Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orclahoma Bowl 2012

Just wanted to bring to your attention a new Blood Bowl tournament happening in Oklahoma next January.  I met the tournament organizers Scott (@fatfinley on twitter) and Steve (@kilowog2814) at the Chaos Cup this year.  Very chill couple of guys who are involved with a podcast called Couch Pirate Radio (check out their recent Jam Session for some rather delayed Chaos Cup review!).
This will be their first tournament and from what I gathered the first blood bowl tournament ever in Oklahoma, so even though unfortunately it's a little far for me to attend, I wanted to support them by purchasing some dice and pimping their shit!  Check out the wicked website Scott has put together at!

Everywhere should have a blood bowl tournament within reasonable travel distance, so if you are in the area - get out there and support these guys.  The tournament is only TEN BUCKS if you pre-register and is only a 1 day tournament so it's pretty accessible even for coaches new to the blood bowl tournament scene.  The Chaos Cup was the first tournament for these guys but from checking out the rule pack they have clearly learned a lot and Orclahoma Bowl looks like it's going to be a blast!!

Some really cool points about the rules pack for Orclahoma Bowl
  • Love the weather combinations (obviously a homage to the local weather) I also always like seeing ALL tables being similarly affected by the weather.
  • Any team being able to buy greenskin star players is pretty thematic, I also like the highlander rule that could see teams counting on certain powerful star players being down a player if they come up against another team doing the same (I see this happening possibly with Ripper, a S6 troll without Really Stupid is a great thing!)
  • Save the Crom!
Finally, here's a pic of the cool dice!

Monday, November 7, 2011

blingtoof's gitbash - a fouling I will go!

The inaugural blingtoof's gitbash is in the books and I fully succeeded (and I mean FULLY) in winning the "Best Fouler" award.  I will save the details for further down the post but suffice to say that while second fouler had nearly triple the fouling points that third fouler had, he was still over 40 (yes FORTY) points behind me. MUHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
"Best Fouler" trophy - bag of rats with chain
Game 1 was vs Tyler and his Orc team.  There are some pics below. Unfortunately for him he left his thrower too exposed early after receiving the kick and I managed to (after fouling for that turn of course) blitz his thrower down and steal the ball.  I stalled for a turn but by then a lot of his players were off the pitch so I scored to get more back on (to foul - lol).  He very nearly started the game without taking an upgrade package but I made sure he did, that would have just been unfair.  So he gave one blitzer +AG and someone +AV I think. In the second half I stalled too long and he caught my ghoul, then managed to work his way up the pitch to score.  To be honest I wasn't too upset as I didn't really want to be winning all my games.  

Game ended in a 1-1 tie and I garnered 24 (TWENTY FOUR) fouling points (6 stun, 5 KO, 2 CAS from fouls)

Game 2 was vs Chris (the tournament organizer) and his underworld.  We all got a normal skill to give to a goblin and a normal skill for anyone.  I gave my Fan Favourite goblin Sure Feet and my Leader mummy Grab. Chris got a quick 2-0 lead built up, and was really smart about avoiding my fouling.  I did foul out a fair number of his guys including his pumpkin troll (see pics 2 & 3 from below).  From there I caught up with two quick touchdowns of my own, but towards the end of the game he was looking pretty sure to get a third and I just took advantage of the proximity of his players to foul more!

Game 2 ended in a 3-2 loss and I scored 22 (TWENTY TWO) fouling points (2 stun, 4 KO, 3 CAS from fouls)

Game 3 was vs. Robert and his Orc team (there must have been at least four orc teams out of fourteen coaches).  We again got two normal skills to distribute so I gave Sure Feet to my goblin with Sneaky Git and Guard to a wight. He had a pretty standard non-troll orc team and he was the eventual wooden spoon recipient.  I tried to help Rob out a bit as he was obviously new to the game, so I showed him a bit about how to line up blocks so if you only get pushes you can block with another player, etc.  I had a lot of trouble knocking down his Orcs (he had a lot of Block) and so suffered my lowest fouling points game in the tournament.

Game ended 2-0 win and I scored 15 (only fifteen? :-( ) fouling points (5 stun, 3 KO, 1 CAS from fouls)

So I ended day one with a respectable 1 win / 1 loss / 1 tie (especially considering how frequently I ignored the ball!) and a massive 61 (yes, SIXTY ONE) fouling points.  The next highest had 40. I found out my next opponent was a chaos pact team so I was looking forward to fouling a bunch of goblins and skaven! 

Game 4 was vs. Mark D and his chaos pact team. I gave my last skeleton Dirty Player and last goblin Sneaky Git.  He quickly went up 2-0 but my fouling began to take it's toll.  I totally ignored the ball for the entire game, and it led to a hilarious conclusion in the final turns of the second half.  Marks ogre had kept blitzing towards the ball in my end while I was fouling the rest of his team near the scrimmage line.  He managed to get the ogre to pick up the ball and all the way to the end zone. Then he called it - "watch now he's going to go bonehead on the end zone line" and of course - nuffle works with no mystery at all.  3 boneheads in a row gave me a chance to sneak a goblin onto the pitch and help tie up the ogre with a skeleton. In one of my last turns I just decided to throw a two die uphill block and double-kapow'd the ogre, breaking his armour and stunning him for Mark's last turn.

