Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brewhouse Bowl III: three sheets to the wind - result = 1st place (again!) (1/14)

Just got back from Kitchener this past weekend to participate in Brewhouse Bowl III.

Astute readers (who've been running on fumes for years until my recent burst of blog motivation) may recall that I built Grant a Brewhouse Bash board and was duly rewarded with the karma required to come out on top in its inaugural year.

Well - two fantastic things came about in year three.

The first being that my constant nagging was rewarded with Grant building a simply FANTASTIC Brewhouse Bash board of his own.
Bonus marks if you can identify what the base is.

The second being that I won the tournament outright again - this time the first time I've ever used a race, and that race being Vampires!  Now a HUGE caveat is the build was very generous to Vampires, with them being bundled into the same tier as Stunties.  So I had a very strong roster which I was extremely happy with.  Big thanks to delevus, Gaixo and L3athalK for their tips and advice.

My roster was;
3 Vampires - 1) Block / Dodge 2) Block / Pro 3) Dodge / Leader
Wilhelm Chaney
11x Thralls - 1) Wrestle 2) Guard
3 Rerolls
3 Fan Factor

Game 1: 1-0 win vs. delevus (goblins)
  • Stupid & Skulling trolls (and Grak) made it very tough for him to compete.
  • Lost subsequent Brewhouse round
Game 2: 2-1 win vs. tlawson (dark elves)
  • Very aggressive so he scored early, and I replied with a TD.
  • He threw lots of skull/push.
  • I intercepted a pass on a 6 in second half to get the ball for the win.
  • WON subsequent Brewhouse round - gaining Jump Up on my Guard Thrall.

Game 3: 3-2 win vs. hammer16 (wood elves)
  • He ran out of rerolls quick and then failed a handoff.  After I recovered it he hit me with strip ball, but a lucky scatter kept it in my hands.  All his rerolls were gone by turn 5 of first half.
  • I got a blitz to screw up his OTT attempt at end of first half.
  • I only rolled 2 bloodlusts we can remember all game.
  • Lost subsequent Brewhouse round
Game 4: 1-1 draw vs. Stimme (halflings)
  • Scored with Chaney in first half - did a good job avoiding his trees/Grak for the most part but he still CASd a Vamp who didn't regen early on.
  • Got a blitz and messed it up resulted in touchback - he took off but even with six players I knocked ball loose and scooped it up and ran off with it.
  • I made a mistake and could have done a lot better to wrap up a win.  Failed a GFI with Chaney when I could have tied up his treeman with a spare thrall. Went from potentially 2-0 to a 1-1.
  • Only game where the CAS really started to mount up.  I think at one point I had 5 in the KO bin and 4 in the CAS box.
  • He tied with Kick Team Mate using Grak/Crumbleberry - glad those rules are changing!!
  • Lost subsequent Brewhouse round
Game 5: 2-1 win vs. Da5id (nurgle)
  • Scored mid-late in first half with a thrall after gazing his marking player.  Got lucky on the handoff to that thrall because I forgot about disturbing presence and failed and needed a 5+ on the reroll and got it.
  • Stopped him scoring in first, he scored a 2 turn TD with no reroll using a pass action to his pestigor.
  • Got a blitz and couldn't get ahold of the ball, but took out Grotty when he threw him to try and get away and didn't move far enough.
  • Very nervy turn 16 touchdown.  He dodged 2 bloaters to get a blitz on a blodge Vamp and got the open pow, but Vamp returned the favour and knocked ball loose and picked it up to score.
Got another cool brew themed trophy plus the usual NAF shield.

All in all a fantastic weekend.  Now Grant and I are tied again for NAF shields and winning a shield the first time you use a race (3 total shields, 2 first time with a race each) - unfortunately for Grant he's played as all 24 races so he can't win any more first time playing the race :)


Axtklinge said...

1- Awesome mate!
Congrats for you third NAF shield - made even more special for being the 1st time you use Vamps in tournament. Very impressive feat!

2- "It's a picture frame"!
And by the look of it it may have been bought in the same place you got yours... LOL

3- Where can we find the catalogue of those "Amorical Cup" shirts?
I've already seen two different themes and they look really cool.

4- Have you painted your NAf shilds? Where can we see them all together? :)

Dan said...

Will attempt to make it next year and bring a bunch of fellow Quebecers with me for the ride.
Congrats on the win!!!!

Paul O'G said...

Congratulations mate! Awesome stuff :-D

Tristan M said...

2) Grant purposefully got a frame from walmart or ikea that was similar to mine - it's handy to have the frame to hold the die that records players hit points.

3) Check out - there is one for Canada, Mexico, USA and all three together

4) I only have the dwarf one painted - it was done by the commission painter. Both of my other two I won borrowing teams from Grant so don't see a point in painting them until I have a team of my own.

Axtklinge said...

I have been on their web site before but aside from the image of that great looking pitch in the background (with similar design of the shirts) I haven't found any reference to any SWAG.
Thanks for the tip anyway!

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