Saturday, October 31, 2009

Necromunda batrep 3

Here's the pics from my first game with Mike this afternoon. He decided upon reflection he really needed to try and rescue the ganger I captured (both because he needed gangers and to not give me a free kill towards a vow). I was fortunate for my # of defenders roll and got 4 Spyrers to defend. I left the Maximillian the yeld off as reinforcements since he has the most experience.

On a side note, being a nice guy - Mike has gifted me a couple jakara and a couple pairs of yeld wings. I'm already converting the duplicate model to be a yeld with a laspistol in place of her sword and a pair of the wings. Thanks Mike!!!

I basically setup with all my spyrers below the trussed up captive. We forgot to try the treacherous conditions table again until the second game (will post later).

Spyrer deploymentDelaques providing covering fire
Delaques sneaking up
Spyrers are fortunate with randomized movement. We forgot to randomize facing.
Delaque with head wound stands around doing nothing for a turn.
The delaques advance, 2 using hip shooting

Delaques charge Reginald. The first guy ties on combat score, the second gets 5 hits, of which 4 wound. "Save that!" says Mike...
Reginald takes one down - one to go.
Ferdinand goes to hide by captive, Norah & Gilbert each mince a Delaque (including the leader), the Delaques bottle. The captive is killed so I'm back up to 3 kills by game 3.
The Spyrers have been getting excellent boosts, though I think next time I start a Spyrer gang, Mike will have a better handle on how to deal with them. I think one more afternoon of gaming will have given plenty of play-testing of Anthony Case's Spyrer rules and then we might restart with new gangs. I'll probably try out my Escher while I get a couple more Spyrer's painted (to them test out a different house or two) while Mike is planning to try Anthony's new house weapon rules. Hopefully we can get another person or two to start playing with us on a semi-frequent basis.

Necromunda batrep 2

About to have my buddy Mike over for some more Necromunda action so I figured I better get the pics posted from our second game last weekend.

The second game was a rescue mission since I had captured two members of his gang. I setup my lone Malcadon on the top of the highest piece of terrain guarding the two captives. With fortunate ease the delaques managed to swarm the landing, two freeing the captives and two engaging Reginald. The captives flee as Spyrer reinforcements arrive, but the Delaque team bottles. A new delaque is captured (lol!)

Delaque heavies deploying low
Starting position of captured gangers and MalcadonDelaques advance
Delaques charge the guarding Malcadon
Delaques fleeing from retrieving their captured buddies
Spyrer reinforcements arrive

Friday, October 30, 2009

Shrike... but not Shrike

I just finished up my Raptors version of Shrike. Just the plain Shrike model painted in my Raptors scheme. I didn't really lavish attention on him as the whole raptors 'washes' paint scheme is more speed over quality. This model also wasn't the best cast - There were some big gaps around the power connector of his right lightning claw, and I think that a whole little piece of detail is missing under his right arm. I won him as part of winning the Tale of 2HD Gamers at Two Headed Dragon.
The only thing I really did other than the paint job was the decals. Standard army badge on the left leg, and I found a yellow winged claw with a tiny S rune in the wing on a sheet of chaos decals. You can just see it in the leftmost pic.

It's nice getting to play with the SM named characters and using the various chapter tactics. Shrike is the third special character I've used. My Novamarines includes a 'counts as' Telion & Tigurius. Using Shrike has whet my appetite for some assault terminators. Also making me think about painting another special character. I have a Cassius conversion for my Space Sharks and a Pedro Kantor model (with 15 Crimson Fists painted already) available. NO. Must focus on wargs. Arrrggh. Oh and I just realized I haven't written on his purity seals at all, better do that now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TINY TERMIES or .. travel space hulk... status update

I've got everything assembled except for converting the librarian and lightning claw terminators, and creating the blips/counters, at which point Phase 1 will be complete and I could actually play a game. Hopefully this week I can get the blips & counters done, then I need to create a mini binder to keep copies of the rules/maps in (as well as obviously paint the models) and I'd love to get some nice colour print outs of maps to use.

Took some pics of the conversions I've done so far, and the dark realm miniatures vampire beasts I'm using as the 'stealers. The termies I'm just going to touch up the colours they were already painted. Probably something very simple for the 'stealers - like dheneb stone, one other colour and a wash.

tiny termie close-ups
sgt w power sword (plastic card for sword)
sgt w thunder hammer/storm shield (plastic card for shield and file piece of sprue for hammer)

assault cannon (end of a pin)
heavy flamer (dollops of glue)
chainfist (just sliver of sprue)

and here's a pic of the vampire beasts from dark realm miniatures.
my two "broodlords" on the left (tentacle gribbly) and "stealers" on the right (mandible gribby)

