Friday, July 10, 2015

Raptor Legion corsairs

A while back I'd had the idea to paint up a few "corsair" type chaos marines in my loyalist colours - some fun figures and could use them for alternate weapons or such.

You might remember seeing a few of my flesh tearer khorne icon bearers or khorne death company - well I have finally gotten around to painting a couple I did for my Raptor Legion - couple extra PP.

I can see doing some blending/CSM lists using my loyalist troops - Badab War factor goes a long way - been thinking of some warp talons to double as a dark fury squad in more night lord colours, I used a bit of blue wash in place of green on both these guys.

One just had some chaos-y bits and a special weapon (magnetized) - always thought it was dumb codex marines could only get flamers, but for now I could use him to add another "blood angels assault squad" using my Raptor Legion assault marines but get an extra melta in there.

One is the dual lightning claw chosen from the dark vengeance box with a jump pack added. A useful swap for my current assault marine sergeant when points allow.

Sorry for the photos, pulled out the lightbox but need to get back into practice.

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