Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HeroQuest KickStarter

I so far have managed to be spend fairly sparingly on kickstarter projects.  Instead of jumping on every new shiny I have really tried to focus on the one's I can see myself making a lot of use of, or that I really like the look of.  Up until today I had only backed two kickstarters;

- the first being Tablescapes - by Secret Weapon Miniatures (I have a fold out grass field 8'x4' polystyrene table and couldn't resist getting something a little more urban to use for skirmish and sci-fi games) - it was moderately expensive but for the apparent quality and truly impressive level of planning & ingenuity it felt very worthwhile.

- the second being Deadzone - by Mantic (yes, some astute of you will know that I am not a huge Mantic fan after this event - but with recent events prompting me to finally branch out from GW products + the fact Jake Thornton is the creator I decided to have a serious look.  The ruleset is what really pulled me in - I am pretty sure I will not be hugely impressed with the miniatures, and the cut & paste/quirkworthy nature of the rules PDF & cards I find to be annoying and somewhat unprofessional - regardless the thought of a small skirmish game that doesn't use rulers and is meant to play very quickly did appeal)

Yesterday the HeroQuest 25th anniversary kickstarter released and today it is already 565% funded.  Their simple pledge levels appealed to me and with a new baby I decided to bite the bullet but chalk this one up for him to open in the future.  I still remember opening my HeroQuest box and loving looking through all the miniatures and rules, playing with my brother and eventually starting my painting hobby by painting those figures.  I wish I knew where it had gone, since I have no recollection of ever trading it away - but I want to give my son that same feeling so today I pledged.  I also foresee a lot of stretch goals being met at this rate - there are already NINE unlocked.  Check out the video and consider it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 years of Sons of Twilight contest

Here's a quick heads up post about eriochrome over at Sons of Twilight having a contest for reaching the 5 year mark.  His posts are usually at least one of; very informative (some great posts like his space hulk stats), very opinionated (good series about Reaper Bones and its quality) or very grey (this guy has the biggest collection of unpainted miniatures ever! lol ;-))
He's planning 5 winners with 10 potential prizes up for grabs - coming from his vast collection.  I'm hoping there will be some sweet blood bowl or 40K (marine or genestealer maybe?) options.  His blog is currently avoiding 40K, but you should still see posts about X-Wing, Lego, Blood Bowl and Epic - so check it out!
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