Thursday, June 9, 2011

Novamarines bonus post - Entry to TFP "Squad" theme competition

Well aren't you folks lucky!  I decided that while I have everything out I would snap some pics for an entry to Silar's second competition over at The Fallen Princes. The theme is squad and you can include a transport if you wish.  This works out perfectly for me as I had a ton of painting to do for the upcoming Astronomi-con tournament!
combat squad (sgt: combi-melta/power fist, special: meltagun)
The tactical squad is pretty simple.  It's a second AoBR squad I picked up cheap, but I have built a couple replacements mainly to get some more high strength (melta/power fist) into the squad so the sergeant and special weapons marine are not monopose pieces.
combat squad (heavy: missile launcher)
Here's the transport portion of the entry.  This drop pod was dead easy to finish, all I did was spray it black with the doors open and drybrush the hell out of it.  I picked out the storm bolter inside with black to match all the rest of the weapons.  Then I quartered each door using painters tape to keep it neat and put a Novamarines chapter decal where I had to cut off the previous chapter symbol.  Total maybe about 2 hours (possibly less)
drop pod - doors closed
It's not very imposing when the doors are blown - could end up being a benefit.
drop pod - doors open
Due to the amount of stuff I had to paint for astro - I will likely have two more entries to the competition from my Novamarines alone.  Next up will be a small squad of scouts and then a squad of terminators (I will need to magnetize & paint up a sergeant power sword arm and it might not happen before the tournament - but the competition doesn't end until July 24th so you have PLENTY of time to get your own entry submitted!


MIK said...

These look fantastic. Quartered color schemes have always scared me away but you've done them justice here. Good luck on your entry!

Anonymous said...

Tristan they look great man and you will do well. I think the only thing I said before that I think could help you out would be to detail the insets on the drop pod's fins with the chapter colours so when the doors are blown down you can still tell who's it is and it would tie it in with the squad a bit more (it's a stupid model to paint, they should have just made the underside flat then you wouldn't have to worry).

Seriously though, they look great and much love to the Badab War brothers!

Tristan M said...

I've thought about that too. I find the bare metal means my opponents tend to forget about the pods more often is why I've hesistated - well, that and laziness.

My issue is how to do that - the quartering scheme won't fit easily and there is an odd number of fins so I can't just do a single colour on each one. Any suggestions?

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