Monday, January 1, 2007


background: Deathbowl XIII was year of the slann and so slann teams got a magic item randomly chosen each half, which could be used in that game.  This seemed too good to pass up, and I only had a month to prepare for the tournament.  Unlike other folks, I usually prefer to use my own team - I would hate to borrow a team and damage it somehow. Therefore I needed a quick way to put together a slann team, and having never played them before I wanted to make sure I had enough of each type that whatever my final team roster ended up looking like - I would have the models required.  Since slann all have the leap and very long legs skills - I needed something that would easily convey that.  Through some discussion with a friend I decided to build a team of "daddy long legs" using polystyrene balls, flower wire for legs and googly eyes!
condition: 17/24 complete tabletop standard (71%)
motto: abooblybablloblyyblybabloobab lee (see: )
naf ranking: 165.55 (5th in Canada)
race: Slann (counts as)
record: overall 15/3/12 w/d/l
related links;
team composition;
team photos;
  • finish building 8 linemen
  • Play!

1 comment:

Axtklinge said...

And who said a Blood bowl team had to be expensive?
Kudos for such a cool idea!

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