Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GWpertinent CONTEST #1 - Old School Minis, 40K edition

I'm jumping on the contest bandwagon. Basically I want to see the oldest painted 40K/Rogue Trader model in your collection. Full rules & regulations are below.

1. You must be a follower of
2. Miniature MUST be manufactured by Marauder/Chronicle/Citadel/Games Workshop/Iron Claw.
3. Miniature MUST be painted (minimum 3 colours).
4. 40K miniatures only for this contest (I'm thinking to do a seperate contest for various games) Anything from the 40K universe is acceptable (ie. Necromunda/(Advanced) Space Crusade/Space Hulk/Ultramarines/etc.).
5. Photograph must have a piece of paper with "GWpertinent" written on it (to confirm photo is yours).
6. You can submit as many photos as you like, but only one will count towards the contest, if you post multiple photos first photo posted will be assumed to be your contest entry.
7. The contest is open to anyone in the world.
8. Post your photo link as a comment to this post by August 8th.
9. On August 9th, I will use to determine the winner and post all submitted photos.

Winner will receive a complete Ultramarines Captain model, as shown below (Model is stripped well, and includes cloaked backpack & slottabase).

Good luck!
#1. Jabberjabber @ Warpstone Flux
#2. Mongo of Death @ Silent Hill Daemons
#3. Chicago Terrain Factory
#4. Chris @ Order Minoris
#5. Cawshis Clay @ Adepticus Prime
#6. Woroxon @ 40K in Guatemala
#7. Mik @ Mik's Minis
#8. Drax @ Admiral Drax
#9. Ubberdorc
#10. Eriochrome @ Sons of Twilight
#11. Shelexie @ Wanna B Painter
#12. Kron @ The Sabre & Dice
#13. Col. Corbane @ Corbania Prime
#14. Krug @ Krug666


Cawshis Clay said...

Silly question:
Should I submit my oldest "painted" model or my oldest model "painted."

The difference being that my oldest painted model should never win any painting contests as I was like 10 when I painted him. While I could dig out an old unpainted model and paint him better.

You know what? I'm kidding myself if I think I'm going to paint a new model by 8/ I'll just submit an old painted model. :)

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Time to go digging at Stuff of Legends & see how old my stuff is.

Tnoussis said...

AWW, no fair. I don't think I could beat any of you guys. I started playing in 2004. the oldest mini I have in my collection is probably, a dark angels sergeant from the old squad box. that or a librarian. both of which are after 2000

Tristan M said...

Oldest model "painted". I wanna see how far back we can get. Keep in mind quality of the paint job has nothing to do with winning, there's no voting - it's completely random.

Used SoL myself for the captain pic, to be honest I thought it was older than it really is. I have plans for my RT001 marines and two of this model so that's how it was decided to be the prize.

Tristan M said...

Thomas, feel free to post your oldest model. Paint job, age of miniature, etc. doesn't count for anything, except coolness factor ;)

Dan said...

Ha! the model looks like an old version of sicarius (plasma pistol, power sword, cool helmet)

Cawshis Clay said...

Upon rereading, I missed the random aspect! Pic will soon be on the way!

And I may x-post on my blog.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Tristan,

Great idea for a contest! I've dug out some 1988 Rogue Trader models for you all to have a look at:


oni said...

@ Dan LaChapelle - If I recall correctly, that is the original Sicarius from the days of 2nd edition.

I'll be submitting mine tonight. I believe the model is circa 1993.

Oli said...

Hey there. Just found this Blog accidentally and pretty liked the idea of this contest. So I just grabbed the only available old school mini that was available for me. An old Slaanesh Renegade. Must be from the 80's, don't know exactly the year, but it's Rogue Trader time for sure. So here it comes:

Tristan M said...

Updated post with list of entries. Mongo I just linked your Silent Hill Daemons blog since it was a Chaos mini. Feel free to post on your blog as well, if so I will update the link in the post.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Lots to chose from - but I thought I'd show off my own Space Marine Commander.

Oli said...

Hi Tistan,
I just posted on my Blog referring to your contest.
Thanks. Can't wait for the old school stuff here.

Tigerstyle said...

Great idea for a contest. Here's my entry, a squat trike from about 1989:

Tristan M said...

Mongo: link updated.
Chris: LOVE the old school trikes - nice!

Cawshis Clay said...

Respectfully submit my Terminator Librarian with Force Sword. Plastic! Old! Space Crusade/Hulk compliant!

Tnoussis said...

Paint Job counts for nothing? That is too bad because my oldest miniature Is the dark angels sergeant I won silver youngbloods with in 2008 hahah!

Unknown said...

OK I must confess that the contest has managed me to start painting my space hulk stuff.

here is my entry:

my blog entry about it:

wittzo said...

I was looking through Stuff of Legends and I'm going to have to take a group photo. I've got lots of RT stuff that's lead. My favorites are the Transitional Power Armor Marines. I've got three of two of the styles, because they packed 3 lead miniatures into one blister back then. When they converted to pewter, they didn't change the price, but they only packed them two to a blister..This will be fun.

MIK said...

Mik's Minis reporting for duty with a truly vintage, twenty-two year old fig!

Admiral Drax said...

Hullo, mate: nice idea!

Please find my contribution below - it just so happened they were under the brucsh this week anyway

I think they're 1996 vintage, but please don't enter me for the draw. This entry's for fun only, as (sadly) I've no use for that lovely classic marine, and I'd much rather it went to someone who can find a good home for it!

Cheers, and good luck guys,

- Drax.

Ubberdorc said...

It is kind of ironic, I just started painting this guy to go with my Foundry Swat squad to fight my friends Necrons...

eriochrome said...

While my marines barely qualify being from sometime in the mid 90's I would guess, I thought I would make sure I enter since you are one of my best commenters.

Shelexie said...

I hesitate to post this but here ya go! Thanks for a fun contest =)

Tristan M said...

Sorry guys, IE at work is sucking, will update entry list later.

Kron said...

Here's my submission, not as old as some but not exactly new either! ;)

Col. Corbane said...

I'll have to take a pic on a piece of paper, but I'll be submitting the metal marines on this post

I'm pretty sure they were the first 40k models made, I got them when Rogue Trader came out.

KRUG said...

Here is my entry...I had alot of RT Marines too but this model has been with me since I was really young...


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