Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vacation Time!!!

I'm off to jolly old England and bella Roma with the better half for two weeks! Miniatures are officially banned, but I've got three Black Library books and the two latest White Dwarfs to tide me over. A shame I'm nowhere near completing my travel space hulk.

Later gamers!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Konflict Terrain or "I need to change my pants"

Recently I was like a kid waiting for christmas in anticipation of this package arriving. It was some custom made terrain my good friend Rick made for me (I found out he goes by Konflict Terrain, email him if you're interested, he also has a photo gallery) I'd asked for some futuristic necromunda/hive terrain. He came through in SPADES. I should let the pics do the talking but I can't help myself, he's done such an amazing job. It's absolutely perfect for necromunda - there are buildings of all sorts, bridges, piles of refuse, even spare foamcore bases. Perfect for the randomness of necromunda. I love all the little details like graffiti and posters.

Got our new digital camera so I got some nicer pics (IMO at least, still figuring it out). I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to recommend Rick, as he's always been exceptional to deal with - and is just an all around nice guy.

ps. YES those are LEDs lighting up the pump (sump?) house. MUHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
everything in it's glory
random shots

the details


Sunday, September 20, 2009

WHQ - new character painted

I've been finding it enjoyable to just take a single miniature lately and get it painted. I picked the Witch Hunter to do next for Warhammer Quest as it was simple - one sculpt, no super glue or pinning required. I decided to paint him in mostly neutral colours, to try and make him look somber and serious. I used some limited red to try and enhance this effect (do you think it worked?). I also tried to do some basic object lighting coming from the torch, hopefully you can see it in the pictures.

ps. Hopefully these are the last of the lower quality pics as I'm picking up a new digicam for our trip to Europe next week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New LGS - Heavy Support Games

Checked out a new hobby store that opened up on the Queensway this afternoon, Heavy Support Games. I missed their grand opening last week through pure laziness and also a desire to save $$ (figured skipping the opening day deals was a good idea)

I played a quick game of Space Hulk with the owner Matt. Mission 3, as 'stealers and got smoked, though I managed to take down his TH termie pretty quickly.

Then I got a big 1,850 game in against a nice guy named Greg. We had some time so he actually took a battle report. It was table edges, seize ground with 5 objectives. We tied because I forgot he had a squad in his razorback, and should've contested the objective with my predator. Was such an amazing game, all kinds of crazy stuff happened. To be honest I'd say luck was definitely more on my side. I'll get the batrep up here soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random necromunda pics

My "new" laptop at work has bluetooth so I've been able to pull some pics off my cell phone. They aren't the greatest quality, but I have several pics of the various necromunda setups we've had going at Two Headed Dragon over the past few months. I think the biggest thing I've learned about necromunda terrain is to make it random - if you check out the pics you can see we've combined the card scenery that comes with the box set in strange ways, which always resulted in a better looking table.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eversor (+1pp)

I had primed this eversor to use up the last of a can of black undercoat. Really didn't have any idea how to paint him, until I decided to go with a scheme similar to the Spyrers I recently finished. Used elf grey and white drybrush over black, then I painted some parts mithril silver before using two washes of leviathan purple (my other assassin model wasn't painted by me, but is purple as well). I decided to base him the same as my novamarines, it tied closest to necromunda as I could see myself proxying this guy as a third malcadon in the Spyrer gang should I feel so inclined, or maybe the patriarch.

04/24/2014 EDIT
Some FOLDIO lightbox pics

more mordheim pics

Here's some pics of my second mordheim warband. They are essentially some of my brother's old 4th edition saurus & skinks, with a few character models I have managed to hang onto, including a kroxigor and saurus champion (have two arm options, may need to magnetize)

skink priest (std bearer), 2 skink champions, 1 chameleon skink, 1 saurus champion, 1 kroxigor



first mordheim warband pics

Took some pics of one of my Mordheim warbands today (Talabheim, so I could use various warbands). I put these guys together to test out painting techniques for bone cloth (my human blood bowl team will be painted similarly, halved instead of quartered red/bone) and they could probably use a wash of devlan mud or maybe paint on some dip. At this point I think I've decided to dip the blood bowl team anyways, so I might as well test the one I have on these guys as it's probably too dark.

Decidedly tabletop quality paint job. The bases are really what make them look decent. I started off with 2 each of crossbows, halberds, handguns, spears and swords. After a few games, I realized I preferred the spears over halberds and crossbows over handguns. So I built 3 more of each, figuring at least I can use the halberds/handguns if I end up getting some for free. I've also drilled holes in arms and backs and I have about 17 shields and a crossbow/handgun on pins to customize their equipment a little. I should've been more careful about the heads as I would probably never equip ranged troops with helmets, but oh well.

Then I put together a couple heroes and a marksmen armed with a long rifle (not that I ever see myself affording the 200gp monster, but I figured the box came with a long rifle so I might as well build one)
I've got models for 5 archers (plastic brets I can convert), a metal halberdier, 2 metal handgunners (all three gifted to me), a captain with pistol and metal sword and a couple spare bodies I might just make a couple more swordsmen out of - maybe with two swords each. That should give me an excellent selection of units, now to find some willing opponents!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First "Complete" project!! Spyrers

I've been quite busy recently, to be fair it's mostly been partying so I can't really complain. However I've managed to finish up my Spyrers I'd been painting at 2HD. Brought them home to finish up the details. I put complete in quotes because I'm not considering building a matriarch or patriarch models, but you know how it goes.. you never know!

Without further ado.. the pics. I used some different techniques on these minis. Let me know what you think. (ps. I'm still ahead of the game, 72.4% of points complete in 68.8% of days used)

Norah the Jakara

Ferdinand and Reginald the Malcadons

Gilbert the Orrus

Maximilian the Yeld
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