Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 in review & 2016 goals

I did really well for hobby this year.  My year end totals for painting points destroyed my target of 100 with a final total of 271.  In a large part this was helped by the huge points gained for the necromunda stackable terrain - I'm not sure those points are entirely fair, considering the textured spray does a lot of the work, but then I think about all the bits of painting I did for the "metal" components, and time assembling, etc. and I think maybe there was plenty of effort, it just involved less painting.

Regardless, even discounting those points, I managed to break 100 points with painting (and the bash board) alone clocking in at 111 points, so still feel pretty pumped.  I am not going to adjust the target from 100 for next year - it will be a busy one in RL so no need to set myself up for failure.  I am debating making that "painting" only to try and motivate more about the pile of unpainted figures than starting new terrain projects that I've gotten pretty good at doing with minimal effort.

Summary of my 2015

I started the year finishing up a batch of 4 deadzone marauders to give myself enough painted for a strike force, space marines could proxy for enforcers and genestealers for plague so it gave me more options to have some games with buddies.

Then finished a fun old blood bowl figure to use as one of the citadel journal warhammer quest characters "ex-blood bowl player"

I finished painting and assembling my deadzone scenery - I haven't even collected the points for most of it because I do still need to add the weathering powders, but it was a fair amount of effort and I'm very pleased with it.

I built a custom brewhouse bash board to donate to my buddy Grant to use in his Brewhouse Bowl blood bowl tournament.

Was loving the krylon "make it stone" textured sprays, so I used the spare MDF from the bash board to base my old school cardstock and bulkhead "imperial firebase" terrain piece.

Once I'd decided to wait on trying to offload more space marine stuff, I got some more of my Raptor Legion painted up (some scouts and some corsairs)

Found the inspiration for stackable terrain and ended up building an entire necromunda tables worth of scenery quickly - this got donated to a buddy.

Finally got a start on some ravenwing because I got the display board laser cut.  Painted up a squad and some black knights and a couple characters. Squad 1 + Techmarine.  Black Knights + Chaplain.

Pretty large break for the end of the year and finally got a bunch of my blood bowl ganja girls team painted in preparation for Amazon challenge with Grant next year.

Plans for 2016

Going to try to leave this a bit loose - do what my heart fancies :)

  • Do weathering powders on my deadzone terrain so it is complete.
  • Definitely want to get another blood bowl team painted.  I have my human team practically complete bar the ogre and they have been sitting around too long.
  • Finish? the Ravenwing - perhaps only up to 1500 points in time for Astronomi-con.  Only been once before and no idea if I would enjoy a 40k tournament with how little of it I play, but I've enjoyed the ravenwing and they seem decently competitive and I have a display base already. The fact it's in Toronto means I could participate more easily.
  • Deadzone or Necromunda?  I have a few Marauders left that could be finished up, then pick something else to begin working on.
  • I would also really like to get my battle systems sci-fi scenery assembled, it looks fantastic and I feel would make for great deadzone or necromunda games.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ganja Girls additional reinforcements

Final painting points for 2015.  I finished these up Weds night and epoxied them to their bases so had to wait to take pics.  Ended up being that I just painted up the treewoman and the prone/stunned markers.  Will make a separate year end/looking forward post with my thoughts on painting this year.
for use when playing as wood elves
5 for the treewoman and 1 each for the markers is 7 more painting points. I would have preferred to have painted the model for bertha bigfist seeing as how I'll be using the team as Amazons but I haven't been able to find it.
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