Friday, March 21, 2014

more deadzone terrain acccessories

Just a quick one today - finished the painting part on the last set of deadzone terrain accessories. Technically they still need weathering powders but those take so long I'm going to save up a bunch of terrain to do all at once.
Started by priming with cheap krylon spray "ruddy brown", then an extremely light drybrush with P3 pig iron, followed by a thinned devlan mud wash. Then I applied the decals which I think I took from an old epic titans decal sheet. Finally I used a bit of foam to sponge apply some damage with vallejo tin.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

deadzone miniatures review - part 2

Quick part two review of the deadzone figures. Assembling the second batch of marauders I've come upon a few more issues. The first is this guy - the captain. I'm not sure exactly what's the matter, but if the ammo box he's standing on is flat, then his right foot is way up in the air. I think I read about some other folks having this problem but I can't find it and thus can't note their solution. His whole body is one piece so warming it up and bending it probably won't do much. I will state that the body was very good for mold lines, but I am probably gonna have to use a little piece of something under his right foot.

Second issue was I think a casting one. I had done some minor converting to this guy to swap heads with the other duplicated commando figure to add a bit of variety. Then as I was clipping off his base, his entire right leg just popped off. There must have been some bubble or casting inconsistency as I didn't do anything different to the other figures I removed the base from.  In the third pic down you can see how clean the snap is and how there appears some colour striations which makes me think it wasn't as solid as usual.

Thankfully I found the leg so hopefully a bit of epoxy and liquid green stuff will fix this guy up.

If I place the two pieces together they don't match perfectly - further supporting my thoughts.

So once again these are not the best miniatures in the world, but for the price which was not Reaper Bones cheap but pretty close I'd say they are still a good step above. Still frustrating to deal with but at least they come out with decent detail.
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