New Project.. Travel Space Hulk... entering Phase 1

I received a package from Dark Realm Miniatures yesterday. It was a couple orders of their Vampire Beasts. I'm going to use these guys as genestealers for building a set of travel space hulk (you can also find a better version in Firebase Issue 8). I had 3 stands of terminators so I'm basically full steam ahead on this now that I've found some gribblies to represent the 'stealers. They come with 20 of the mandible version and 5 of the tentacle version. The tentacle version looks a little bigger so I'm going to use that as my broodlord (a little different paint scheme to make it easy as well). I got enough to keep a spare broodlord and 3 spare 'stealers and I still have 23 mixed remaining I plan to gift to a friend who's a big space hulk fan.
I started getting them stuck to magnet sheet last night. I used superglue as well to make sure they don't come off. Been a long time since I've painted anything this small, but I figure 2 colours and a devlan mud wash will do them proud.
I also started conversions of the various terminator armaments to go with space hulk. I've gotten what's required for the two standard squads done (assault cannon, chainfist, heavy flamer, power sword, thunder hammer/storm shield) I'll get some pics up tonight, hopefully after I finish doing up a lightning claw model and the librarian.
Phase 1: models/counters assembled (essentially playable)
Phase 2: models painted
Phase 3: colour map print outs & mini rulebook/mission book (plan is to get a mini binder so I can continue to add missions)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Necromunda batrep

Had my buddy Mike over for a couple games of necromunda yesterday. Been itching to try out my new Konflict Terrain. The table's only about 3 ft across, so we played the length, had more scenery just nowhere to put it. Maybe next time I'll get out my gaming board (only downside is it's green) but it would give us a 4' x 4' table easily.

Table SetupI've played a recent campaign with my spyrers and they got beat up pretty badly, and got nowhere near completing their vow (10 kills). I also found some of the weapon rules really awkward. In browsing the net I came across Anthony Case's necromunda site. I like how he's simplified the weapons rules, and made different noble houses to add some variety to the gang. He also just didn't boost them all over, in most cases they are all WS3/BS3 to start. Also of particular note is the underdog rule where they don't get bonus exp for being the underdog. To get a little further with playtesting, I'm just tracking towards each vow to see how easy/hard they are.

Turn 1 - Spyrers
No shooting this turn as the Spyrers rush forwards relying mostly on long range and to hit modifiers to keep them safe.
Turn 1 - Delaque
The delaques leader group advances the furthest towards the centre of the board, the midrange group advances under cover of a building and the long range group goes on overwatch.
Turn 2 - Spyrers
Making excellent use of cover, the spyrers advance without incurring many overwatch shots, both malcadons within charge range.
Turn 2 - Delaque
The delaque leader group hustles into cover while the midrange & long range group sets overwatch.
Turn 3 - Spyrers
Spyrer shooting is ineffectual, the malcadons make fortuitous use of their web spinners to charge outside of the midrange groups overwatch fire arc. Both malcadons take a delaque ganger 'out of action'
Turn 3 - Delaque
The sneaky delaque leader orders his men to fire into hand to hand! A rain of shots does nothing except take down Ferdinand's opponent! Meanwhile the delaque shotgunner with reduced WS from and old injury manages to taken down Reginald! Ferdinand ensures the juve with two pistols is out of action and follows up into the shotgun delaques. Both gangs start bottle tests next turn.
Turn 4 - Spyrers
Norah the jakara braves a withering hail of heavy stubber rounds to charge a delaque ganger, promptly scrags him and follows up into cover. Ferdinand minces the shotgun delaques and does likewise.
Turn 4 - Delaque
The delaque leader and a juve charge Ferdinand. The juve takes Ferdinand down and the leader pats him on the back.
Turn 5 - Spyrers
With both malcadons down, there are only three surviving spyrers, Norah & Maximillian the Yeld try to get the delaque heavy caught in a crossfire. Gilbert the orrus is finally getting close enough to start shooting at the delaques.
Turn 5 - Delaque
The delaque heavy tries and fails to shoot down Maximillian with his shotgun. The rest of the delaques pour fire into the oncoming Gilbert, with the leader causing a flesh wound & pinning him with his bolt pistol.
Turn 6 - Spyrers
Maximillian continues to fire without result at the delaque heavy, while Gilbert rushes forwards to try to take on the final group of delaques.
Turn 6 - Delaques
In the delaques turn the leader and juve charge Gilbert. Gilbert takes down the juve, but even with his massive T5, the leader manages to take him OOA. Turn 7 starts and the spyrers fail their bottle test.

The game ends with the delaques winning, but having 10 guys 00A - while the spyrers lose with 3 guys OOA. Reginald nearly dies, but his serious injury re-roll results in multiple injuries as well, including impressive scars and blinded in one eye. The other spyrers recover. Two of the delaque gang are killed outright, another two are captured (we played the rescue mission, I'll get those pics up soon) and a few get fingers blown off, head wounds and old battle wounds. Four of the five spyrers get an advance as do four of the delaques. With so many injuries Mike can only send one ganger to work territories and gets a measly 15 creds.
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