Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 18: Tristan - Cowboy

Well hopefully this gets me back on track. My last post was more than 5 weeks ago just before a local blood bowl tournament when I finished up (nearly) the rest of my orc blood bowl team. While that gave me some motivation to finish them up, it sadly didn't live long. As soon as I got my dark elf blood bowl team back from my friend Thomas all painted, it let me off the hook in terms of getting a team ready for the next tournament. I had hoped this would mean I would jump back into painting for the fun of it, but it didn't really work out that way.....

Until - I found Dave's "Mini Painting for Free" blog. The premise here is that Dave was struggling with motivation, so he decided to paint other people's mini's for free, in the hopes that it would at least curtail his own spending on models that would sit on the shelf. It hasn't stopped his spending 100%, but it does seem to be working fairly well. I decided I was going to send Dave a couple figs of mine to paint, but I also thought I would give a go at painting one or two of his figs, to try and spark my own motivation.

It has worked to a degree, first of all the motivation is definitely there to paint when you owe it to someone else (just ask Thomas ;-) ) and secondly while I haven't started painting batches of guys yet - I have started painting some more of my individual figs. I decided to focus on getting Dave's done since I'm off to Jamaica tomorrow and have yet to send him mine. This way that week won't be in vain - Dave will get one of his figs back and mine will go along for the ride so he can begin painting them. Without further ado...

I distinctly remember telling Dave when we were figuring out the swap that I didn't care what figs he sent "hell send me a cowboy if you like" since I hoped a change might do me some good, and sure enough a cowboy was in the package he sent. I will be sending him an old genestealer patriarch and one of my harlequins (I've decided to get various people to paint up my few harly's so they all should have their own "touch" - if any of you guys are interested, let me know!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commissionned Dark Elf blood bowl team.

I just wanted to quickly post up some pics of my Dark Elf blood bowl team (the Karond Kar Raiders) who've been painted up by my friend Thomas who games at Two Headed Dragon. I like how they aren't your typical black dark elves but are still obviously evil.
I will likely bring these guys to the next NAF blood bowl tournament I go to, giving me lots of time to get a team painted for the one after that! LOL
Still have a couple star players I decided to put together at the last second, but they won't be critical so no rush. Also check out the two conversions I made for my other blitzers (one is a cold one rider whose legs I pinned into a running pose, the other is an old Melnibonean model whose head I replaced with a cold one knight's head.
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