Monday, January 1, 2007

Karak Nhati Bengals

background: Based on the '88 Conference Champion Bengals. Every player is named after a player from that year. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include NFL MVP / UPI AFL-AFC Player of the Year / PFWA NFL MVP and All-Pro bombardier Boomer Eziasson and 7 other pro bowlers: wide receiver Eddie Brown, tight end Rodney Holman, right guard Max Montoya, left tackle Anthony Munoz, defensive back Eric Thomas, defensive back David Fulcher, & defensive tackle Tim Krumrie.

Some history from the '88/89 Superbowl the Bengals lost;
  • Stanley Wilson was found crumpled in his hotel room bathroom with cocaine the night before the game.
  • Tim Krumrie suffered one of the most dramatic football injuries ever televised when SF's Roger Craig's knee shattered his leg, causing 2 breaks in his tibia and 1 in his fibula.
  • It was the first Superbowl to go into halftime with a tie score.
condition: 20/20 models complete high quality standard (100%) painted by David
naf ranking: 158.72 (16th in Canada)
race: dwarves
record: overall 5/3/3 w/d/l
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team composition;
Bombardier + Chainsaw Looney
#7 Boomer Eziasson, #36 Stromni Janeksnev
#81 Tryg Magnisson, #85 Elakki Bronnsnev
Troll Slayers + Grim Ironjaw
#65 Magni Motagsson, #32 Storri Wragnisson (Grim), #78 Arngrim Munzrisnev
#21 Janek Brokkisson, #31 Ilrik Wodinsson
#82 Rogni Holgarsnev, #99 Jodin Burisson, #98 Durim Grothsnev,
 #33 Dared Fumbursnev, #70 Jaggi Skagsnev, #22 Egar Thomansson
#69 Thyk Krungsson
Reroll & Score Markers
Trophy/Turn Marker

team photos;

  • play!

1 comment:

Axtklinge said...

These guys are absolutely gorgeous!
No doubt one of the most exquisite and best painted colour scheme I've ever seen on a dwarf team.

Would love to see it live - and who knows, maybe even play against it some day!
Congrats for owning it mate.

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