Monday, January 1, 2007

Warhammer Quest

army value: not available
background: not available
condition: 8/13 models complete quality standard (62%)
record: not available
awards: not available
related links: none
composition (P = painted, U = unpainted);

U Barbarian
U Brettonian Knight
U Chaos Warrior

P Dwarf
P Dwarf Trollslayer
P Elf
P Elf Ranger (Knight)
U Elf Ranger (Mage)

P Elf Wardancer
U Imperial Noble

P Pit Fighter
P Warrior Priest
P Witch Hunter
U Wizard

base Elf Ranger (Mage)

get Barbarian model
get Brettonian Knight model
get Chaos Warrior model
get Imperial Noble model
get Wizard model

1 comment:

MIK said...

My WHQ torch has finally been extinguished, it's now up to you to keep the light alive!

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