Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ganja Girl reinforcements

You may or may not be aware, but last year my buddy Grant and I had a competition where we both took the same blood bowl race to tournaments to see who could do best.

Grant won last year, though to be fair lizardmen were awesome for both of us (He won the first tournament we played, I came 4th.  Then I won his tournament in my next try)

In 2016 the plan is we are both going to use amazons until someone wins a tournament (high hopes)
As such I needed the final blitzer painted for sure, and since I was pulling them out and they are literally just basecoat tabletop quality I got the other thrower, catcher, 2 linemen and roxanna and zara painted too.

7 painting points. If I ever do any more for this team and decide roxanna and zara deserve more attention, I'll add points then.
L-R: thrower, roxanna, blitzer, zara, catcher, lino, lino

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Black Knights part 1 + Chaplain

Following up to my last post, I had also finished this second chunk of the Ravenwing army and have gotten them based and some poor photos taken.  The plasma talons OSL needs a bit of work IMO.

14 painting points.

5 Black Knights, 1 with grenade launcher


Ravenwing Squad 1 + Techmarine

Playing a bit of catch up here.  These have been painted for a while but I wasn't really super happy with these photos, even though I used my lightbox (or especially because I did?) but anyways I want to post about them before the year end so these will have to do.

Once I finished the roads/flocking of the display base, I felt it prudent to start gluing the bikes on to help motivate me to keep painting....  It hasn't really worked - I'd already finished the second chunk and now was just tired of doing line highlights on black.  I will probably try to mix in some of the landspeeders or the nephilem I picked up to pique my interest again in the new year.

19 painting points.

Squad 1 - bare sergeant and flamers

Squad 1 attack bike - on the display they are an attack squadron with a landspeeder


Stackable Necromunda Terrain ('munda table in a box)

Earlier this year I completed the paint & build of my mantic deadzone scenery - and in doing so a number of thoughts came to mind.  First was an interest in home built scenery again, and I started using pinterest to research and find different ideas.  Second was "here's another huge box I will need to store this scenery while it's not being used".  I already have four big boxes marked "necromunda" and this would be another one.

During my pinterest hunting, I spotted this from Descent of Angels - and I immediately had to run out to pick up some materials to give it a whirl.  I ended up building a bunch of buildings, a bunch of walkways, some pipeline, and some scatter terrain.  I also did up two boxes as stackable "tiers" for some extra elevation.  Two are done the same colour as the buildings and the other two are darker without any doorways or ladders, meant to just give the table some additional height.

I used some hexagoner plastic pieces to add ladders, doors and hatches to the nesting boxes, sprayed them a rusty colour and drybrushed them silver.  I also used popsicle sticks to add some detail to the nesting boxes and then sprayed them grey and used the textured spray paint I used on the brewhouse bash board.  For the pipelines I just used the tubes from tinfoil, for the walkways I used plastic canvas to put some "grate" texture, for the scatter terrain I just sprayed a bunch of spare hexagoner bits and glued them onto CD's that had the texture spray.

As I built up a bundle of ideas (like the pipeline, scatter terrain, bridges/walkways, etc.) I decided I had other ideas I wanted to implement for my own "pack and play" so I ended up making this a "housewarming" gift for my buddy Mike from shiftedmatrix.com - he's spent a year renovating the old house they bought and it's very near our house. You may recall he's the one I played serious necromunda sessions with in the past so hopeful this will mean starting that up again :)

Here's the total painting points awarded for this effort.  The entire thing packs up into a single medium sized plastic box for easy storage.

necromunda in a box (160) 
2 small buildings (10)
3 medium buildings (30)
4 large building (80)
1 wide walkways (2)
6 long walkways (12)
4 scatter debris (8)
2 building extensions (6)
2 long pipelines (8)
2 short pipelines (4)
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