Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commissionned Dark Elf blood bowl team.

I just wanted to quickly post up some pics of my Dark Elf blood bowl team (the Karond Kar Raiders) who've been painted up by my friend Thomas who games at Two Headed Dragon. I like how they aren't your typical black dark elves but are still obviously evil.
I will likely bring these guys to the next NAF blood bowl tournament I go to, giving me lots of time to get a team painted for the one after that! LOL
Still have a couple star players I decided to put together at the last second, but they won't be critical so no rush. Also check out the two conversions I made for my other blitzers (one is a cold one rider whose legs I pinned into a running pose, the other is an old Melnibonean model whose head I replaced with a cold one knight's head.

1 comment:

Cawshis Clay said...

Solid looking team. I know nothing about BB, so I couldn't pick out a Star Player if my life depended on it, but they all still look great.

Love that Dark Elves always seem to be rockin' big hair. It's like the 80s never ended for them. :)

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