Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Tale of 2HD Gamers - pt1

Recently found a new hobby store in my old 'hood - just as I was starting to do up my AoBR marines a Grey Knight in the area sponsored a 'Tale of 4 Gamers" style competition.

The first months' entries happened during a 40k mini-tournament - I placed 3rd in the tournament and tied for the lead in the Tale of 2HD Gamers with 7 points. I'm in bold.

Month 1 scoring / Current standings;
7 Thomas - fully painted, 2 games (tourney), 1 win, Best painted
7 Tristan - fully painted, 2 games (tourney), 1 win, 1 objective
5 Ken - fully painted, 2 games (tourney)
4 Josh - fully painted, 1 game
3 Ian - fully painted

For reference (Grey Knight)
5 Karl - fully painted, 1 game, 1 win

Unfortunately no pics from this day.
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