Monday, January 1, 2007

Torne Bane Flaming Ears

background: Based on the abysmal '76 Buccaneers (0-14) because what other team is bound to fall apart on me than the Undead.

Torne Bane is the closest named city I found in the warhammer fluff to Tampa Bay.  Buccaneers is hard to rhyme with, so since I decided the fluff for this team is goofy, and the logo has a skull topped by fire - that Flaming Ears is both silly enough and close enough to Buccaneers.

Every player is named after a player from that year, with the correct jersey number.
condition: 18/18 models complete quality standard (100%)
motto: because what other team is bound to fall apart than the undead.
naf ranking: 153.75 (19th in Canada)
race: undead
record: overall 26/13/17 w/d/l
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team composition;
Star Players
#11 'dead' Spurrier & #1 Hack 'En Slash

#63 'dead' Selmon & #66 'dead' Toomay

#32 'dead' Carter & #35 'dead' Dubose

#81 'dead' Jennings, #83 'dead' Leak, #85 'dead' Owens & #89 'dead' McKay

#74 'dead' Current, #77 'dead' Little, #73 'dead' Ward & #72 'dead' Fest

#69 'dead' Jameson, #44 'dead' Moore, #76 'dead' Pear & #64 'dead' Robinson

team photos;

Wooden Spoon - Canadian Open 2010
Second Place/Most Casualties - Power of One 2010

best fouler award
  • paint zlurpus zembashski
  • convert/paint j earlice

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