Friday, March 30, 2012

even more Space Hulk Terminator goodness...

Here is one of several things I've had on the go in the past little while.  These will get sent along to Ricalope to get painted up along with the 2 dreadnoughts I'd posted previously and 6 more jump pack death company.  That will fill up a KR multicase box (1 of 3 planned) and will hopefully mean I get these guys back this year.

These 3 will round out the 2 painted "assault" terminators to give me a full squad.
TH/SS #2
LCs #2
TH/SS #3
Here's my cyclone missile launcher conversion, so I have all heavy options.  He can easily proxy as either an additional heavy flamer or assault cannon in Space Hulk.

I decided to build this guy as a captain for Space Hulk purposes. He's armed with storm bolter, power fist, power sword and an auxiliary grenade launcher.  I gave him the iron halo and some extra detailing as well to make him look special.

Here's my chaplain conversion.  I wanted one of every character type in terminator armour and basing them on Space Hulk terminators would ensure they fit in well.  His crozius arcanum is from an old dreadnought banner pole.

Finally the sanguinary priest, armed with a power sword and with a narthecium conversion based on the chainfist model.  I added a small screw bit, as well as using some metal pieces to fill in a tube from the rhino smoke launchers to create a needle.

and they will be joining their brethren soon...  can't wait to have my Space Hulk termies back to play some games!  Had a game recently against my brother and filled in with some Novamarines but am really looking forward to playing with these guys.
L to R: sb/pf, sb/cf, th/ss, ac/pf, sb/pf
L to R: sb/pf, sb/ps, sb/pf
L to R: hf/pf, lc/lc, sb/pf

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Stuff Day + 350th post contest!

350 posts!!  For some it might not be much (**cough** Mik **cough**) but for me it's a pretty big achievement - so best to celebrate it in style!!  Another contest is in order!!

Since today is also "Old Stuff Day" (© Warhammer 39,999) I figured why not roll the two together.

The prize for this contest will be a signed (by the artist, not me) copy of my Xmas gift, a blood bowl piece.
torne bane flaming ears vs. jawbreakers

The rules are simple.
  1. Be a follower of GWpertinent.
  2. Create a post linking to your favourite post of mine from the past (hence the "old stuff") on your blog with a little blurb on why it's your favourite.  Link to your post in the comments of this post.
  3. Profit???
Note: unfortunately I need to disqualify anyone who is associated with Merry Mayhem News for obvious conflict of interest type reasons.  I am also going to say that if you have entered the "Give him a Goblin" contest over there, and you happen to win THIS contest (which ends sooner) I will be removing your entry from the raffle for the GHAG grand prize (though you could still win the coupon).

Have your entries posted by Friday March 9th, the winner will be announced Monday March 12th.

Good luck!!

Well I'm not sure if I just posted this at the wrong time or what..  Am slightly surprised it's been over a day and nobody is interested in putting up a post with a link.  I am going to mandate a minimum of 5 entries just so someone can't throw up a post on Friday and be the only entrant and win automatically.
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