Monday, January 1, 2007

Antarctic Abominable Projectile Penguins

background: While researching ways to cast another type of figure, I found an ice cube tray which had 6 different yeti poses - perfect for ogres. The penguins was motivated by an old flash game Pengu Throw where a yeti would smash a penguin and see how far it would fly.
condition: 22/22 complete tabletop standard (100%)
naf ranking: 139.53 (18th in Canada)
race: Ogres (counts as)
record: overall 2/0/6 w/d/l
related links;
team composition;
6 icemen (ogres)
16 penguins (snotlings)
team photos;

First Tournament first "trophy"
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1 comment:

Axtklinge said...

Love both the concept and the way the team turned out.
Awesome idea Tristan!

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