Saturday, August 22, 2009

Iron Knights chapter

Just for something to do I took some quick pics of what I have built so far for my Iron Knights chapter. Plan is to use the BT codex, all marines will get tabards, painted with personal heraldry. Each "neophyte" (or squire as I like to think of it) will have the same colours as their "initiate" (or knight.. duh) but no icon, just the chapter symbol on a shoulderpad. I used the old RT001 arms for the squires to make use of the studded left shoulderpad. The knights will get weapons of all kinds, not chainswords (like flails, etc. - just to look cool). Also need to decide if I'm happy with red/yellow for the colours of the heraldry. What do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

WANTED..... Stuff

Figured I should just post up bits I'm currently or always looking for here. Feel free to email me if you have some bits and wanna make a deal. Email is in my profile. Obviously would prefer unpainted, but in cases of entire models (like the goff orks) I can be flexible. Also decals don't need to be the full sheet, if there's some left I want I'll take it. I will keep this post updated/re-post as necessary.

2nd Edition Goff Orks - # Needed: 2

3rd Edition Reikland Reavers Decals - # Needed: 5

Space Marine Torso "D" - # Needed: Any

Chaos Marine Torso "C" - # Needed: Any

Command MK7 Shoulderpad Circle w Scroll - # Needed: Any

2nd Edition Space Marine Backpack - # Needed: Any

Space Marine Torso "A" - # Needed: 10

Space Marine Torso "C" - # Needed: Any

Space Marine Studded Shoulderpad - # Needed: Any

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Space Hulk pics!

GW has a new pic up of the objective marker (dead terminator) from the Space Hulk box.
I'm happy to see it's in the genestealer blue coloured sprue, as I couldn't figure out where it was on the red sprue pictures. Can definitely see using this thing as 40K objectives as well, probably for my flesh tearers army (when I get around to it).
Also, be sure to keep checking my first Space Hulk post. I will continue to update it with the new pics GW is providing each day. Today they added the pic of the terminator ripping up the floor.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gave in... Space Hulk pre-ordered

Well it took a couple days but I convinced myself to pre-order Space Hulk.

In my master plans for a bunch of Space Marine chapters, I do want at least one chapter based on the original legions (some more than others) for which I picked flesh tearers as a BA successor. So what sold me on the models was the fangs on the sgt/character model (aka Lorenzo?).

Could also use the genestealers for my Genestealer Cult Gang for Necromunda (I should get some pics uploaded).

The other bit that sold me was my old Space Hulk rules are long gone, and I'm working on building a Travel Space Hulk set using Epic mini's - so having updated rules will be a plus.

I've had a look at the best sprue picture I found, here's what I believe is in the box. I will update this post with pics as GW adds them to the Space Hulk product page.

1 Librarian, 1 Capt/Sgt (Power Sword), 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 SB/Chainfist, 1 Thunderhammer/Storm Shield, 1 Twin Lightning Claws, 5 SB/PF.

1. Librarian
2. Lorenzo (SB/PS)
3. AC/PF
4. SB/PF
5. SB/PF
6. TH/SS
7. SB/CF
8. SB/PF
9. LC/LC
10. SB/PF
11. SB/PF
12. HF/PF

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Badab Hammerheads done

Got some spare time to spend painting so I made the most of it and hustled through finishing the other four hammerheads. I'm going to wait until I have a decent amount of mini's before I start doing their mud bases. This also gives me a chance to think about any differences the bases might (should?) have. The brown does show off the mustard armour quite well, but doesn't really make me think 'tranquility'. Any of you folks out there have any ideas to spice up these guys' bases a bit?

It was a nice break to paint up these guys. Trying out new techniques is always interesting. I'd like to increase this squad to 10 men (still debating what if any special/combi-weapons to take) though I could always use my Deathwatch Heavy Bolter Space Shark (seen here) in a pinch. The hammerheads get a CCW, Scout & Move through Cover so any weapon upgrades should hopefully work well with that combination. The Power Fist will cover the odd vehicle, but for the most part these are troop munching machines, without anything beyond their base wargear. Thoughts?

ps. I'm at 70.4% of my PP goal of 250 points, meanwhile we're 62.5% through the year - leaving me around 8% ahead of schedule.

More Space Sharks... hammerheads & landspeeder

Put a decent amount of time into painting today and got quite a bit done. I've gotten all my hammerheads/sternguard ready for the final details. I've also completed a landspeeder I've been sitting on for too long.

First here are some pics comparing my standard SS scheme to the tranquility scheme.

Comparing the pic in the play aid to my completed hammerhead.

Standard scheme vs. Tranquility scheme

Space Sharks Landspeeder

ps. 100th post!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Badab/Hammerhead progress + mini tutorial

I've spent a few hours on my hammerheads this week, I added some "shark's teeth" hanging on the right shoulderpad - made out of combat daggers! I was pretty excited to try the painting the camo so I haven't had much trouble staying motivated to work on these guys.

Picked up some art masking fluid from a craft store (it's meant for watercolours, but works great - by winsor & newton) and have been giving it a go. I did one whole model through to see how it looked, so in the end I decided instead of batching the rest, to get one at each 'major' stage through the process, to give you a mini guide.

Some background. I wanted the grey for the camouflage stripes to match the grey of my other Space Sharks. So I decided I would do the armour the same, and use a mask to protect the camo pattern, painting the yellow overtop. I did this to hopefully keep them more closely visually linked with the 4th company sharks.

WARNING: This stuff will RUIN your brushes, not even good as a drybrush. I ended up switching to using a toothpick/paperclip to apply it, if you do use an old brush - wash it after each dip. Dip, paint, wash, dip. Trust me.

First, here's a group shot for me to list the major steps.
Left to right;
  1. prime med sea grey, black wash, light grey drybrush, boltgun metal drybrush.
  2. paint over tubing and apply camo pattern with art masking fluid.
  3. iyanden darksun, gryphonne sepia wash, drybrush golden yellow.
  4. use an eraser, toothpick, etc. to scratch off the art masking fluid. clean using a dry brush.
  5. painting details, decals, etc.
Here's a close up of the guy with the art masking fluid applied. I got the kind with a bit of tint to see it more easily, so you can kind of make it out. Wherever there's a yellowish tinge.

Here's a close up of the guy with the art masking fluid scratched off. I have a couple little fixes to do, but nothing drastic. Note: by this time I was using a paper clip to apply the art masking fluid.
Here's the guy who I completed first to sort out colours, etc. from all four sides.

I really like the masking fluid. Another thought I had to use it with would be for difficult quartered/halved patterns (Novamarines anyone?). If you have any great ideas please let me know.

ps. the space sharks have just surpased the novamarines for chapter tagged the most.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

GWpertinent CONTEST #1. RESULTS!

14 total entries. 30 related comments. 11 NEW followers.

Drumroll please.........
the winner is #10, eriochrome from Sons of Twilight
CONGRATULATIONS, please email me your address, email is listed in my profile.

Here are the photos submitted in no order whatsoever. I think the genestealer or plastic terminator librarian remind me the most of when I was getting started, while jabberjabber's entry is definitely the kind of stuff I remember seeing in WD around the time. I'd say Mik's is one of the better painted models. The squat trike take's the oddball award, and I love all the old IG figures.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated, I really liked seeing all these old figs, NOT on solegends. Always nice to see someone's take on painting. Keep your eyes open for the next contest!

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