Monday, January 1, 2007

Orcs & Goblins

army value: 2,000 points (current)
background: I've always liked the orcs rules, but never found much love for the mini's. I decided to build an orc & goblin army using the LOTR models and magnetize the bases so they could mount on either square or round bases.
condition: 67/102 models complete tabletop standard (66%)
  1. 2HD campaign 2009: 1/1/1 w/d/l
  2. HSG escalation 2010: 1/2/7 w/d/l

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army composition;
30 goblin archers
5 trolls
24 orc boyz
2 spear chukkas
15 black orcs

to do;
assemble/magnetize 30 riders
prep uruk-hai
paint uruk-hai

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