Friday, January 30, 2009

Novamarines painting update

I've been really pushing to make sure I have these guys all ready for next friday (final day of the Two Headed Dragon tale of 4 gamers competition). The scouts are pretty much done. The heavy flamer terminator is to the same standard as the first five, and I've begun filing in details on the termies. The librarian has seen a lot of the brush - though I still haven't even done any serious highlighting. The wounded veteran objective is pretty much done (with battle damage!! I think I did a pretty good job on the damage to his armour) but needs a bit of blood pooling on the ground from his blown off hand.

Two shots of the librarian with his new force staff painted

Scouts, front & back

Heavy Flamer terminator

Wounded Veteran objective

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 8 ... DUNGEONBOWL

Was at Two Headed Dragon again tonight - for something different I played 3 games of dungeonbowl with Matt - we had a blast! We laughed so hard at the random happenings. By lucky fortune I won all three games. We both lost many many players to the warp, and many players got kicked out by the ref for fouling. The second game we actually played down to the last player.

I would highly recommend giving this a try - the rules are available on GW's site, and includes dungeon tiles to print out. We definitely intend to do a dungeonbowl league when the current league finishes. It was possibly the most entertaining games I've played - and they don't necessarily need to take 2 hours as you just play to the first touchdown.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Novamarines - Librarian WIP

So here he is, partially painted but have added the staff bit from my previous post.
I love how this guy looks now. I hope I can paint the staff bit well enough to do it justice.

Friday, January 23, 2009

one perfect bit

Have you ever that had just ONE nigh-unobtainable bit that was perfect for a mini you were planning?

I'm talking having to buy a whole box set for one piece. I've felt this pain with my Novamarines, but it is now over.

I originally left my librarian with the force axe he came with, but was convinced otherwise by folks posting in my Index Astartes thread at B&C, if any of you care my wip fluff ideas are there. Once I saw the bit below, I knew I had to convert the axe into a staff, as a bonus I can now use him as 'Counts As' Tigurius, whose fluff is actually perfect for a Novamarines libby.

I'm planning to do up a nice army roster with some background fluff for the final day on Feb 6, so any comments/criticism about the above posted fluff is appreciated.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 7

Got a couple games in at Two Headed Dragon tonight. Played Matt first, we tied 2-2. He did an astounding amount of damage to me. One blitzer died outright and a black orc & a linemen both missed my next game. I gave Fungus the Loon a try in this game but used him all wrong, knowing the rules for secret weapon now I know better. My gobbo again was the star, scoring both touchdowns. My thrower got the MVP, which now that he's making completions is less important for him as for linemen who don't get points as easily. I gave my gobbo the Diving Catch skill. I also bought another new blitzer to replace the one who died.

Next up I played another Tristan (wtf!) who had a human team. I had some fairly jammy luck on kick offs, getting a couple perfect defense and a blitz. With only 10 men, took this game 4-1, managing to get a touchdown with a blitzer and a linemen on top of 2 more for the gobbo. Was nice to finally see someone else's big guy stand around for a while - though it really really hurt him this game. The gobbo was a star, flying through the air, and even causing a casualty when blitzed. He won MVP for this game as well, and is now sitting at 27 points. One more touchdown is a further skill for him, and I'll have my 2nd black orc and extra linemen back for my next game.

All in all, much more successful than my previous outings. Earlier I did lots of damage but didn't score. This time I scored, but in some cases didn't do enough damage. Have 50K back in the treasury now and my fan factor has gone up to 7.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Novamarines character details

Filled out some of the details on my captain and deathwatch sergeant. Mostly doing up the power swords, but I did fill in some heraldry on banners & cloaks (forgot to take picture of back - shoot!)

For Siph

Sorry dude, looks like I was wrong - they are mk3 marines. This guys painted, other one isn't. I'm thinking to collect a squad to make sternguard for my Iron Knights - what do you think?

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Tale of 2HD Gamers - pt3 ... b

The scores for the Tale of 2HD Gamers round three has been posted. Did claim the best painted point, so I did better than I thought. Unfortunately it looks like the holidays has taken it's toll on some folks, though maybe fortunately for me because I think I have the competition locked up, free AoBR here I come! Scores are below, I'm in bold.

