Monday, January 1, 2007

Badlandz Deff Ramz

background: Based on the '99 Superbowl Champion Rams. Every player is named after a player from that year - with as close to a rhyming moniker for violence that I could find. Also stole the '99 Rams motto. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include MVP thrower Hurt Warner and star blitzer Mash'all Folk.

This was the first thing I painted when I started gaming again, and I'm really happy with the fluff I've created for them, the logo and names/numbers - to say they've paid me back wouldn't quite be an understatement, but with heroics like this being performed there's always hope.
condition: 26/26 models complete quality standard (100%)
motto: Got'z ta Go'z to Work'z
naf ranking: 132.04 (62th in Canada)
race: orcs
record: overall 10/6/18 w/d/l
related links;
team composition;
Star Players (+ Apothecary)
UB Ugroth Bolgrot, VGC Varag Ghoulchewer, SS Scrappa Sorehead, + Apothecary
#13 Hurt Warn'r, #16 Maul Just'n
Black Orc Blockers
#22 Killy Jenk'ns, #23 Ruin Bush, #27 Pain Carpent'r, #38 Rip Coady
#28 Mash'all Folk #31 Stamp Lee, #36 Bustin Wats'n, #42 Maims Hodg'ns
Line Orcs
#32 Dread Bly't, #45 Death Rob'n'sun, #54 Torn Call'ns,
#58 Spike Mort'n, #83 Crush Tomass, #91 Des'Troy Pelshak
Goblins & Troll
#88 Gory Holt, #93 Kill'in Carver, #80 I'sic Brawl

  • paint turn counter
  • find head coach model?
  • find other fluffy models?


MIK said...

How about "Gory Holt Goblin" for #88? ;)

I like what you've done with your team roster a lot, I may have to borrow that idea!

I don't envy the work you've got cut out for you, but I can't wait to see all the finished products!

Tristan M said...

Thanks Mik - that's a great name! Definitely going to change that one.
Not too much work remaining for these guys, need to find a couple old 2nd edition 40K goff orks for 2 blitzers, and finish up some painting. Also I've thought about carving/sculpting another old autogun gretchin as another goblin and giving the gnoblar a chainsaw. ;)

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