Friday, August 26, 2011

Badab Veterans Update: 8/26/2011

Until John is settled in London sometime in September I will post up any updates (related to Badab War - I don't have time for every blog post on all those blogs!) from his Badab Veterans list.

If you want to get on this list, please check out the page on John's blog, The Fallen Princes: Badab Veterans.

daKINGSsays: WarGames Con Narrative Tract Review: PART 1
daKINGSsays: WarGames Con Narrative Tract Review: PART 2

Lamenters 40k: Big Bird

Zen 40,000: From the Tables

Fourth Company Librarium: Executioners Tactica: Part 2: Firepower
Fourth Company Librarium: Executioners Tactica: Part 3: Assault Terminators

Spaaaaccee Shaaarrrkkks!: Apothecary WIP

Jack rocks out 8 new posts in less than 2 weeks! (However I think you can drop "Red Scorpions" from the titles bro!)
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions Tactical Squad Completed
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions Razorback Completed Pics
Red's Corps: Nearly complete army picture on display board
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions Ironclad Completed Pics
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions Scouts Completed
Red's Corps: 1750pts on the display board. Picture!
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions Assault Terminators Pictures
Red's Corps: Red Scorpions on the GW whats new today blog
Red Scorpions First Company: Brother Aslan takes shape

Badab War Journal: STAR PHANTOMS Terminator Squad

Badab War in Cambridge: Gk / Army parade display board / EXORCISTS

XIV Legion: Badab War: What to do?!

For Holy Terra: More 'Ard Boyz list mulling

Sons of the Grail: Sons of Medusa: Update II

That's it for now, I will make these updates every Friday so the next list will be a little more relevant/recent.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sentinel Squadron - what to do?

Well something a little off the beaten path today - I've had this squadron of sentinels for a while now, they came in a big batch of IG/SOB that I've pretty much traded/sold the rest away.  I've kept these guys as I'd envisioned using them as part of a small arbites 40K army (large arbites necromunda gang???)

With our plans to sell our current condo to buy a larger house, I'm currently packing away anything I know won't be used in the next 6 months or so.  Then I got to these bad boys.  It didn't take much work on my part to fix them up to the current (next tabletop worthy) condition, some decals and re-paint is about it.  They need their bases re-done as well.
1st squadron - armed w multi-lasers
My quandary is what to do with them?  To be honest I started to prefer a different colour for the arbites than all black (I particularly like a P3 paint called coal black and am thinking of using that for body armour and a white helmet scheme).  These guys would be too difficult to fix up to that standard.  I am debating between selling/trading them, or putting them up on ebay but with proceeds going to a charity - since the paint job is really pretty basic and I don't expect people would value them much - EXCEPT perhaps if the money was going to charity.  Let me know what you guys think - would you put in a decent bid on ebay for these guys knowing the money was going to a good cause?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Space Hulk - first "squad" done

Well, due to finishing up a couple Space Shark rhino chassis over the weekend I don't feel too bad about Ric pumping out ANOTHER Flesh Tearers update. The latest two include a standard tactical terminator and the assault cannon armed heavy as well.  This is the third terminator update, the first one had a single terminator, the second had the thunder hammer/storm shield and the chainfist. However I would definitely recommend you check out Rics update because...
love the attention to detail - like the gem in the middle of his chest aquila
He's recently built himself a nice lightbox, so his pictures are much nicer and how off a lot more detail.  I'm not sure I would've been able to see the faded hazard stripes he put on these bases (which I think will blend in perfectly with the champs industries bases used for the guys in power armour)
this guy looks badass, check out the faded hazard stripes on the base!
As usual the OSL on all the power weapons is fantastic and I love the attention to detail, these guys are shaping up great, Ric has already received the second box of stuff from me (death company, a second LR Crusader and the rest of the assault squad) and I hope to get him a final box a bit later this year.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally finished something...

all three together - initial one (3) on left and latest two (6, 9) on the right
Sweet!!  A combination of seeing G.N.O.M.E.s painted space shark rhinos and being put to shame by Ricalope has spurred me to finish my second and third magnetized rhino chassis to complete something and gain a huge 20 painting points.  Fortunately they were pretty much 90% done, so it didn't take too much effort.  A few decals needed to be applied, the teeth and decal areas fixed up and the banners for the rhino doors completed.  You may notice I used my second TLLC razorback turret on the original chassis (#3).

