Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CCKO 2015 - Result: 4th/14 (and Best Defence)

This write up is late - once posted I'm gonna update the date back to an appropriate time frame. The story behind this tournament is Grant and I decided we would both play Lizardmen this year to see who could win a tournament first - read on!

CCKO is the first tournament of the year - hosted in Ottawa.  Here is a link to the NAF forum thread.

My build was pretty standard for Lizardmen at 1.1m - Kroxigor, 6 Saurus, 5 Skinks, 3 Rerolls. The skill pack gave us 5 normal skills and then in the middle there was a skill draft.  I have waited too long to write this up - I do not remember much of the games.
To start I took the following;
2 Block Saurus
2 Guard Saurus
Tackle Saurus


Game 1 vs. Mark H 0-2 loss
First game ever with Lizardmen bar a few rounds against the PC in cyanide. Mark is a skilled Chaos Dwarf coach and as usual his Bull Centaurs do most of the heavy lifting. I don't think he even had a Minotaur. Mark won the casualty count too 2-0.

Game 2 vs. Mark D 2-1 win
I've played against Mark as Norse once before and came out on the losing side. It was nice to reverse that. I seem to recall his Yeti going wild animal a lot. We both got 2 casualties, I think I got a few KOs as well.

Game 3 vs. Graham 1-0 win
Graham was a new player - so this was his third game ever.  He very quickly had picked up the defensive aspect but struggled with moving his cage forward and thus had trouble trying to score. If I remember right it took me most of the game with the ball to actually score the one touchdown of the game. He won casualties 2-1.

Then we had the skills draft.
I picked somewhere in the middle, I ended up with; Break Tackle, Side Step?, Wrestle

Game 4 vs. Leathan 2-0 win
Somehow I seem to have Leathan's number at this tournament. We've played 3 times in the 4 CCKO tournaments I've attended and now I've won all three (he destroys me everywhere else!) - winning this game put me at 3 wins 1 loss and up against Grant (who was 4 and 0 after his game four)


Game 5 vs. Grant 0-1 loss
Heartbreak! Grant and I spent all night saturday trash talking.  Then he turned around and just started killing off all my Skinks after blitzing his way up the sidelines with his Side-Step Skink.  I still scared the crap out of him even down 3 players (4 casualties) freeing up the ball but failing the pick up to tie the game. By winning this game Grant secured the tournament.

Game 6 vs. Alex W 0-0 draw
I should have won this game! I had two chances to score touchdowns and both times - first time I tried to stall and Alex pulled some craziness to knock down my ball carrier, second time my dodge skill failed. Alex never came close to scoring - although he was running Chaos Pact and his big guys failed lots of nega-trait rolls. Frustrating because if I had scored I would have taken 3rd place from Alex.

Instead I had to settle for 4th and Best Defence (given to me because max of 1 award to each participant - I think Grant should have won it).
My Best Defence award

So congrats to Grant for winning CCKO 2015 and our challenge as well!

And some after tournament photoshop fun. Apparently Grant makes this pose a LOT!

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