Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Power of One 2010 - Result = I DON'T suck!!

This past weekend I traveled up to Montreal for a 1 day blood bowl tournament called "Power of One" it was hosted at La Forge des Jeux in Lasalle.  4 games, $1M to build your team and every model gets one normal skill. This is the list I took. I practiced quite a bit on legendary edition.

Mummy - multiple block
Mummy - piling on
Wight - guard
Wight - mighty blow
Ghoul - block
Ghoul - block
Ghoul - sure hands
Zombie - block
Zombie - block
Zombie - block
Skeleton - dirty player

Instead of trying to go all out to win, I decided to try for most casualties and hope that meant I could easily score once their team was depleted. Meeting three AV7 teams in first three games definitely helped.

Game 1 (vs Colin - playing skaven)
I won the coin toss so got to receive.  Colin played very aggressively and it kinda played into my hands. 3 casualties by turn 3 and 7 in total by the end of the game. Ended up winning 3-1 (I smashed him for first half and forced him to score quickly in second half so I had time to score the winning touchdown (Colin managed a 7 touchdown game later on in the tournament - and won Most TDs, skaven are scary fast!)

Win #1 - Even though I won 3-1 with 7-0 casualties, Adam won 4-0 with 7-0 casualties playing against Ogres so he was top rank.

Game 2 (vs Adam - playing norse)
Won the toss again so received again.  An extremely tight game, still 0-0 by mid second half. Adam did manage to kill a mummy with his snow troll, but a fortunate one dice block resulted in defender down on his blodger runner and I managed to pick up the ball and work my way down to score on my last turn. Ended 1-0 with 3-1 casualties.

Win #2 - After suffering the worst tie ever at the hands of Adam at Lakeside Cup (see here) justice was served and I pulled out a 1-0 win.  Dan also won 1-0 but with fewer casualties so I was top ranked after two games.

Game 3 (vs Dan - playing norse)
Dan and I are the only two undefeated players at this point. Dan chose to kick first, and i kinda let myself be distracted by winning rather than just trying to cause casualties. The result being Dan was up 2-0 in middle of second half but i realized my mistake and spent a couple turns focused on hurting his team, the casualties started to tell allowing me to score quickly. He then failed a pick up with reroll allowing me to run in, scoop up the ball and tie it up. If I'd had a bit more guts to put my guys further forward (didn't want to give away any casualties) there was a possibility for one of us to score since we rolled a riot for the last kick off. Ended tied 2-2 and 3-1 casualties for me.

Tie #1 - Since I caused more casualties than Dan, I was still top ranked after the third game.

Game 4 (vs Mark - playing chaos dwarves)

Everything went my way for the final game except in turn 7 second half, my ghoul failed a dodge that would've seen me score a second touchdown. That would've won me the tournament, instead it went to Dan Campbell after he won as well. Marks Minotaur kept failing wild animal tests, and in general couldn't do what he wanted thanks to crappy dice. Finished 1-0 and 3-2 casualties.

Win #3 - Arrrgh, so close.  Still had the edge on Dan for casualties, but he scored a second touchdown where I didn't (TDs are first tiebreaker) so deservedly took home first place.  Congrats Dan!

So I went 3/1/0 w/d/l overall, caused 16 casualties to 4 taken and went home with second place (and a $30 gift card to La Forge des Jeux who were having a sale in addition to hosting the tournament) as well as most casualties.
Most CAS
Second Place
With the sale on and my $30 gift card I avoided miniature temptation and plumped for a bunch of new paints.  Just started going to tournaments in March of this year so I'm pleased to have done so well so soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

XTBBF games 5 and 6

A couple more games in XTBBF league run by THMG at Dueling Grounds. Game 5 was first week of November and a rematch against The Olympians.  Game 6 was "technically" a rematch against the PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles, but I didn't count the first game as Jack was learning BB.

Game 5 vs. The Olympians. (1-1 tie) yes, again...

Game 6 vs. The PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles. (2-0 win)

The Olympian game I got smacked around big time by Jay's heavy hitter undead team.  A mummy died to a block and had to make some regen rolls vs. fouls.  The game against the Humans I faired much better, crowd surfing guys, caused four casualties and got important SPP for skill ups while I could hold off the meagre remains of his team.  So another ghoul is now at level 1 and I gave him wrestle.  My AG4 ghoul also got another skill and I rolled a double so I plumped for Accurate to give us a scary passing game.
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