Month 3 scoring;
2 Thomas - partially painted
7 Tristan - fully painted, 2 games, 1 win, best painted

For reference (Grey Knight)
2 Karl - partially painted

Current standings;
20 Tristan - fully paintedx3, 5 games, 2 wins, 2 objectives, best paintedx2
14 Thomas - fully paintedx2, partially painted, 2 games, 1 win, best paintedx1
6 Ian - fully paintedx2
5 Ken - fully painted, 2 games
4 Josh - fully painted, 1 game

For reference (Grey Knight)
12 Karl - fully paintedx2, 2 games, 2 wins

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deathwatch marines photos

As promised here are some pics of some other chapters deathwatch marines.

Iron Knights

Mantis Warriors


Novamarines painting update

Well I've managed to get some pics.

Ranged scouts with bolters, missile launcher.

Ranged scouts with sniper rifles.

Additionally, here's a pic of the heavy flamer converted from AoBR terminator as well as my wounded veteran objective marker.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 6

Missed a bunch of days over the holidays for the Two Headed Dragon blood bowl league, also we've now started playing thursday nights. Got one game in yesterday against Matt (who had to re-start with his skaven after taking too many casualties - like to think I had a bit to do with that). He won again and scored 3 touchdowns again (damn those gutter runners are fast), however I did manage to score a touchdown this time, and my cage worked wonders for keeping the ball and holding him up. Both thrower and goblin got an advancement roll - a bonus AGILITY point for my thrower (beauty!) and I gave my goblin the catch skill. I just gotta stop trying to foul people with the gobbo as he always gets sent off.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

le woot

A buddy of mine used to play GW games. He gave me a bunch of models including an undead blood bowl team, a bunch of space wolf terminators, some old mk1 space marines, a couple ultramarine captain models, and some empire troops. le woot!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Tale of 2HD Gamers - pt3

Not sure of the exact scoring yet, but I gained at least 6 points for fully painted and 2 games, 2 wins (only 1 win counts towards points) with an additional possible point for best painted, putting me at minimum of 19 points. I also wasn't ready to submit my wounded veteran objective marker this month, so I will get that extra point next month. Also getting my strongpoint piece of terrain painted up along with the rest of my Novamarines for a bonus point next month. I still might go in on the terrain building day, we'll have to see how things go. Currently the leader in scoring so I'm trying to make sure I close out the competition with a bang to grab first place for a free AoBR box.

I will post a full update with 3rd month scoring once it's available.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weak on the updates

So I realize I've been lax on the updates, lack of camera = lack of photos.. So I figured I'd fill you in on what I've been up to in the meantime..
  • I completed painting the ranged Novamarines scouts (6 with bolters, sniper rifles and missile launcher), this was for the Tale of 2HD Gamers competition so the motivation was there. Going in on Friday.
  • I also built a 3rd objective for this army. It's a wounded veteran marine with a broken leg and blown off arm - throwing that last ditch grenade. I actually really liked how this came out and am pumped to paint it once I get a chance to do some priming.
  • I've been investigating card & scratch built models. I did up a very simple rhino I printed on card stock with the Space Sharks logo. I actually printed 8 so I could use them as rhinos for a battle company in Apocalypse and thereby use my magnetized rhinos as tanks. I also did a couple terrain pieces, a very simple & cheap gun battery (battery is card, glued onto an upside down small paper plate, which was painted and flocked) that probably only took 20 minutes of working time, and a nicer strongpoint which was from a template and built into a hill with some camouflage netting. More card related stuff to come.
  • Speaking of which, I took the imperial command 40K markers from and created a reverse side with the Novamarines logo. I plan to make a set of counters for each army.
  • I did some more details on the Novamarines captain, terminator sergeant and deathwatch marine. Mostly playing with painting the power swords, and I have an idea for how I want to paint the librarians force rod.
  • Then I got bored without stuff I really wanted to paint primed, so I built the 5 assault marines that came in the battle force box I picked up. I've built them as Raptors, which I plan to build up led by Shrike. The sergeant has a lightning claw, bolt pistol & combat shield, he also got an older metal jump pack so I could save a plastic one for magnetizing the Salamanders deathwatch flamer. One has a flamer (or will once I have a flamer to give him) and I also ended up deciding that the power fist veteran I have will lead a tactical squad of Raptors due to all the icons modeled on.
  • Finally since I'm still waiting to prime I've been painting up my blood bowl troll. He's mostly done as his stone skin was done with much drybrushing and washes.
My better half's sister is supposed to be sending us her old digital camera, so I hope to be able to get more pics soon, and have a higher frequency of pics.
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