chassis 6 configured as a predator
This is probably the first time I took some close ups of the additional magnetized bits.  They have been painted for a while but until I finished the chassis I wasn't too chuffed about showing off just a predator sponson.  Up next I want to build a couple LasPlas turrets, do a proper heavy bolter turret (I have one I hacked together similar to but not as nice as the TLLC) and I have another predator turret (need another set of sponsons) and I also have a couple whirlwind turrets.

chassis 9 configured as a vindicator with extra armour
I am still on the fence about whether they should be worth some painting points, especially the vindicator bits since they are almost 3 sides of a rhino.  I still have more bits to paint, a dozer blade that is half done, I obviously need more "blank" hatches, more searchlights and H/K missiles.  Since I am on the fence I will wait before awarding anything other than the 10 painting points for each chassis, and it let me post about it sooner rather than later :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Half followup + Twitter feed feedback wanted

Well I found it isn't very easy/quick to port over a bunch of twitter posts into one blogger post.  I definitely need to do some more testing.  Would really appreciate any feedback on what you liked/didn't from the First Half recap.  I had to stop doing the twitter updates so we could finish the game at a reasonable time.  Big thanks to Chris aka @wapcaplets for being a willing guinea pig for this experiment.

As for the second half, it looked more like a game of 7's, but I began to break Chris' armour more frequently.
However missing my leader ghoul meant I only had one reroll.  I ended up wasting it on double skulls by my block mummy only to roll double skulls again.  Unfortunately for Chris that was about the limit of my poor luck, able to score late on - then "call" a much needed blitz so he couldn't one turn score (note to self: remember to talk to your dice!)

Also would appreciate feedback on the live twitter aspect, like the "pre-game" buildup, etc.  Basically what I did was move my twitter feed up above the blog posts so it was larger and renamed the widget to the current game.  Pretty neat I thought and something a little different to my usual blood bowl reports.
countdown to game time!
end of first half highlights
So what do you think?

First Half recap! (first airing - sorry for the delay)

Unfortunately the test didn't work with a really long post.  I put together the entire first half post using Bloggeroid and it just wouldn't upload.  This is what I was trying to post, it's really just a summary of the twitter/photo updates.  What do you think of it?  Is it interesting/worthwhile?

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl early scrum as the underworld take advantage of a touchback kickoff."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl warpstone troll KOs a zombie."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl mummy KOs a skaven linerat."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl wrestle ghoul impales himself on the skaven throwers tail (aka double skulls + gets killed) #whutupshun"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl followed by a two head goblin failing a 2+ dodge for the touchdown #whutupshun"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl undead take over possession and spread play to left flank. frenzy wight casualties a goblin."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl leader ghoul makes a break for it."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl skaven thrower with block fails the go for it on his blitz action."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl leader ghoul blitzes his way free to score the first touchdown of the game!!"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl the skaven pull some razzle dazzle in the sunshine to pull off a great passing play ready for the gobbo throw."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl sneaky two head goblin scores a quick underworld touchdown. tie game, game on! #WHUTUPSHUN"

Pre-game recap!

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl vs. @wapcaplets tonight, inaugural chaos cup prep match and dual blogging test. #merrymayhem #gwpertinent"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl undead team arrives at dawn to prepare for the upcoming game #summittbowl2 vs @wapcaplets underworld team."

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl coach @wapcaplets' team "the great pumpkins" arrives for #summittbowl2. #WHUTUPSHUN"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl #undead roster; mummy*2/block/piling on, wight*2/frenzy/guard, ghouls*4/block/wrestle/sure hands/leader, zombie/guard, zombie*2"

"natsirtdm: #bloodbowl #the great pumpkins" #underworld roster; troll/block, blitzer/guard*2, thrower/block*2, goblin/two heads*2, goblin*2"

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow, I really need to get something painted!!!

Wow, I really need to get something painted - Ric is kicking my ass!  Here's an update post he's done with more pics of the next few pieces he's finished painting. He's finished up a couple more of my converted Space Hulk Terminators.  Gotta say they look pretty BOSS! His painting style is simple but extremely effective.  My hat's off to Ric he's doing a great job on these guys - and quickly too! So much so I've gotten a second package of Flesh Tearers ready to be shipped out.


The OSL is definitely a sweet touch, especially loving that chainfist! I can't get over how bad ass it looks! Hazard stripes + OSL ftw!

love that chainfist!
I have a couple things on the painting table right now, but I think I am going to have to pull out the two space shark rhinos that are 95% done just so I can finish something and have a post which is about models that I ACTUALLY PAINTED.  There hasn't been any posts about my figs since JUNE!
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