Game ended 2-0 loss and I racked up 26 (TWENTY SIX, hell yea!!) fouling points (4 stun, 1 KO, 5 CAS from fouls)

Game 5 was the final game and I was matched up against Craig who was also trying for the fouling award but quite far behind me in points. I gave my Fan Favourite goblin +AG and my wight with Tackle +ST.  This was the second underworld team I played, and we both ignored the ball to concentrate on fouling (I did use it to distract him several times - AFTER my foul for that turn of course!) thanks to Stunty & Dirty Player I was quite successful in getting his players off the pitch.  He kept throwing the ball into my end to try and keep the game tied.  Late in the game, with his last player on the pitch (his troll) he threw a 3 die blitz against my same goblin who blocked Marks ogre down, rolled triple skulls and failed his loner to reroll! I then proceeded to break armour and KO the troll - BOOYAAH!  With three turns left and the board empty of underworld players I did manage to score a touchdown (took all three turns cuz I had no rerolls and ghouls were dropping my hand offs!) which very nearly gave Craig the wooden spoon but he did have lots of fouling points which were first tiebreaker.

Game ended 1-0 win and I got 29 (TWENTY FREAKIN NINE!) fouling points (1 stun, 6 KO, 4 CAS from fouls.

Day two finished up 1 win / 1 loss and a massive 55 (FIFTY FIVE in two games!!) fouling points, bringing my grand total up to 116, with Craig (my final opponent) next highest with 72.  "Best Fouler" was in the bag and I managed a pretty reasonable winning % as well with 2 wins / 2 losses / 1 tie.
Best Fouler

Some other stats, I actually placed 7th overall, which is just into the top 50 percentile (with 14 coaches) and I was 8th for most touchdowns and 10th for most casualties.

Also congrats to my buddy Mike @ shiftedmatrix for winning Best Team award with his Nurgle Rotters.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

blingtoof undead/goblin roster

Here's my roster for the blingtoof tournament starting tomorrow at meeplemart.  Am pretty set on my plan but any tips for massive fouling is much appreciated! I even setup my printed roster with lots of space to track my fouling points!

mummy w leader
wight w tackle
3x ghoul
2x zombie
2x skeleton w dirty player
goblin w sneaky git
goblin w fan favourite
2x reroll

You read that right, 15 players! I am going all out for the fouling award, we are talking aiming for 80 turns of fouls over 5 games. Definitely expect to have some players ejected. I have the one cheap bribe (50K) available to sanctioned teams and decided to use the double for leader on a mummy.
  • Going to start w fan favourite goblin on the pitch.  
  • Attempt to sneak on the vanilla gobbo sometime around turn 5-8.
  • Have 1 skel with dirty player on, save the other for when he gets ejected.
  • So hopefully late game I still have a dirty player and if I suffer bad ejections will have the gobbo with sneaky git.
Looking for advice regarding whether I play the vanilla skel or 3rd ghoul from the start? Thoughts??

Expect some live tweets tomorrow.  Probably less than normal as time at the store is very tight, probably just every foul that results in something (could hopefully be lots of tweets - lol)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

extra goblin for blingtoof tournament

You may have heard some mention of the upcoming blingtoof tournament that I am attending this weekend.  The rules allow for any team to take any number of standard goblins, goblins get the most bonus skills and there's a way to sneak an extra goblin onto the pitch!  What's not to like?!?  There's even an award for the most fouling points which is the second most important trophy after winning!
ridiculous shouldpad lol
I have been making last minute tweaks to my list, but regardless of anything else I plan to take 3 standard goblins.  This has the benefit of being considered a "sanctioned team" which gives you several benefits

  • stat and double boosts can be given to big guys (from your upgrade package)
  • purchase bribes as permanent roster addition (first is 50K)
  • + 1 to rolls for cheering fans, brilliant coaching, throw a rock

So I am bringing my undead team and adding 3 goblins and going for the fouling award! This way I can get a cheap bribe and one of the goblins will be able to take "sneaky git" for fouling after my "dirty player(s)" have been kicked out.  The bribe can also save your turn if you are trying to sneak a goblin on and fail. My current roster ideas have 14-15 players, muhahaha

Unfortunately I only had two painted goblins for my orc team I can borrow, so I needed a third! The trophies are all bags of rats, so in that vein I have made my third goblin from a monopose figure (as with most of my orc team) carrying a giant rat.  Following the theme of my orc team (based on 1999 superbowl champion rams) I plucked a name & jersey number for this gobbo to use.  He happened to be the kick return so I gave the goblin a giant shoulderpad.  He came out pretty well for an old 4th edition monopose spearman goblin.

ps. Yay, first painting point in.... nearly three months. I might even be able to break 100 this year!

pps. Thanks to Mike @ shiftedmatrix for providing painting space while our condo is staged/showing.
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