play LOTS!
* Paint a mini a week, see our local groups blog - Weekly Minis.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 1: Tristan - Pyromaniac Wyrd (necromunda)

Here is my mini I plan to paint first week of January. My thoughts for this blog are to get one-off's painted, such a hired guns for necromunda or mordheim, characters for warhammer quest, etc. I think I've got enough single mini's to take me into March so that should hopefully give me enough time to grab some more for later in the year.
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