Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 tidbits pt1

A few pics for you of the models I finished up last year but haven't taken pics of yet.

first up i'll do the underhive scum. he's been around forever primed black but forgotten. had always planned to keep most of his clothing black (the first matrix movie had recently came out) so it was only when i decided to try out a technique for black that i gave him a go. it's basically a grey drybrush over black followed by multiple coats of badab black wash. the lighter the grey the sharper the highlight, but multiple washes really smooths the tone. in the end i wanted to give this guy as many cheesy cliches as i could; so his face is horribly scarred and he carry's two gold plated bolt pistols. finally i decided i would give him a light wash of the wood stain, which worked really well and makes him look all dusty.

next up is a couple minis my brother had actually finished painting before i ended up with all his wargaming stuff. they were pretty clean but mostly just basecoats, so i decided to work my way through any painted stuff i have (not painted by me) and decide to strip or not. these two ended up in the "not" category, both needed a few minutes to touch them up and they i gave them both a light wash of wood stain, a coat of dullcote and they look amazing for next to no effort. one is a telekinetic wyrd, the other is a goliath juve. i changed the colour of the juves pants to grey so he would match my genestealer cult models a bit more.

and finally, a couple necromundan giant rats. these suckers had started to crop up through event cards in our games, so i decided i needed them painted. took no time at all either.


Tnoussis said...

That scum model is the bomb! I really love him, despite the chunky old school bolt pistols

MIK said...

All right, I do see what you mean. I may have to give this 'fast black' technique a try, thanks for the tip!

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