Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random Game photos from Canadian Open weekend

As is usual the weekend of the Canadian Open, a lot of buddies crash at my place and Friday/Saturday night are given over to playing other board and card games.  In addition to the below we also played some Dominion and lots of the Resistance.
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Was happy to get a run out for my Space Hulk set.  Playing with fully painted figs really makes it a gorgeous game. We had a player each for the terminator squads and two guys play genestealers.
Space Hulk board
fancy edited photo
less fancy but still edited photo

Finally got a game of deadzone in against Dan who pledged into the kickstarter but hasn't had a game yet. He played enforcers with some proxy marines of mine and I played with my painted marauders.

He caught onto the rules pretty quick (those short/long action flowcharts really help) and due to some epic poor rolling from my goblin sniper (3 successes on 9 dice! TWICE) and a mistake I made with my mawbeast (not enraged before attacking) I lost the chance to really hurt his team, and once he figured out the differences between shoot and blaze he was much more effective in his decisions - he smoked me 11VP or something to 0.
bit fuzzy
much clearer
Hope you enjoy the photos.  This is one of my favourite parts about the tournament as I get to play a bunch of games as well :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Canadian Open 2015 Results

Canadian Open 2015 participants
March 14/15 saw 22 blood bowl coaches descend on Toronto again for the annual Canadian Open tournament. I was hoping to improve upon last years numbers and just needed one of several locals who had expressed interest to show up (as the 22 did not include my Odd Man Out) but real life prevailed over Nuffle yet again and so no new record was achieved.

I was really pleased that of 5 new/RE-newed NAF members who came out to participate last year - 4 of them showed up again this year.  They continue to enjoy themselves and it sounds like most will continue to return and potentially be involved in more tournaments in the future.

Here are the links to the results and photos on the NAFCanada.ca website.  Be sure to check them out and also check out some of the new Canadian Tournaments starting up this year, including a new tournament in May called Brewhouse Bash and a new "woodstock" style camping tournament in July the Border Princes Summer Festival to replace the old Lakeside Cup.

Canadian Open 2015 Results, Trophy Winners and Full Standings.

Canadian Open 2015 Photos.

Here are the trophy winners from this year.

First ever repeat Canadian Open champion!
1st Place - Stimme
Last years Best Team award winner.
2nd Place - Kikurasis
Last years Champion!
3rd Place - L3athalK
Stunty Cup Champion two years running.
Stunty Champion - Dwarfrunner
Missed two years in a row due to sickness, finally makes it and wins Most Touchdowns!
Most TDs - tyrant
Boshka won Most Casualties in 2013.
Most CAS - Boshka
There seems to be a theme with Wooden Spoon winners running from their photo!
Wooden Spoon - runki_khrum
Won Best Team by a single vote!
Best Team - Zap_Rowsdower
One opponent accidentally gave him the lowest sportsmanship score (instead of highest) and he still won!
Canuck Attitude - tlawson

All in all another successful year - the legacy trophy is currently being put together I hope to have it soon and will post some pics when I do.

If you haven't yet - consider coming to the Canadian Open next year for a great weekend of blood bowl.  We played a ton of other games Friday/Saturday night as well I will post up some photos from that too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WHQ 1st Citadel Journal character - the Ex Blood Bowl Player

You may remember back in 2012 I asked which of two old blood bowl figures to use as my "Ex Blood Bowl Player" character - from the bonus characters published in the Citadel Journals.

Both Paul and Axtlinge voted for this figure, so I started working on him, I chose a generic yellow and blue colour scheme to match the Reikland Reavers without any of the icons as he's no longer an official player.

This counts as 1 painting point putting me to 6 for the year.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Deadzone Marauders - 4 more figures complete

Most of the base coating for these figures was done last year, but finally towards February of this year I began having an itch to paint again so I got them finished up. This represents 5 painting points (2 for the captain, 1 for each of the others) the captain has some significant highlights compared to the commandos, and the sniper has some extra detailing to make his cloak look like it was selected to match my deadzone terrain (unlike their generic strike team camouflage)
Commando Captain
I had to add a piece of terrain snipped off a door underneath his right foot to keep him balanced on the clear base.  The dullcote didn't seem to do as good a job on these guys I may try to protect the clear base and give them another spritz.

Commando with 2 guns
Love this guys head with the skull plate, the two guns do nothing in game terms he just looks bad ass. He's got long sleeves so not much skin, but I stuck with doing highlights using yellow directly on the goblin green skin and it works great IMO.

Gave this guy a simple head swap so he doesn't quite match the last one done using this body.

Goblin Sniper
Do like these guys, they are potentially powerful in the game but very unreliable due to their poor shooting skill.  Was pretty happy with how the cloak came out so it looks like he equipped himself for my terrain.

Between the last four and these four I have enough for a legit strike team while adding a few things like extra ammo, etc.  I will probably continue to try and paint up more of these guys in batches of four until they are all finished rather than switching gears to other factions.  I have another commando, another mawbeast, some more snipers and the pyro still to go.  Was planning to try and pick up an old AoBR ork warboss from the old GW 40K box since I like it better than the marauder warlord figure.
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