Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some painting finished earlier...

I mentioned in the previous post I had managed to get some painting done in the build up to the family addition.  This raptor legion tactical squad had been assembled and partially primed for a while, so I tidied up the old primer grittiness by scraping with an exacto and gave them another coat.  Then I followed the same pattern as my older models using mostly washes with a bronze metallic and some dheneb stone for details with a touch of metallic-y yellow.  They still look great IMO and are super quick to output.
test photo from within display cabinet
With the latest codex release, the Raven Guard have their own Chapter Tactics that have altered slightly from the stuff previously implemented with Shrike.  Forge World have also released some chapter tactics for the badab war chapters and it gives rending to boltguns/bolt pistols if they don't move (classified temporarily as heavy to ensure no crazy combos with the dark angels salvo banner - damn!)

I am pretty torn on these guys - I have 5 assault terminators that I think I can get assembled and painted before the year is out (I still have aspirations of beating my target of 100 painting points) and along with the models already done that would be right close to 1000 points of marines.  A squad of scouts or something would put it near that level.  At that point I am wondering if it's really worth hanging onto or if I should look into trading/selling it.  I need to cut back on the marine armies as it's obviously a bit overkill and I would rather keep armies that play differently (like the Ravenwing army) instead of tons of tactical/assault squad based armies.  Any thoughts?  Or suggestions on the one thing to add to this to bring it around 1000 points and maybe make it more appealing?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gamer Inbound!

The blog has been quiet of late.  I have been trying to get hobby stuff worked on in the past couple months (finishing building a Ravenwing army and getting a squad of Raptor Legion painted) - mostly because I knew I'd be super busy with a new addition to the family!
The little guy was born at 5:58pm on Oct 13, 2013 - weighing 7lbs 13oz.  He is our first and knock on wood he seems to be a super chill dude and he just abides!  I have some time off which will mostly be taken up, but I do have some pictures to take and some tournament updates to post and typing might be the easiest thing to manage while holding a sleeping baby!
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